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5 Cheerleaders Took A Knee During Anthem – 4 Of Them Hit With Grueling Dose Of Karma



Five cheerleaders protested during the national anthem before a football game and now four of them are out! The cheerleaders are from the Kennesaw State University (KSU) and they protested last year. Now they’re facing the grueling dose of karma as they got smacked with a dose of reality. What happened was that they had to try out again this year, and four of the five couldn’t make it back on the team.

That sounds wildly familiar, just like Colin Kaepernick after he protested and couldn’t get back on any NFL team. To be fair, he opted out of a contract and no other team wanted him anyway. Being a distraction on the field and having subpar statistics after making it to the Super Bowl aren’t exactly promising. Even though there were a few guys worse than him, it just didn’t make sense to give him the top tier money and have him sit the bench.

Now four of these protesting cheerleaders will sit the bench. Oh wait, that’s right! They won’t even be on the bench because they failed to make the cheer squad this year! Funny how that works, right?

Here’s a fact that will squash any hopes of an argument for bringing those girls back. This cheer squad performed very well last year, winning the NCAA Collegiate Nationals of 2018. After they did so well last year, that raised awareness and interest in their squad. What happened then was they had 95 people trying out for a 52 person team. The following year they only had 61 applicants. Just like Colin Kaepernick’s dwindling stats and performances, which added to the reasons people didn’t want to sign him, these girls now saw the same results. They were not as good as the others ahead of them and now they’re sitting home watching their former team. That surely sounds like karma.

KSU Sentinel posted the original story:
“Several of the Kennesaw State cheerleaders who took a knee during the national anthem at a football game last fall will not be back on the field this upcoming season.

Five KSU cheerleaders faced national controversy last year after adopting NFL quarterback Colin Kaepernick’s practice of protest and kneeling during the national anthem before a September 2017 football game to bring attention to issues with police brutality in the U.S.

A source close to the matter said that four out of the five cheerleaders that kneeled during the national anthem last year did not make it back onto the cheerleading team after tryouts this academic year.

KSU’s athletics department said in a statement that 33 prospective cheerleaders did not make it onto this year’s cheerleading squad after tryouts — 7 of whom were on the team last year.

“The success of our football team and that of the cheer squad, which won the 2018 NCA Collegiate Nationals, resulted in a substantial increase in applicants for this year’s squad — from 61 applicants in 2017, to 95 in 2018 — creating more competition for the 52 available spots on the roster,” the statement said.

“Similar to all KSU sports teams, multi-year spots on rosters are not guaranteed and all student-athletes must earn their position on a team,” it continued.

The kneeling protests gained national attention again this month after Miami Dolphins wide receivers Kenny Stills and Albert Wilson took a knee during the national anthem before the team’s preseason opener on Thursday, Aug. 9, according to USA Today. President Trump posted tweets the following day criticizing the NFL players, much like he did during last year’s season.

It is unsure whether any of the members of the KSU cheerleading team plan to protest in this upcoming season. None of the five cheerleaders who kneeled during the anthem last year responded to requests for comment.

When asked how she would respond to students kneeling in protest during the anthem this year, KSU President Pamela Whitten said her focus is on the future of the university.

“As we begin a new academic year and welcome back fall athletics, I look forward to working together to further our successes and help our students achieve their fullest potential, both in the classroom and on the field of play,” Whitten said.

When asked further questions, Whitten referred back to the statement that the University System of Georgia issued about the matter during last year’s controversy.

“While we respect the First Amendment rights of individuals, it is the University of System of Georgia’s belief that everyone should stand to honor the National Anthem,” the statement said. “However, the Office of the Attorney General of Georgia has advised that the First Amendment protects students who kneel or sit during the National Anthem. Therefore, USG institutions cannot prohibit or interfere with those expressions.

“The Board of Regents respects and is grateful for the values that our flag represents which guarantee the very right to free expression that allows these students to engage in these activities,” the statement continued.

Students held protests on KSU’s campus in support of the five cheerleaders last year in October after the cheerleaders were kept off the field until after the national anthem. University officials said that the decision to keep the cheerleaders off of the field was part of a game day schedule change and did not relate to the protest. On Oct. 8, then KSU President Sam Olens reversed the decision.

Later in October 2017, the Atlanta Journal-Constitution obtained text messages that suggested that Olens may have been pressured by Cobb County Sheriff Neil Warren and state Rep. Earl Ehrhart to keep the cheerleaders off of the field during the anthem, prompting the Georgia Board of Regents to conduct a review of the university’s decision. Olens later announced his resignation from the university on Dec. 14, 2017.

Once the cheerleaders were allowed back onto the field in November 2017, they chose not to take a knee during the national anthem, and eight of the cheerleaders instead linked arms as an acknowledgment of Veterans Day.

The first game of this upcoming football season will be next week Thursday, Aug. 30, and the first home game will be Saturday, Sept. 15.”

LeBron Confesses To Being Racist And Proud In Nasty Warning To ‘White People’ In America




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Lebron James is the poster boy NBA player famously known for having a freakish talent on the court, but also by being the guy who constantly switches teams, flops on the court like a soft loaf of bread, complains about air conditioning, does not have as many championship rings as Michael Jordan, isn’t clutch in the playoffs, not fully funding the “Promise” school that uses him as their advertisement, and now he has a bizarre message about white people that might have some fans and haters wondering what’s going on with the mega-rich athlete.

James is making moves in the off-season with his mostly taxpayer-funded public school, which seems to be a public school giving away bikes as a gimmick and maybe some tuition money, but how sustainable is that over the long-run? He’s also making headlines another way by admitting that he didn’t really seem to like white people and viewed them “suspiciously” as well as not wanting to be around them.

Sounds a little bit racist, right? Part of why he says this is because he was raised by a family who might now be considered racist as the upbringing he had seemed centered on thinking that white people were no good. I’m pretty sure Lebron James isn’t 80-years-old and a victim of the era where black and white people used different water fountains, but maybe his parents were still mentally stuck in that racist era that people are ashamed of, but are now happy to be beyond that nonsense.

Breitbart stated:

“NBA star LeBron James recently admitted that, due to his upbringing, he initially viewed whites suspiciously, and did not want to be around white people until he learned to give them a chance.

“James made his admission on HBO’s The Shop talk show saying that when he first began attending an exclusive, mostly white, private high school in Akron, Ohio, he was not very keen on having to talk to white people, according to TMZ.

“In fact, James says that when he first started attending the school, he did not want to make any white friends among his classmates.

“Took me a while to adjust to it … I was like, I’m not f*cking with white people, that was my initial thought to white America,” James admitted.

“The newly minted Los Angeles Laker admitted that his “institutionalized” upbringing in the black community taught him that whites did not want what was best for him.

“I’m going to this school to play ball, and that’s it,” James said of his introduction at 14 years of age to white people. “I don’t want nothing to do with white people, I don’t believe that they want anything to do with (me),” he said. “Me and my boys we going to high school together and we here to hoop.”

“It took me a little while to kind of adjust to it,” James added.

“But, Maverick Carter, James’ business partner and friend, added that by the end of that first year, James’ friends from the hood and his new white friends from school were all enjoying each other’s company on a regular basis.”

Are people still raising their kids in an institutionalized way? Perhaps. Are people in urban areas less focused on education and more focused on looking cool and being popular? Absolutely. When there are households with eight children by multiple men and the woman refuses to work, and the men have taken off, and no one is there to raise the children properly or instill any concept of “education is important,” then what chance do those kids have? If they’re not talented like Lebron James, then they have no chance at life and end up living a lifestyle riddled with crime and low grades and thinking cops are out to get them. That’s how a lot of children in urban environments are raised and it’s sad.

Not every kid will be a freakish athlete like Lebron. Maybe one in every million becomes a pro athlete, so there’s basically no chance and anyone dreaming about it is wasting their time.

Is Lebron James racist now? Doubtful. He probably grew out of that once he realized that we are no different. Our talents might vary, but we are all humans. Maybe Lebron finally realized that, but maybe not.

Out of all the gimmicky things he has done and all the whining, this is the first time that I’ve actually had any respect for him. For him to admit this was a pretty big thing to own up to. For once Lebron James was likable because he was extremely honest about his upbringing, even if it was embarrassing and controversial.

However, as soon as I’m done writing this, then I’ll go back to being a hater again.

I can see through his gimmicks and inability to be loyal to a city with his talent. That’s something we didn’t have to worry about with Michael Jordan, which is why Lebron won’t ever be the greatest.

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NFL Team Replaces American Flag With Enraging New Version – Grossly Unacceptable




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As TV ratings dwindle, stadiums suffered from low attendance this weekend – as photos of thousands of empty seats make their way around social media, and football season gears up, players choosing to take a knee in protest during the National Anthem shows no sign of abating. Meanwhile, the NFL itself continues to be utterly tone-deaf to the majority of America.

A recent NBC News/Wall Street Journal poll found that 54% of Americans polled believe kneeling during the National Anthem is inappropriate. Only 44% state they do not mind the kneeling players, according to the Washington Times. The poll revealed that those that no longer choose to follow the NFL as a result of the protest had grown by 10% since the last time the poll was taken in 2014.

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Even as much of the mainstream media and sports media alike continue to loudly support protests and players insist that it is their First Amendment right to conduct them, it appears that for all intents and purposes they have failed to convince the rest of America of their message. Many have chosen to simply tune out rather than continue to support what they view as complete disrespect for combat veterans, the fallen and their families.

Those choosing to protest and their supporters insist that the protests are not about any offense to the military but while perhaps they do not intend to do so, that is exactly what they are doing. And, since the NFL’s future depends on selling overpriced ad spots to massive corporations looking for a consistent number of eyeballs, alienating any group of viewers, for whatever reason, is just bad for business.

Consistent with the tone-deaf message of the NFL, the Green Bay Packers management made an epic blunder in their recent choice to display a rather odd looking variation on the American flag. During the pre-game ceremony, Green Bay Packers displayed a made-up version of the American flag during the National Anthem, which was three solid color stripes with the blue stripe containing the stars.


Social media exploded with those fans that still choose to follow the NFL and the Packers with commentary ranging from that “what in the world is that?” to “that’s not my flag!”

The message was loud and clear. That is not the American flag and the Green Bay Packers should get rid of this banner immediately. Perhaps this might be the one occasion where taking a knee during the National Anthem might be acceptable and appropriate?

Pictures of the pregame ritual before the Green Bay Packers-Buffalo Bills matchup on Sunday went viral after several fans at Lambeau Field snapped photos of a red, white and blue flag with modified stars and stripes.

Either way, it seems Green Bay got the message as the team announced directly after the game that it will no longer use the “banner,” according to Fox 11.

As the local news affiliate reports:

“During the National Anthem, the team used a red, white and blue banner. The banner had stars on the blue stripe.

“It’s not American, not American at all,” said Sandy Austin. “There are a lot of people who have quit the NFL because of the pre-game stuff and all that’s going on.”

“In a statement, Packers spokesman Aaron Popkey said the banner was not meant to represent the American flag.

“‘The banner used during Sunday’s pregame ceremony supplemented the three U.S. flags on the roof of the stadium and the flag carried by the color guard on the field. We’ve used such displays from time to time in the past when other pregame elements take up a significant portion of the field. To avoid causing confusion, we will not be using such displays in the future.'”

According to Packers management, the University Of Wisconsin marching band featured approximately 200 members and they claim the marching band took up too much of the field to unveil the entire full American flag.

But that explanation was not flying for many Americans and the Green Bay Packers will no longer use the fictional flag banner. For the most part, the Packers have not chosen to actively participate in the “take the knee” protests during the National Anthem though they did choose to lock arms during one Thursday night game last season.

NFL franchise owners’ support for the “take the knee” protests appear to be very much contingent on ratings and revenues, and many believe they will only continue to tolerate the protests as long as they do not negatively impact the bottom line. Case in point, the almost immediate decision to cease using the pseudo-flag in the representation of America.

NFL owners are nothing if not businessmen, so as Americans continue to hit them in their wallets by voting with their dollars, choosing to tune out or simply not attend the games, nothing is likely to change. Until attendance declines precipitously or it can be determined that the protests have directly impacted the bottom line and/or a corresponding decline in television ratings, they are unlikely to put their foot down.

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