WATCH: Straight ‘A’ Student FAILED By Liberal Teacher For Her Response To ‘The Existence of God’

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What in the world is going on in our schools?

We are now getting reports that a student, whose name is, Grace Lewis was enrolled in a class offered by Polk State College in the state of Florida. Lewis is known for being a very good student and often holding a 3.9 G.P.A. Which is why she is taking college classes while still in high school.

But sadly because after decades of letting the communists slowly take over our school system that achievement was been greatly diminished when she got four zero grades. And why you might ask did she get such poor grades? It wasn’t because she was out partying with the rest of the college slobs majoring in gender studies or some other expensive useless degree. It was because she held to her faith in the existence of God.

Yup, Lewis got failing grades from a militant atheist professor because she refused to deny the existence of God.

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Here is more on this episode via Conservative Daily Post:

Something awful is taking place in America today. During most of U.S. history, if someone was clearly of another faith, basic curiosity may have led to questions being asked, but no one cared. What is happening in these post-modern times is that people who worship God in any way are being mistreated, talked down to, and are even seeing their First Amendment rights come under fire, as Faith Reel revealed today.

A student named Grace Lewis was enrolled in “a class offered by Polk State College, in Florida.” Lewis is known for being a very good student, often holding a 3.9 G.P.A. She is, after all, taking college classes while still in high school. That achievement was diminished greatly when she got four zero grades because she held to her faith in the existence of God.

Failing grades were given to Lewis simply because she refused to deny what she knew to be true when questioned. This militant atheist demanded she drop his class and worked tirelessly to convert students.

“The questions were pointed and the teacher did not seem to allow honest rebuttals. For example, “Why did Christianity, and it’s male God’s, seek to silence these women?” What women?

Also, it was stated as fact that “…Christianity is one of the most violent forms of religion the world have ever seen.”

The first question may be pertaining to how the first century did not allow female teachers in the churches. Since first-century women could not read, this command made sense, a fact purposefully ignored by the teacher.

As for the supposed violent nature of the Christian faith, if the teacher used the recent bombings to say that Islam was the most violent religion of modern times, the outrage would have never ceased.”

The 16-year-old student has now contacted a lawyer and is fighting back. Matthew Staver, who is her attorney is also the founder of “Christian and Liberty Council.” They were contacted by the family of Lewis after she got no less than four zero marks for not denying God. In a statement, Staver confirmed that Russum is a militant atheist who is demanding that others become one also by the method of indoctrination.

The student participated in an assignment to keep a journal and to have it read. The teacher read that this pupil believed in God, pulled her aside, and told her that she needed to drop his class. Reports have confirmed this isn’t the first time a student has been punished with a low grade or made to drop the class because of not letting the teacher indoctrinate them out of believing God.

The dean of the college was contacted by Staver, but he has so far refused to make the situation right. In a statement Polk told Fox News that “this accusation is baseless, without merit, and completely lacking factual support,” according to the college president, Eileen Holden.

Here is more on this saga:

“While the four zeros were not addressed (which is part of the reason for the legal fight), after the girl contacted an attorney, her grades suddenly improved.

“Dropping the class would have been good for me, but not good the students coming behind me,” the Christian student said when asked why she remained enrolled. She does not feel that students should be afraid to believe in God while attending college courses or any other classes.

“This is not what education should be,” she added.

Her lawyer has said that he wants them to go back, review the grades, and to deal with this “militant atheist” teacher who on his emails said that Adolph Hitler was not violent enough. While he is free to hold such views, Staver accurately argues that he is not free to make everyone else accept them.

The Fox host observed as the video closes that to get four zero’s in today’s college structure is almost unheard of, a nuance that is quite telling.

Polk College now will have to address why such outlandish views are held and forced on students. Also, thanks to Ms. Lewis, they will have to do so before the next batch of students suffers as she did.”

It will be interesting to see how this all plays out. It might lead to a turning point in our nation’s failed education system and that teachers are allowed to do and not do in their classes.


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