Armed Deputy Who Stopped Major School Shooting On Friday Completely IGNORED By Media!

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Over this past week, the 19th anniversary of the Columbine s******g took place, at the same time as another smaller s******g took place in the United States. However, the mainstream media did not report on it.

Click Orlando reported,

“A 19-year-old man shot a 17-year-old student at a Marion County high school Friday, prompting a massive police response 19 years to the day after the mass s******g at Columbine High School in Colorado, officials said. The s******g took place around 8:30 a.m. at Forest High School at 5000 SE Maricamp Road. Officials with the Marion County Sheriff’s Office said Sky Bouche, who is a former student at the school, came on campus and shot the student for an unknown reason.

The suspect brought the g*n into the school using a guitar case, sources close to the investigation told News 6. The Sheriff’s Office said the victim, who was shot in the ankle, was taken to a hospital for treatment. He suffered non-life-threatening injuries, Marion County Schools spokesman Kevin Christian said.

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Marion County Sheriff Billy Woods said school resource officer Deputy Jim Long heard a loud bang about 8:39 a.m. and immediately rushed to the source of the sound. Within three minutes, at about 8:42 a.m., Long reached the s******g scene and the s*****r was in custody, officials said.

News 6 was there Friday afternoon as Bouche was escorted out of the Sheriff’s Office. When asked about his relationship with the victim, Bouche told reporters that he “shot through the door” and that he “didn’t see anyone.”

Bouche apologized to the victim and his family as he walked. “Sorry,” he said. “Doesn’t make it better anyway.” Deputies did not say what charges Bouche was facing, but said the investigation is ongoing. FBI officials are working with the Sheriff’s Office to learn more about Bouche’s past, Woods said.

WATCH LIVE: School s******g suspect leaves Marion County Sheriff's Office. Here's what we know:

Posted by News 6 WKMG / ClickOrlando on Friday, April 20, 2018

Woods said later during a press conference that Principal Brent Carson followed Long without hesitation and commended him for his bravery in working to stop the s*****r.  Woods said Bouche did not resist. A motive has not been released but Woods described the s******g as “intentional.” The school, home to more than 2,300 students, was immediately placed on lockdown.

Woods commended school staff members and first responders for their quick response during the s******g. Their actions, he said, were part of the reason no one else was injured. Gov. Rick Scott praised the school resource officer saying, “Long acted without hesitation, putting his life on the line to save the lives of countless students at Forest High School.”

Scott said Long took part in the Safe Schools Roundtable in Tallahassee the governor called after the Parkland s******g. “I want to thank him for voicing his ideas and working every day to keep our students safe,” Scott said. “What happened down south, almost came here to Marion County,” Woods said, referring to the s******g at a high school in Parkland that left 17 people d**d. Still, he said, more needs to be done to prevent further tragedies.

“It’s a shame what society has come to in that we even have to be here on a school campus. Society has changed since I was a kid, since I was in school. This is not just a law enforcement problem, this is a society problem,” Woods said.

Woods, along with the county’s superintendent and school board chairwoman said that beginning Monday, all Marion County schools will have law enforcement officers on campus. The Sheriff’s Office will need to hire 34 deputies to make sure the school is fully staffed and Ocala police will need to hire an additional 16 officers, according to the sheriff.

A proposal to hire 34 new school resource deputies will be considered by the Board of County Commissioners May 1, officials said. All Marion County middle and high schools currently have one law enforcement officer on campus, while the elementary and charter schools do not, according to the sheriff.

The installation of metal detectors was also mentioned during a news conference Friday afternoon, but Woods said there could be cons to using them. Parents gathered at First Baptist Church of Ocala at 2801 SE Maricamp Road to pick up their children, who were taken to the church by 30-40 school buses, officials said.

The sheriff said he sent his deputy chief to visit the victim while he was receiving treatment. During the conversation, the teen said he was happy none of his classmates were hurt in the s******g. “I am so glad it was me and not one of my friends,” he told the deputy chief. Woods called the teen a hero and told his parents they should be very proud because they have done something right in raising him.

The sheriff said the victim was in very good condition Friday afternoon. Law enforcement officers from the Ocala Police Department, the Marion County Sheriff’s Office, the Florida Highway Patrol and the FBI are at the school. Authorities cleared classrooms and vehicles, and Marion County Fire Rescue set up a triage area for students who needed assistance.

Sheriff’s officials said a SWAT team later conducted a secondary sweep of the school. Christian sent a recorded phone message to parents, notifying them of what happened. The message incorrectly said, however, that a student shot a classmate “You cannot get on the campus and Maricamp Road is virtually blocked in front of the school,” he said.”

As a result of the s******g all schools in the Marion County area were placed on a Code Yellow as a precaution which means that all exterior and interior doors needed to be locked, class instruction would continue, bell schedule would continue, but security would be increased.

The s******g simultaneously also took place on the national school g*n control walkout day. Students from across the country were walking out of school to advocate for better g*n control in light of the events in Parkland, Florida. However, Marion County students did not participate in the walkout. The school district announced that students would have a specific dedicated time allotted for discussion on the issue but that skipping class would not be tolerated.

The mainstream media is likely not reporting on this s******g because it was small in nature but also because it was small due to the fact that law enforcement, who were armed with g**s, were able to shoot the suspect almost immediately which ended the s******g and decreased the seriousness of the situation.

This doesn’t exactly fit the narrative of leftist liberals who are arguing that stricter g*n control will avoid these issues. And that firearms are the problem and not the solution. However, this recent s******g shows exactly why schools need armed guards with resource officers capable of responding to the scene.

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