Liberal Prof Who Bashed Barbara Bush And Bragged She Couldn’t Get Fired Smacked With Karma

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Remember the ultra-leftist professor from Fresno State who danced on Barbara Bush’s grave and bragged that she made $100k and was tenured, so couldn’t get fired? She just got a big-time reality check and she might finally regret her statements that completely embarrassed the university she works for.

To retrace, the professor who is named Randa Jarrar, originally stated this about the former first lady: “Barbara Bush was a generous and smart and amazing racist who, along with her husband, raised a war criminal. F**k outta here with your nice words.”

There was a massive outrage on social media and people called for her job to be taken. We don’t agree with people being fired for saying ridiculous things, because that sets a nasty precedent that anyone can be fired for saying anything. However, the critics thought her remarks were absolutely repulsive and she might now be having that deep sense of regret upon reflecting on her previous statements.

As of now, her Twitter account states that she is on leave. That means she is no longer teaching any course at Fresno State, but that could be a temporary leave of course. That wasn’t the worst. She later found out, after bragging about not being able to be fired for being under tenure, she then learned that she could technically be fired.

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Daily Wire reported more from the Fresno State Chief Academic Officer (CAO): “During a press conference that was held to address professor Randa Jarrar’s offensive tweets, CAO Dr. Lynnette Zelezny said that tenured employees are not exempt from firing.

“The technical question you are asking me is: ‘Does tenure mean that you technically cannot be fired?'” Zelezny said. “The answer to that is no.”

Clarifying her answer, Zelezny said, “You can be fired. There are certain processes that we have to follow but there are certainly situations where a tenured faculty person can be fired.”

Following the backlash she received online, Jarrar locked her Twitter account and wrote that she is “currently on leave from Fresno State.”

Zelezny went on to state that Jarrar has been on leave for the entire current semester and that she is not currently teaching any classes.”

There are probably thousands of people who want Jarrar removed from her teaching position at Fresno State after what she said about the former first lady Barbara Bush. The problem with her being fired is that it sets the tone for anyone else to be fired for saying horrible things.

Some things are just so vile that people should be fired, but that falls on the ears of subjectivity.

Some suggest they would fire her on account of being embarrassing to the university in general, not for the words she chose, but for the negative public relations that Fresno State had suffered due to her actions.

Tenure is another topic altogether. Many people believe tenure should be eradicated because it creates an overprotected culture of lazy professors who think they can do and say as they please without providing results for their students and the university at hand.

How do you feel about what the professor said? Do you think she should be fired? Do you think she should lose tenure and be on probation?

If you were the chief academic officer, then what would you do?

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