Big Billboard Just Went Up In Texas Overnight With New Rule For Liberals In The Lone Star State

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One of the greatest political billboards you’ll ever see was put up in Texas and it caused mass hysteria in more than one way. First, the billboard was absolutely amazing as it left a message for liberal tourists and even those liberals who thought it was a good idea to live in Texas. Second, it caused liberals and anyone leaning towards the left in politics, and anyone who is oversensitive or lacks a sense of humor to freak out. The billboard was great, but people couldn’t handle it. They flipped their lids, lost their minds, and should have kept their ostrich heads in the sand a little bit longer instead of looking up and seeing the message that would make them angry.

Of course, if the anti-liberal billboard didn’t make the liberals mad, then it didn’t do a good job. This one succeeded so well that liberals cried so much that the billboard company decided it would be pulled down. Ain’t that a cryin’ shame. The intolerant liberals can’t stand when someone speaks against them and now a person who paid money to rent a billboard could be out of a few bucks thanks to the thin-skinned liberals who whine about everything. Boo hoo. Wah Wah.

Thankfully someone grabbed a photograph of the epic message sent to liberals on the billboard in Texas.

Take a good look, because sadly the backlash has caused the billboard to be taken down. Fortunately, the company was willing to reimburse them for the purchase, so thankfully the liberal complaints didn’t cause the buyer to lose money.

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Liberals,” the billboard reads. “Please continue on I-40 until you have left our GREAT STATE OF TEXAS.”

At least that’s what it will read until sometime Wednesday. Randy Burkett, who owns Burkett Outdoor Advertising and the sign, told McClatchy that after all the backlash and media attention the sign got on Tuesday and Wednesday, it would be taken down immediately.

“I was shocked that it traveled that fast,” Burkett said. “I believe in free speech, but this country is divided enough as it is. I’ve spoken with the client, and he’s agreed that it should come down. We’ll be reimbursing him.”

He said that the client who bought the advertising space was an individual, not an organization. The sudden surge of web traffic crashed the Burkett Outdoor Advertising website Wednesday morning.

The billboard is visible, at least for the time being, to eastbound drivers on Interstate 40 outside the small Panhandle town of Vega, which is about 30 miles west of Amarillo.

Texas is one of the most politically conservative states in the U.S. Texas has had two Republican U.S. senators since 1993, and voters have elected only Republican governors since 1995. Texas’ electoral votes in presidential elections have gone to the Republican candidate in every election since 1980, according to the Texas secretary of state.

Kyle Mccallie, who lives in the small town of Fritch, took a photo of the billboard Tuesday and posted it to Facebook. His photo had been shared more than 14,000 times as of Wednesday morning and had gotten nearly 1,800 reactions on Facebook.

“I like it!” Mccallie wrote in the caption to his photo.

Fritch has a population of just over 2,000, according to U.S. Census figures. Vega had a population of 906 in 2016. The state motto in Texas is “Friendship.”

If this billboard is any indication as to the climate and atmosphere that people have towards liberals, then there’s only one group of people to blame for it. It’s the liberals. If they weren’t so batty and intolerant and stopped forcing their views upon everyone else, then more people would be welcoming to their ways. However when you have liberals demanding that men be allowed in the ladies bathroom – when they clearly do not, or trying to convince people that g*n-free zones and more g*n laws work – when they clearly do not, then people stop taking liberals seriously. When you have a Women’s March consisting of nasty women dressed as giant unkempt vaginas and a Muslim activist preaching about equal rights that all women already have (but she won’t dare step foot in a third-world Islam nation), then people can’t take it seriously. When you have liberal celebrities telling people to stop s******y assaulting each other, but they are s******y assaulting each other, then we can’t take them seriously.

Liberals are unhinged and falling apart. Keep having meltdowns so we can keep laughing.

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