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Big Dem Candidate Caught On Video Bragging About Sick Gift Soros Just Gave Him – Part Of Big Plan! (VIDEO)



Globalist elite George Soros has invested a good chunk of his extraordinary wealth in promoting liberal causes across the world, promoting liberal causes, bankrupting countries, and profiting off their demise which he set in motion through currency manipulation and variety of other means. He did it with calculated precision and cold determination.

Now, Soros, along with liberal billionaire Tom Steyer, have chosen to throw their dirty money behind the candidate of their choice in the Florida 2018 midterm elections. They hope to buy themselves an election by leading a group of donors making a $650,000 cash infusion into the gubernatorial campaign of Andrew Gillum. This is a move aimed at revitalizing the Florida Democratic Party and demonstrating it can be a proving ground for modern progressive leftists and democratic socialists.

Gillum recently took to social media to brag about his recent cash infusion from the devil himself and what he believes that Soros’ brings to his campaign.

Politico reports

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“He’s a really unusual candidate,” Steyer said of Gillum in an interview with POLITICO. “You can see we don’t often get involved in D-on-D so it must be because we have such high regard for him, for the ideas he represents and what he can do for Florida.”

The sudden cash infusion — which coincides with a pro-Gillum $3.5 million get-out-the-vote effort by a coalition of liberal groups — comes five days before the Aug. 28 primary and follows new polling suggesting that Gillum, Tallahassee’s mayor and the only African-American in the race, is gaining the most traction in the five-candidate Democratic field.

Gillum currently is polling in about third place, but he’s generating a significant amount of free-media buzz and talk of a “surge.”

“We like what we’re seeing on the ground,” said Olivia Bercow, a spokeswoman for Steyer’s NextGen America group, which is turning out voters for Gillum. “We see real momentum on the ground and in the polls, and with some extra resources we feel we can push Andrew, the most progressive candidate in the race, across the finish line.”

Steyer, who already contributed $500,000 to Gillum’s Forward Florida political committee, is chipping in $300,000 more today. Soros, who already contributed $1 million to Forward Florida, is giving another $250,000. And currently, anonymous donors affiliated with Steyer and Soros plan to give at least $100,000, Bercow said.

A scarcity of money has been one of the biggest challenges for Gillum, and he has been outgunned on television. Nevertheless, Gillum polled at about 18 percent in the most recent survey by SEA Strategic Polling and Design. Former Miami Beach Mayor Philip Levine and former Rep. Gwen Graham were virtually tied at 26 percent and 25 percent, respectively, according to that poll.

Where Gillum is the only African-American in the race, Graham is the only woman.

So far, 61 percent of the 580,000 Democrats who have already voted early in person or by absentee ballot are women, and 35 percent are white females over 50 — the profile of likely Graham voters. About 21 percent of those who have voted are black, which could benefit Gillum. More than 28 percent of registered Democrats in Florida are African-American, and many expect a large turnout Sunday for the last day of in-person early voting, in what has become known as “souls to the polls” voting after church.

Gillum’s candidacy has been a proving ground for progressive activists, who repeatedly watched their candidates get clobbered in 2016 Democratic primaries, from Bernie Sanders in the presidential race to Alan Grayson for U.S. Senate to Tim Canova in his bid to unseat Rep. Debbie Wasserman Schultz.

In the governor’s race, Steyer would not speak ill of any of the other Democratic candidates. He said he just liked Gillum best because of his biography and his policies.

“We endorsed the most progressive candidate,” Steyer said. “We found a candidate who represents a very progressive outlook who has stood up and done the right thing as a public servant and who in our mind would represent a real step forward for Florida.”

Many on the left see Soros as a positive voice for change. His deep pockets have funded many Democratic campaigns and Soros’ connections are deep. His son, Alex Soros is known to have drinks with Sen. Chuck Schumer (NY-D) on occasion.

While those on the right see Soros’ influence as nothing less than catastrophic. Entire countries are choosing to ouster Soros’ operations as a result of his currency manipulations as his calculated precision and cold determination has destroyed and disrupted tens of millions if not hundreds of millions of lives, all to serve his ideological goals of universal serfdom for us, and unlimited power and universal godlike status for himself.

First, it was Russia that ousted Soros’ Open Society Foundation as a subversive infiltrator. Then more recently Hungarian President Viktor Orban joined Putin in his crusade against him, passing a similar anti-NGO law. Orban made Soros the centerpiece of his re-election strategy which worked beautifully in Orban’s favor.

This allowed the super-majority earned by his Fidesz coalition passed his “anti-Soros” bill in the legislature, severely limiting the activities of foreign NGOs (Non-Governmental Organizations) and bringing to light the sources of their funding.

Now Poland is the very latest country to move against Soros. The country deported one of Soros’ top political organizers, Lyudmyla Kozlovska, back to Ukraine due to organizing protests against the Polish government and attempting to curtail efforts to block judicial reforms which would give Poland far more control over the adjudication of its laws.

There are rumors that Romania is considering following down the same path. Indeed, all of Eastern Europe seems to be a repudiation of Soros’ neoliberal agenda of open borders and the homogenization of culture. Will America follow suit? One can only hope!


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Nick Ayers, Vice President Mike Pence’s chief of staff, is being considered for the job, among other candidates, three of the sources told NBC.

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Multiple outlets had reported Tuesday that Ricardel had clashed with the first lady’s staff during a trip to Africa last month, among other disputes. But Grisham had told CNBC shortly before noon ET that Ricardel was “still there to my knowledge” and appeared to deny the report that there had been a dispute.

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NBC’s report followed a slew of news that Homeland Security Secretary Kirstjen Nielsen may be on her way out, too.

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No details are available at this time on who the family member is. Chesney did not speak about what happened on Twitter either. Keith Urban took home the Entertainer Of The Year award. But I’m sure the thoughts and prayers of the thousands viewing the awards were with Chesney in his hour of grieving and need. The Daily Caller has more on this sad news and the music awards:

The 52nd annual Country Music Association Awards (CMA Awards) took place Wednesday night, but one huge singer was notably absent from the festivities.

Kenny Chesney, 50, was nowhere to be found.

The “American Kids” singer, who was up for the “Entertainer Of The Year” and “Musical Event Of The Year” (for “Everything’s Gonna Be Alright”) awards, skipped the show due to a sudden death in the family. No further details about the tragedy are available at this time.

Ahead of the glitzy event, the Country Music Association Twitter account informed its over 750,000 followers that Chesney would not be in attendance.

Chesney did not address the news on his personal Twitter account, but he did thank his co-performer David Lee Murphy for his hard work on “Everything’s Gonna Be Alright,” which took home the Musical Event Of The Year award.

Australian singer Keith Urban took home the Entertainer Of The Year award.

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