Top 5 Trending Technology Inventions of 2020

As we step into a new decade we can see how fast technological inventions are coming about. If you are not keeping up with these changes, you are going to be lagging behind. So, it is important to identify the leading tech revolutions so that you are ready to take full advantage of these. Here are the top 5 trending innovations that you cannot afford to overlook:

  • Artificial Intelligence: AI is the new buzzword in the world of technology and more and more businesses are exploring AI as a Service to enhance customer experiences and for streamlining business operations. The trend that has started a few years ago is only going to intensify in 2020 and businesses will start to design and deploy their own AI-based systems. It is expected that many more providers of such AI services will emerge in this decade and they will be in a position to offer more customized applications for specialized tasks.
  • 5G Data: Mobile connectivity is all set to step into the fifth generation and this means super speedy downloads or uploads and far more stable connections. 5G data connectivity has already made its debut but these have been relatively costlier and restricted to specific areas only. This year will witness the expanding reach of this technology as more and more flexible and cost-friendly data plans will be introduced that can guarantee enhanced coverage. This will automatically guarantee better streaming quality for music and movies. Companies will enjoy stable connections at super fast speeds that will ensure that robots and machines can transfer and process data faster. Current companies leading the 5G race include Nokia, Samsung and Chinese juggernaut Huawei.
  • Autonomous Driving: This has been a technology that has generated a lot of hype ever since Elon Musk introduced the autonomous vehicle; it is expected that the numbers of driverless cars will keep growing this year. Besides, other in-car features, like entertainment and security features will also become automated and completely dependent on data and analytics. Not only cars, even trucks and shipping are going to become autonomous. Change in laws, social attitude and infrastructures are expected to happen before this technology completely takes over our lives.
  • Blockchain Technology: This is by far the most disruptive technological invention that can change the face of economies in the near future. The automated trading apps like bitcoin code app are taking cryptocurrencies to next level using the blockchain technology. It refers to the distributed ledger technology used for recording transactions and secure because of its decentralized nature. In 2020, Facebook is expected to launch its own blockchain-based crypto asset Libra. This technology is likely to be used in industries besides finance and will have a significant impact on our future lives. In fact, almost yearly we are seeing advancements in the technological advancements of cryptocurrency. Now many companies out there such as Bitcoin Future are releasing automated crypto software. These trading platforms work off algorithm technology that promises very impressive returns. Bitcoin robots as they are known are only just the beginning as cryptocurrency is just getting started.
  • Personalized Medicine: Changes in healthcare have been one of the biggest technological inventions. Data captured from smartwatches and wearable fitness trackers are allowing us to predict health issues, track vital statistics, and treat conditions and diseases even before these surface. Treatments are likely to get more personalized; this will make way for precision medicine letting doctors prescribe medicines or treat more accurately. With developments in AI technology and genomics, doctors can now understand how different people are equipped to react to different diseases and treatments.

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