Major University Opens A ‘Crying Closet’ With 5 Rules For Students

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A bizarre moment in college history was made when the University of Utah opened a ‘cry closet’ for students who need a to shed a few tears in the school library during finals week. The crying closet comes complete with stuffed animals and provides each student with a safe space to cry for up to ten minutes. Anyone who needs to cry can go in the crying closet for up to ten minutes, but they must be sure to follow the five main rules that are laid out by the university. Those who abuse the privilege or break the rules of the crying closet might face disciplinary action.

Finals might be tough, but critics wonder if this display is a good idea to place in a college? Does it indicate anything about the people who crawl in to cry in the fetal position? Is fetal position crying allowed? Does the closet come with tissues? Regardless, here are the rules.

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The five rules of the crying closet are as follows:

1. Knock before entering.
2. Only one person in the closet at a time.
3. Limit your time in the closet to no more than 10 minutes.
4. Turn lights and timer off before leaving.
5. Use #cryclosetuofu if posting on social media.

These rules must be followed seriously because the university may not want any funny business happening inside the closet meant for crying. It might seem like common sense, but the rules are made to remind people to use proper manners while they’re crying or about to cry.

Finals week might be tough, but real life is much tougher. College is 4-6 year test proving if students can handle an easy schedule, the workload, and their social life without dropping out. If students can handle college, then they can usually manage the intricate challenges that come with real life. Things such as taxes, homeownership, and having children pose to be large challenges in life and people must face them head-on, unafraid to fail.

Many people have criticized the crying closet by calling it pathetic, saying it’s for ‘snowflakes,’ and that the college students who use this will end up working minimum wage jobs because they are probably taking major that offers little to no value to the real world.

The criticism of the crying closet was harsh, but life is tough and anyone who can’t handle a bit of criticism might need a crying closet of their own.

Here are some crying closet Tweets to show you the public reaction.

As you can see the response to the crying closet is rather entertaining. Many people have insulted the college for allowing a crying closet to be stationed, but there’s a huge catch to this story.

The college allowed the crying closet as a joke! The University of Utah surprised everyone by having a sense of humor. The crying closet was made as an attempt to get people to laugh during finals week. They don’t expect anyone to use it and the college treated everyone to a funny joke to put people in a good mood while they finish up their semester with finals.

For all the colleges out there allowing the protests and madness to take over their schools, this college wasn’t one of them. They embraced the joke and even fired back at a few people on Twitter, supporting the crying closet as a funny way to get people in a good mood. Anyone who didn’t get the joke simply didn’t have a sense of humor.

This person didn’t get the joke. No one likes taking finals at college, so when the University of Utah approved the crying closet to be posted, it was as a joke.

The University of Utah then defended themselves.

Another person who didn’t get the joke inquired about if the crying closet was a project by a student.

Again, the university had to reply and essentially defend themselves from posting a joke that a few select type of people didn’t understand.

The artist responsible for creating the crying closet for the finals week joke was excited to see the responses on Twitter. They also reached out to identify themselves and more or less show their gratitude for the nice replies.

The university also acknowledged the artist who created it.

Remember folks, always read the story before commenting. There’s a lot of people who probably commented that this college was pathetic and should be closed down and these kids are whiners, but the fact is that the exhibit was made as a joke during finals week and not meant to be taken seriously.

Always read the story before commenting, that way you’re on top of things and not finding yourself making the wrong comment.

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