David Hogg And His Parkland Gang BLINDSIDED By News They Never Wanted To Hear

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David Hogg and his Parkland anti-g*n teenager friends just got majorly blindsided by news they didn’t expect to ever hear. After the Parkland s******g, they’ve been pounding social media with anti-g*n and g*n control rhetoric. David Hogg and his sister even announced that they would release a book about what happened during the Parkland s******g back in February. However, David Hogg was not in the building that was being shot up, as he was already revealed to be in the adjacent building where the s******g was not technically taking place. The teens have since stated they were not interested in g*n grabbing, but rather g*n laws, but more recently the well known Emma Gonzalez had already called for all semi-automatic g**s to be confiscated.

The age of the teens shines brightly in the midst of the drama, as most can tell they’re obviously oblivious to their own actions and their inability to bring people together from both sides of the political spectrum. While they might have good intentions, but they’re certainly not shining like superstars when it comes to making a point and uniting people in their desire to lose their own rights when it comes to the constitution.

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Now that the teenagers call for g*n confiscation, they’re next faced with some intense news that will most likely get on their nerves. The Parkland s******g was supposed to bring people together, but all that anti-g*n and hate towards the Constitution and taking things out on law-abiding g*n owners has just caused the National Rifle Association (NRA) to break a 15-year record regarding donations. They have now potentially raised more money than the anti-g*n groups, which is something the anti-g*n teens probably didn’t want to hear.

The Miami Herald reported more on the record-breaking year for the NRA: “As the student-led March for Our Lives movement captured the nation’s attention in the weeks after the Parkland s******g, the other side of the g*n control debate enjoyed a banner month of its own.

The National Rifle Association’s Political Victory Fund raised $2.4 million from March 1 to March 31, the group’s first full month of political fundraising since the nation’s deadliest high school s******g on Valentine’s Day, according to filings submitted to the Federal Elections Commission. The total is $1.5 million more than the organization raised during the same time period in 2017, when it took in $884,000 in donations, and $1.6 million more than it raised in February 2018.

The $2.4 million haul is the most money raised by the NRA’s political arm in one month since June 2003, the last month when electronic federal records were readily available. It surpasses the $1.1 million and $1.5 million raised in January and February 2013, the two months after the Sandy Hook school s******g in Newtown, Connecticut.

Most of the donations, $1.9 million of the $2.4 million total, came from small donors who gave less than $200. The NRA doles out money to political campaigns from the victory fund, but most of its spending is on activity that isn’t directly linked with a lawmakers’ campaign where the group is not bound by state and federal campaign finance limits. For example, Florida Republican Sen. Marco Rubio received only $9,900 in direct contributions from the NRA during his 2016 U.S. Senate campaign, but his campaign benefited from $3.3 million in outside spending from the NRA to help him defeat Democratic Rep. Patrick Murphy.”

Emma Gonzalez chimed in on the Waffle House situation where an unarmed man managed to be a hero and stop an armed man from s******g more people. If the hero was armed with a g*n, then the s*****r would not have been able to k**l as many people.

Emma forgets the man was nude s******g at people, which means he probably did have a few screws loose. If a man is running around naked s******g at people, then it’s a fair assumption there’s a little mental condition going on there. Even if it’s not directly mental illness, then there’s always the ability for some poeple to simply be horrible human beings, but that does not mean the country should ban g**s for the millions of people who are not breaking the law.

Emma is not old enough to know that lots of horrible things happen at Waffle House late at night. It’s well known to have plenty of fights and violence break out due to being open late hours and persistently visited by drunken patrons. Emma doesn’t realize how much money the Democrat party leaders make on the deaths of people who d*e in shootings. No one expects a teenager to have any clue on real life though.

The hero was lucky to survive, catching the man at a time when he was reloading. However, that is AFTER the s*****r had already k****d several people. If the hero had a g*n, then perhaps fewer people would have been shot and injured or k****d. There goes any sort of common sense, but alas, she’s a teenager and doesn’t really know anything, nor how the world truly works when someone uses common sense.

It’s a shame she doesn’t read this through and realize that everything she says makes almost no sense and can be countered by something more logical. Removing all semi-automatic weapons from society basically means removing all g**s. That’s g*n grabbing confiscation talk. If she thinks there’s a g*n problem now, then imagine the outrage when millions of law-abiding citizens

If a teenager wants to spark a riot trying to grab g**s from law-abiding citizens, then there would be a real problem when millions of armed citizens fight back.

Little Emma doesn’t realize that no g*n laws put into place will ever stop the criminal mind from operating and committing horrible acts of bloody violence.

Of course, she’s just a teenager. She probably won’t understand how her own rhetoric sparked the NRA to receive record numbers of donations.

People like her are speaking against the law-abiding citizens of America, placing her on the wrong side of history.


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