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Days After ‘Trump Baby’ Balloon, Muslim Mayor Learns Consequences Of Mocking Trump



London’s Muslim Mayor, Sadiq Khan, just learned the hard way and is now suffering the consequences of mocking Trump. Protesters were approved to fly a 20-foot “baby Trump” balloon during their anti-Trump event when he came to visit. The balloon was touted as a “blimp” which mislead people into thinking it was this giant aircraft that people can fly around in. It was just a few feet bigger than something you can buy at Party City, but it still mocked Trump and the protesters looked silly parading around with it – especially considering Trump isn’t even their president.

The mayor probably thought it was funny to see a big baby Trump floating around, but then he realized the mistake he made by approving it. It’s fine to dislike the president of America and mock him, but with those actions came consequences and now the Muslim Mayor is being forced to face his own ridicule as people have crowdfunded to raise money for a giant balloon mocking him. He got to watch Trump be mocked via a balloon, but now he has to approve flying a balloon that mocks him as well. He’s basically forced into allowing it so that he doesn’t appear to be one-sided and violate anyone’s freedom of speech. Even though most people know the mayor of London has ruined their once beautiful town with his rhetoric on crime, terrorism, and overall inability to keep London great, but at least he did one thing right by approving the baby Khan balloon.

Now he gets to watch a giant bag of air mock him as well. It sure shows you how the people of London really feel about their mayor who has ruined one of the world’s most beautiful cities.

“SADIQ Khan has given the green light for a balloon mocking him to fly above the capital after protesters embarrassed Donald Trump by flying a baby blimp above London and Edinburgh.

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The Mayor of London said he would pass an application for a Sadiq blimp, after he allowed the ‘angry Trump baby’ to fly in Parliament Square during Donald Trump’s UK visit on Friday.

A crowdfunding campaign has raised more than £50,000 to build the giant balloon of Mr Khan in retaliation against Trump protesters, far surpassing its target in just days.

Speaking on BBC’s Andrew Marr Show, Mr Khan said demonstrators could launch a mock inflatable of him if protests were “peaceful, safe and the police approve it” and defended his decision to permit the Trump balloon.

Mr Khan said: “We have in our city and country a rich history of the right to protest, the right to free speech and the right to express our views.

“Can you imagine the founding fathers in the USA saying we are going to curtail our rights to free speech, we are going to curtail the First Amendment in case somebody may be offended?

“What you saw on Friday was a peaceful protest done in a safe way.

“Yesterday in London there were people who wanted to protest and did protest – members of the extreme far-right and pro-Trump protestors.

“We saw some arrests being made. One of the great things about pluralism and living in a democracy is people get to enjoy the rights and freedoms that have been fought for over many decades.”

It’s acceptable for people to dislike each other because there won’t ever be a planet where everyone gets along. It’s fine to fly balloons that mock people or things, but always remember that it works both ways. Mayor Khan has done a terrible job with his city. He reminds us of the mayor from Chicago who is also doing a terrible job. Two grown men who both allow their city to fall apart and be dismantled. While the mayor of London has a balloon flown to mock him, then maybe he should think about why people are doing that. Are they tired of their city being ruined under his leadership? It doesn’t seem like he’s cracking down on the crime or filth. It’s just like Chicago’s mayor – the city is being torn down to the ground and the people are not happy with it.

Crime, filth, and an overall decline in conditions under Democratic mayor leadership is a huge problem among major cities in America, just like it’s tearing down London.

It’s time for people to stop voting for Democrat mayors because obviously it’s just not working out.


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Disgraced DeNiro Tries To Save His Career And Apologizes, Gets Priceless Response From Trump




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Actor Robert De Niro decided to make an apology for ‘idiotic behavior’ and President Trump had a priceless response. De Niro was trying to show his softer side after galavanting at the Tony Awards and rising the crowd with his anti-American hate for Trump and his classic two-word statement of ‘f-ck Trump.’ He surely got an ovation from a crowd of millionaire celebrities who suffer low ratings for their award shows year after year. The response from Trump was simple. It was no response. Trump didn’t seem to care and if he heard about it at all, then he likely brushed it off.

De Niro’s apology wasn’t exactly to Trump, but it was against Trump. De Niro found himself saying sorry to Canada for Trump’s behavior (such as bringing peace among the Korea’s?) and then criticized Trump for the comments he made about Canada. Of course, this was directed toward Canada’s Prime Minister Justin Trudeau who was recently seen with his fake eyebrow falling off in a viral video.

It sure seems like Robert De Niro really has it out for President Trump and certainly doesn’t seem to be a fan of his. Does De Niro have other motives that might explain his generic apology and his constant badgering of Trump? There just might be a reason for all of this.

This surely isn’t the first time that De Niro went on the offensive side of the mean words!

Daily Mail helped explain more about the De Niro apology.
“Robert De Niro has taken it upon himself and is apologizing to Canadians for the ‘idiotic behavior of my president’ just one day after the actor launched an expletive at Donald Trump at the Tony awards.

De Niro said Monday Trump’s remarks about Canada are a ‘disgrace’ and apologized to Prime Minister Justin Trudeau and others who attended the Group of Seven summit of leaders in Canada.

‘I just want to make a note of apology for the idiotic behavior of my president,’ De Niro said as the audience of a few dozen cheered.

‘I apologize to Justin Trudeau and the other people at the G7,’ De Niro continued, ‘It’s disgusting.

Speaking after the actor, Toronto Mayor John Tory to say to him, ‘Thank you.’

Trump called Trudeau ‘dishonest’ and ‘weak’ following the summit on Saturday. Trump advisers also ripped Trudeau, branding him a back-stabber.

De Niro made his comments at a groundbreaking for a Nobu hotel in Toronto.

De Niro co-owns the chain, and the Toronto project will feature a restaurant, hotel and apartments that go for seven figures.

He, namesake chef Nobu Matsuhisa and their team used golden shovels to ceremonially break ground on the luxury project.

At the Tony awards, De Niro launched an expletive at Trump and pumped his arms like a boxer for emphasis.

‘F**k Trump’ he told the adoring audience.

Many in the audience stood and cheered, while TV censors quickly bleeped out the offending words.”

It seems like De Niro was using his distaste for Trump to get himself in the headlines again, because it seems very convenient that he was breaking ground at one of his restaurant/hotel projects. How ironic it is that he’s making anti-Trump comments and going viral just as he’s promoting his new business.

Is De Niro using his hatred for Trump to keep himself relevant so that the news and independent media outlets will mention his new projects? Is De Niro trying to use hatred to fuel the growth of his own businesses and save the end of his career in regards to his non-acting projects? That might be the case and the reason for all of De Niro’s constant insults and barrage of attacks that seemingly go unnoticed.

He’s like the male version of Rosie O’Donnell in the sense that they both constantly throw insults at President Trump and most of the time it comes out of nowhere and is unwarranted.

Should President Trump address the situation with Robert De Niro? Or should Trump ignore De Niro and worry about getting his job done as the President?

What would you do in this situation if you were Trump? Write your answers below!

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Screaming Dem Mob Confronts McConnell In Restaurant, Man Slams Fists, Throws Food Out Door




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Like Trump says, Dems bring mobs, we bring jobs.

Just another example of the left becoming completely unhinged.

McConnell took it all in stride & handled it with class, though, and other diners came to his defense!

Gateway Pundit is reporting:

“Crazed leftists took Maxine Waters’ marching orders and screamed at Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-KY) while he was dining with his wife, Elaine Chao at Havana Rumba in Louisville, Kentucky.

According to TMZ, 4 men were berating Mitch McConnell and the main aggressor slammed his fists on the Senator’s table screaming, “Why don’t you get out of here? Why don’t you leave the entire country?”

The left-wing thug also grabbed Mitch McConnell’s doggie bag of leftovers, and chucked it out the door of the restaurant.

Others were screaming, “Ditch Mitch!”

TMZ reported:

The woman who shot the video tells us, before she started recording, the main aggressor slammed his fists down on McConnell’s table, grabbed his doggie bag and threw the food out the door of the restaurant.

The woman says the main gripe seemed to be the Senator’s stance on Social Security and health care. McConnell recently said entitlement programs are the main cause of massive debt. The woman says before she started shooting, the main aggressor was screaming that McConnell was killing people with his views.

McConnell kept his cool and afterward thanked some of his supporters, shaking their hands.

Maxine Waters recently called on Democrats to form a mob to harass Republicans wherever they go.

“If you see anybody from that Cabinet in a restaurant, in a department store, at a gasoline station, you get out and you create a crowd. You push back on them and you tell them they’re not welcome anymore, anywhere,” Maxine Waters said.

Because of Maxine Waters’ call to violence, Mitch McConnell, Ted Cruz, Secretary Nielsen and other Republicans have been chased out of restaurants by angry Democrat mobs.

Vote red all the way down the ticket in Novemeber–we want jobs, not mobs!”

And Fox News said:

A small group of angry diners confronted Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell at a restaurant Friday night, but were met with calls from other customers to leave the Kentucky Republican alone.

Video obtained by TMZ shows at least one diner berating McConnell on issues such as Social Security at a restaurant in Louisville. The video starts with him yelling at McConnell and arguing with Transportation Secretary Elaine Chao — to whom McConnell is married. The outlet reported that four men first confronted McConnell.

“Oh yeh, why don’t you get out of here? Why don’t you leave our entire country,” the protester tells the couple.

As Chao argues with the protester, McConnell appears nonplussed and sips on a drink. But other diners begin yelling at the protester, telling him to “leave him alone” and making shoo-ing gestures.

“They’re going to come for Social Security,” he told the other diners, before appearing to be approached by staff.

According to TMZ, the woman who recorded the incident said the protester slammed his fists on McConnell’s table and threw food out of the restaurant after accusing McConnell of killing people with his views. McConnell reportedly later thanked some of the supporters and shook their hands.

McConnell’s office did not immediately respond to request for comment from Fox News.

The incident marks the latest hounding of a Republican or Trump administration official from a restaurant. Last month Sen. Ted Cruz, R-Texas, was forced out of a restaurant by protesters angry at his support of the confirmation of now-Justice Brett Kavanaugh.

McConnell and Chao were confronted by protesters earlier in the year as they left an event at Georgetown University. Chao stood up to the protesters and told them to “leave my husband alone.”

In July, McConnell was confronted by more protesters as he left a restaurant in Louisville, Kentucky. Protesters reportedly yelled “abolish ICE” and “no justice, no peace.”


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