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Dem Candidate Accused Of Abuse Gets Huge Endorsement Just Days Later – No One Is Talking About It



It seems they are the Kings of hypocrites. I love when a certain political group lectures us about stuff like this..but look at who they support?

Truly mind blowing.

From The Daily Caller:

Former President Barack Obama and other Democrats won’t comment on allegations levied against gubernatorial candidate Steve Sisolak by his ex-wife, including one that the Nevada Democrat bruised his former spouse.

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Lori “Dallas” Garland told The Daily Caller News Foundation that she felt like “a total prisoner” throughout her 13-year marriage with Sisolak, and said the single-father backstory he has leveraged throughout his gubernatorial campaign is “bull.” Garland also said Sisolak bruised her neck in an August 2000 incident.

TheDCNF reviewed pictures of Garland’s bruised neck and a contemporaneous diary entry detailing the incident. The Sisolak campaign provided sworn statements from the candidate’s daughters, who say the saw the event when they were children, denying that he assaulted Garland.

Obama appeared alongside Sisolak at a campaign rally in Las Vegas on Monday, along with senatorial candidate Jacky Rosen, congressional candidate Susie Lee, and lieutenant governor candidate Kate Marshall. None of the Democrats returned repeated request for comment regarding the allegations.

TheDCNF first reported Garland’s allegations against Sisolak the Friday before the rally.

Rosen issued a blanket statement on Twitter in September to “Believe women.”

Sisolak stands to be Nevada’s first Democratic governor in 20 years if he wins a tight race against his Republican opponent, Adam Laxalt.

“These are disturbing charges with significant evidence,” Laxalt campaign Communications Director Parker Briden previously told TheDCNF. “Domestic violence always deserves to be taken seriously.” (RELATED: Republicans Call Allegation That Nevada Democrat Bruised His Ex-Wife ‘Disturbing’)

A spokesman for the Republican Governors Association similarly called the allegations “disturbing.”

The Sisolak campaign did not deny that a physical altercation occurred between Garland and Sisolak in August 2000. The campaign provided sworn statements from Sisolak’s two daughters, Ashley and Carley Sisolak, who were, respectively, 13 and 10 at the time.

Their statements, put together, share similarities with the account Garland detailed in her diary, but said Garland was the aggressor and injured their father.

Photo Dallas Garland said was taken of her bruised neck the day after the Aug. 24, 2000, incident with Steve Sisolak. Courtesy of Dallas Sisolak.

Garland, whose legal name is still Sisolak, said the incident occurred on Aug. 24, 2000, the day after she moved out of her marital Las Vegas home. She said she had returned to her home to pick up her makeup, but Sisolak stopped her at the door.

Garland said there was no court order at the time that prevented her from entering her house.

She said she tried to force her way past Sisolak.

“He was trying to shut the door,” she said. “He had his arm out and had it up against my neck pushing me and trying to shut the door.”

Garland said she and Sisolak pushed against each at the door for a few moments until her ex-husband suddenly “stumbled back on purpose and fell on the floor,” allegedly saying he was injured while yelling at their daughter, Carley, that she had to stay away from her “dangerous” mother.

Garland said Sisolak was 6 feet 3 inches tall and weighed over 200 pounds at the time of the incident, over double the weight of Garland, who was about 100 pounds. She denied forcing Sisolak onto the ground.

Garland said Sisolak drove a wedge between her and her children and said that it has been 10 years since she has seen either of her daughters. But she added that she had an active role in her children’s lives until they had both had graduated high school.

Sisolak’s daughters have appeared in two campaign ads with their father, both of which frame the Democrat as a single father. Continue reading


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Trump Blindsides Democrats – MAJOR Breakthrough Announced In Mueller Investigation




* By

President Trump has been unfairly treated by the Democrats. They have questioned the legitimacy of his Presidency the day after he beat Hillary, and they won’t let up until they see him gone.

President Trump is no stranger to being treated wrongfully by the media, and its no surprise the Mueller which hunt is still dragging along. They’ve tried every single tactic available to mankind, and now there’s signs they are finally running out of options.

From CNN:

President Donald Trump’s legal team is preparing answers to written questions provided by special counsel Robert Mueller, according to sources familiar with the matter.

The move represents a major development after months of negotiations and signals that the Mueller investigation could be entering a final phase with regard to the President.
The questions are focused on matters related to the investigation of possible collusion between Trump associates and Russians seeking to meddle in the 2016 election, the sources said. Trump’s lawyers are preparing written responses, in part relying on documents previously provided to the special counsel, the sources said.

“We are in continuing discussions with the special counsel and we do not comment on those discussions,” said Trump attorney Jay Sekulow.

There may be more rounds of questions after the first answers are returned. The special counsel had insisted that there be a chance for follow-up questions as well. But after a prolonged back-and-forth over months, the two sides agreed to start with a first round of questions.

Additionally, the two sides have still not come to agreement on whether the President will be interviewed in person by investigators who are also probing whether Trump obstructed justice by firing FBI Director James Comey.

Asked on Thursday about answering Mueller’s questions, Trump again signaled his willingness to sit down for an interview with Mueller or provide written responses — the option much preferred by his attorneys.

“It seems ridiculous that I’d have to do it when everybody says there’s no collusion, but I’ll do what is necessary to get it over with,” Trump said in a phone interview on Fox News. Despite Trump’s insistence to the contrary, the possibility of collusion remains an open question in the ongoing investigation led by Mueller, who has not tipped his hand one way or the other.

Negotiations for Trump’s testimony lasted for the better part of a year. The two sides nearly reached a deal in January for Trump to be questioned at the presidential retreat in rural Maryland, Camp David, only for talks to break down at the last minute. What followed was a series of letters and meetings — some hostile — in which Trump’s lawyers raised objections and sought to limit any potential testimony.

For months, Mueller told Trump’s lawyers that he needed to hear from the President to determine his intent on key events in the obstruction inquiry. During one tense session in March, Mueller raised the possibility of getting a subpoena to compel the President’s testimony.

Trump’s lead attorney John Dowd resigned later that month. According to a recent book published by journalist Bob Woodward, Dowd quit because he believed Trump would never heed his advice to avoid an interview at all costs. Trump once publicly said he was “100%” willing to go under oath to answer questions about his decision to fire Comey, who led the original Russia investigation before Mueller was appointed.

The President eventually hired Rudy Giuliani to join his legal team, and the former New York mayor quickly took to the airwaves to defend Trump and attack Mueller. As Giuliani made the rounds on TV newscasts — blasting the investigation as illegitimate — Trump’s other lawyers, Jane and Marty Raskin, carefully worked behind the scenes with Mueller’s team to narrow the topics that Trump could be asked about.

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Trump About To Prosecute Clinton & Comey – Here’s Who SQUASHED It Last Second




* By

As the most reliable and balanced news aggregation service in the world, RWN offers the following information published by Washington Times:

President Trump reportedly told his then White House counsel this spring that he wanted the Justice Department to prosecute 2016 presidential opponent Hillary Clinton and former FBI director James Comey.

Citing “two people familiar with the conversation,” the New York Times reported Tuesday that counsel Don McGahn flatly told the president that he didn’t have the power to do that and that even the one thing that could be done — request an investigation — would risk ending his presidency.

“To underscore his point, Mr. McGahn had White House lawyers write a memo for Mr. Trump warning that if he asked law enforcement to investigate his rivals, he could face a range of consequences, including possible impeachment,” the Times wrote.

Though the Times called the reported conversation “one of the most blatant examples yet” of Mr. Trump seeing the Justice Department as a political tool, there was no evidence that Mr. Trump’s musings to Mr. McGahn went beyond that.

It is also unknown whether the president ever read Mr. McGahn’s memo, though the Times reported that “according to two people who have spoken to Mr. Trump about the issue,” he has continued to discuss the possibility of a second special prosecutor to investigate Mrs. Clinton, whom he frequently said during the campaign should be imprisoned for her email practices, and Mr. Comey, whom he fired.

Mr. McGahn left the White House earlier this fall.

Both a White House spokesman and an FBI spokeswoman declined to comment to the Times.

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