BREAKING: Democrat Arrested For Soliciting Prostitute Claims He Was ‘Setup’

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A Pennsylvania Democratic mayor has been arrested amid charges of attempting to solicit a prostitute. It was Eric Bower, the 36-year-old mayor of Bloomsburg, who was picked up on accusations of having s*x with an alleged prostitute who is reportedly a confidential informant. Bower intends to fight the charges which state he allegedly agreed to meet a woman at a Hampton Inn and he was carrying condoms, lubricant, and $200 in cash.

Bower was booked and charged, then later released. He declared that he will fight the charges and insists that he was setup. He claimed the woman was someone with whom he had regular contact and that she was not random. He stated that he had an ongoing relationship “of some kind” with the woman. He believes he was setup due to his political role as the Mayor of Bloomsburg, PA.

Breitbart news reported more on Eric Bower’s arrest and charges of soliciting a prostitute: “Pennsylvania state police have arrested a Democratic mayor for allegedly paying a prostitute $200 to have s*x with him.
Police accused Eric Bower, 36, Bloomsburg’s Democratic mayor, of having s*x with a confidential informant several times, the Bloomsburg Press Enterprise reported.

Bower allegedly agreed to meet the woman at a Hampton Inn in Scott Township on Friday evening. When the mayor arrived, allegedly carrying $200 in cash and condoms, police arrested him.

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He was booked into Columbia County Prison and later released.

Bower told WNEP less than 24 hours after the arrest that he plans to “fight” the allegations against him and proclaimed his innocence.

“Very embarrassing incident. All I can say is that my lawyer and I are going to fight these charges,” Bower said.

Bower claimed that he was “setup” and the woman was merely someone with whom he had regular contact.

“This woman was not random. She’s someone that I had an ongoing relationship of some kind with,” he said. “I believe this was just a setup because of my political position and nature, and if it was anyone else, it probably would not be occurring.”

Bower, who used to serve on Bloomsburg’s town council, began serving as the town’s mayor in January after defeating the Republican candidate in an election last November.

The mayor is due back in court on May 2.”

Bower became mayor when he defeated a Republican, but it seems as though he has an uphill battle with the accusations he faces regarding a prostitute solicitation.

He does not seem to have plans to step down from his position and has stated that he will fight the charges.

PennLive had more details on the charges faced and the situation with his girlfriend: “Police charged Bower with four misdemeanors: criminal solicitation, criminal attempt-patronizing prostitutes and two counts of patronizing prostitutes.

Bower was released from jail after posting 10 percent of a $5,000 bond, according to online jail records.

Earlier this year, Bower made news after he filed a protection from abuse order against his ex-girlfriend after he had to fend her off with pepper spray, according to the Press Enterprise.

Bower began serving as mayor in January after winning election last year. He previously served as a councilman. Bower also owns his own technology company and works as a Pennsylvania State Constable, according to his LinkedIn page.”

The Bloomsburg Press Enterprise contributed more information: “BLOOMSBURG — Alleging that his arrest may have been politically motivated, Bloomsburg Mayor Eric Bower says he intends to fight criminal charges that he attempted to solicit a prostitute.

Reached for comment Saturday, less than 24 hours after his arrest, Bower said the woman was not a stranger, but a friend he’s known for months.

Elected just last year, Bower said he has no intention of stepping down. The Democrat, 36, says the criminal allegation is irrelevant to his public role. Still, he said, Town Council is likely to discuss the matter at its meeting tomorrow evening.

State Police said Bower paid for s*x with a confidential informant several times, most recently in early April.

Court papers say Bower and the informant exchanged text messages and phone calls Friday. Bower agreed to pay $200 for s*x, the charges state. The two allegedly agreed to meet Friday evening at the Hampton Inn near the Lightstreet interchange of Interstate 80 in Scott Township, charges say.

When Bower showed up, allegedly with $200 cash, lubricant and condoms, he was arrested.

Arraigned then taken to Columbia County Prison, he was later released.

Setup suspected

Reached for comment Saturday, Bower said he believes he may have been set up, either for political or personal reasons. He suggested that perhaps his friend had gotten into trouble.”

Regardless of the outcome, this bodes to be an interesting day in court as the public will learn if the prostitute was really a s*x worker or if they were an informant.

If the woman was an informant but had s*x with Bower for money on multiple occasions, then one has to wonder if it’s legal for her to have sexual relations with someone in that capacity.

This proves to be an interesting case to keep an eye on.

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