Kellyanne Drops Bomb On Democrats Suggesting Trump Will Pardon Anyone Wronged By Mueller!

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President Donald Trump recently pardoned Lewis “Scooter” Libby and it set people off in various directions, many of which point directly at each other and unable to figure out if this pardon was a good idea or bad idea. Trump’s girl Kellyanne Conway recently spoke out about it and she had many Democrats feel a bit uneasy after hearing what she said. It was her words that boiled tensions at a high degree than normal and she then became a slight target for her own criticism.

Conway recently stated that Trump would pardon anyone who was caught up in a “special counsel run amok” which is a fancy word for losing their mind and going crazy. It could’ve been that people who were considered to run “amok” were those who refused to support the President and didn’t want to work for or with Trump. One might think that those who are against Trump had figured Hillary Clinton would win the election and perhaps those people had some back alley deals set up to further their career or bank accounts. When Hillary lost and people spoke out about it, rather than supporting the President, then it makes people wonder about where the loyalty to America lies. Do people work in government have a dedication to serving their country, or are they simply doing the job and going through the motions because “a job is a job” and they don’t treat their job any different than a high school kid working the supermarket register would handle their own job.

Watch the video of her interview about Scooter Libby.

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Alexis Dent of Truth Exam wrote more about Conway’s choice of words: “Because of President Donald Trump’s desire to pardon Lewis “Scooter” Libby, former Dick Cheney chief of staff, White House adviser Kellyanne Conway has said that Trump is ready to pardon people who have been caught up by a “special counsel run amok.”

Conway’s comments were in response to a reporter’s question about why Trump wanted to pardon Libby, who was convicted of lying to the FBI by a special counsel appointed by then-Deputy Attorney General James Comey.

Conway said that many people agree with Trump’s thinking, although she asserts that the pardoning had nothing to do with Trump’s enemy, Comey.

In a CNN interview on Friday, Virginia Sen. Tim Kaine warned that Trump’s pardon of Libby, who President Trump admits he doesn’t even know, was just a way for him to send a message that he is willing to pardon those caught up in the Mueller probe.

“Why pardon Scooter Libby today? People have forgotten about Scooter Libby. The pardoning of somebody who is convicted for obstruction of justice working in the White House, I think is more about sending a message to people today than it is about a case that’s 10 years old — so we’re in a very very challenging time right now,” Kaine said on CNN.

With the tensions between the administration and jilted staffers heating up, President Trump seems willing to prove a point and flex his power by any means necessary. Whether this means allowing unnecessary pardons, threatening military warfare or all of the above, Donald Trump continues to show that he follows no rules, and that’s not going to change any time soon.”

The best part about this is that Trump is the shakeup in Washington that everyone needed. Trump doesn’t follow the main rules that everyone has grown used to. Trump does his own thing and he’s not owned by anyone like previous presidents were in regards to the money flow and secret handshakes going on in the American government. President Trump can and will do whatever he wants and he always has the American people in the back of his mind. He loves the military and his country, so it’s with good reason that we can safely assume that President Trump has good intentions for his country no matter what people say of him.

Conway was right. He will pardon whomever he wants. Trump has that power and he’s not afraid to flex it to send a point to the weaker critics who think everything bad of Trump.

When people say Trump is breaking rules, then they’re talking about many of the unwritten rules of being President. These include things that the everyday American might be very used to and that Trump’s staff and administration might be accustomed to, but Trump is a lot different than most of the previous 44 Presidents.

Trump is his own train and he’s rolling through setting new standards. You’re either on the train of off! Those who jump off are being drained from the swamp and Trump wasn’t kidding when he made people think he would be cleaning house as soon as he got into the White House.

People wanted a huge change in the way we do government and they got it.


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