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DEVELOPING: Over A Dozen CIA Agents May Have Died After Hillary Was Caught Red-Handed



The One America News Network (OAN) is reporting a “bombshell development”: “[H]ighly classified emails” former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton had been impermissibly keeping on a private, non-authorized and non-secure server were apparently read “in real time” by a Chinese company and may be responsible for the deaths of “over a dozen” and perhaps “up to twenty … CIA agents working in China.”

The actual “massive intelligence leak” occurred between 2010 and 2012 and was uncovered by U.S. officials in 2015 – who seemingly went on to do not much about it. OAN claims one of the individuals apprised of the breach was erstwhile Chief of the FBI’s Counterespionage Section and notorious anti-Trump figure Peter Strzok; who seems to have ignored the warning.

The gruesome charge is that Hillary’s “carelessness” led to the capture of the CIA operators who were then “tortured or murdered”.

The network specifies “investigators aren’t positive whether a spy in the agency was responsible or if the information was obtained from Clinton’s emails.”

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What is known, however, about the former First Lady’s lapse? “The FBI concluded in 2016 that Hillary Clinton did send and receive classified emails on her personal server, putting the information in jeopardy. It also concluded that emails were definitely hacked and viewed by foreign agents.”

Fox News’ Tucker Carlson seconds that accusation, noting the Daily Caller News Foundation declares HRC guilty of this reckless and startling violation. “That happened to Hillary Clinton. They say a Chinese company did it, and may have had access to her emails during her tenure as Secretary of State.” The commentator and TV talk host adds, “The FBI is denying that, sort of, but the story is still fluid and confusing and for some reason a lot of people don’t seem that interested in finding out what actually happened.”

On Fox News’ Tucker Carlson program, Judicial Watch President Tom Fitton confirmed the government has been evincing an odd, evasive dismissiveness in answering questions about the Hillary/email affair. This, he emphasizes, despite “substantial evidence” that the one-time Democratic Presidential candidate’s sloppiness facilitated the compromise of her emails by snooping foreign parties.

And that last bit is one of the most troubling aspects of this entire controversy, isn’t it: why the shoulder-shrugging from those who are supposed to prevent these kinds of things from happening? Why the insouciance regarding what is arguably a major act of malfeasance on the part of Hillary Clinton? We’re not quibbling over a fixed traffic ticket here, after all, but a potentially catastrophic lapse – perhaps an actual catastrophic lapse if American agents were imprisoned and murdered because of it – by a former, major government player. One whose surname happens to be Clinton.

Why are D.C. sleuths and investigative journalists not pulling out all stops to get to the squalid bottom of this? Why is this not bannered from every newspaper and radio or television news broadcast? Why is Hillary not being held criminally accountable for what was, best case scenario, a brazen violation of American national security protocols?

The explanation is in that “Clinton” factor, I suspect. With that surname? She – and her Democrat kahuna of a hubby — get away with stuff all the time. They have been for decades. (Need I remind you? Whitewater, Filegate, Travelgate, Pardongate, Cattle Futures, Jennifer Flowers, Monica Lewinsky, Paula Jones, Juanita Broaddrick, Kathleen Wiley, Impeachment, Benghazi, etc., etc.)

Somehow I suspect if it were quondam GOP heavy-hitters like Colin Powell, Dan Quayle or – gasp! — Dick Cheney who’d foolhardily laid bare troves of government cyber-documents for all the world to sneak a peek at, the situation would not be greeted with the same breezy vibe.

The late talk-radio giant Bob Grant observed years ago that there appeared to be almost a kind of “satanic shield” surrounding this infamous couple. No matter the slippery situations in which they find themselves they manage to wriggle free and move on. Mr. and Mrs. “Slick Willy”.

True, it’s possible this simmering scandal played a partial role in costing Hillary her Oval Office contest against Donald Trump, but you’ll notice she’s still gadding about, expatiating on the current scene, imbibing the life of a pampered elite. Back in 2015, being interviewed by Jimmy Fallon on the Tonight Show, she laughed off the then-fresh email contretemps, bantering she was offended people found her emails ‘boring”. She even showed up on a sit-com the other evening joking about it. ““Emails … I do have some experience with emails,” she jested on episode one of CBS’s revival of Murphy Brown.

Hillary the Hilarious. She’s a scream. You’re killin’ me, Hillary.

I wonder if those poor CIA hands screamed at any point before Xin Jinping’s brutes killed them?

Obviously, someone needs to unpack the details and facts of this outrage. If Hillary’s dizzying computer incautiousness contributed to the execution of these intelligence servants, there needs to be severe consequences for her. If the leak issued from somewhere else, that needs to disclosed as well – but even so, her disregard for her duty as Secretary of State, spurning crucial security procedures for whatever reasons, can’t be waved off.

Even if she is a Clinton.


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Honduran Migrant Caravan EXPLODES As it Approaches Border




* By

Amazing how this happens mere weeks before the midterm elections.

Time to put military on full alert and stationed at the border. This is an invasion and needs to be stopped in its tracks AT the border.

Stop the invasion!

From The Gateway Pundit:

On Wednesday, the caravan of mostly Honduran migrants exploded to a whopping 4,000 people as it approached the Mexico-Guatemala border, despite President Trump’s warnings to cut off U.S. aid.

The Mexican government flooded the Mexico-Guatemala border with hundreds of police officers in anticipation of a stand off with the migrants.

President Trump meant business when he issued a strong warning to Honduran President Hernandez Tuesday over the migrant caravan marching northbound to United States.

The organizer of the caravan, Bartolo Fuentes was detained in Guatemala Tuesday and it was reported Honduran migrants had splintered off into smaller groups in order to travel undetected as they made their trek to the Mexican border. Reuters reported late Tuesday that some Honduran migrants had headed back to Honduras, however; it appears the caravan has grown as it make its way through Guatemala.

The Associate Press reported Wednesday that the Hondurans were spotted in Chiquimula, Guatemala marching through rain, determined to make it the Mexican border.

Because the migrant caravan has grown to over 4,000 people, the Mexican government has sent an additional 500 police to its border with Guatemala, reported NBC News.

Secretary of State Mike Pompeo will be traveling to Mexico on Friday to discuss plans to stop the caravan.

A caravan of migrants fleeing Honduras has grown to 4,000 and the Mexican government has sent an additional 500 federal police to its border with Guatemala in anticipation of their arrival, according to U.S. government documents obtained by NBC News.

Part of the caravan, which has split into two groups, is now approaching the Mexico-Guatemala border amidst a surge in border crossings on the U.S.-Mexico border.

Secretary of State Mike Pompeo will travel to Mexico to meet with his counterparts on Friday, where plans to stop the caravan will be a “prominent” topic of discussion, according to a senior State Department official who spoke to reporters on Wednesday.

“I am certain that there will be conversations in Mexico about how we can work together on this issue,” the official said about the caravan. “We are certainly looking for concrete results and for solutions that work for both countries.”

President Trump didn’t even wait until the caravan of Hondurans reached Mexico before issuing a very stern warning to the Honduran president on Tuesday threatening to cut U.S. aid immediately!

The President’s fury continued into late Tuesday evening as he fired off another pair of tweets putting Honduras, Guatemala and El Salvador on notice.

Anyone entering illegally will be arrested and detained prior to being sent back to their country, President Trump said.

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Democrats Just Announce Sick New Way They Plan To Dominate GOP In Midterms To Regain Control




* By

Yet another perfect example if the tyrannical nature of the democrats. They can’t win by the rules, so they change the rules. Dishonest, lying, cheating, thieves. All that party is.

We must vote in November. Stop the democrats!

From The Daily Wire:

When all else fails, change the system.

Leftist luminaries, who weren’t able to stop the confirmation of Supreme Court Justice Brett Kavanaugh, suggested in the aftermath that Americans should consider reforming the Senate. Reminded that expanding the Senate would require a Constitutional Amendment, they’ve now, apparently, resorted to “reforming” the other half of the bicameral legislature, the House of Representatives.

NBC News reports that some Democratic activists are suggesting that to even out the “balance of power,” the size of the House should grow as much as double its current size.

“Expanding the House of Representatives would be a vast improvement over the status quo — with the potential to impact all branches of government,” activist Steve Vladick opines for NBC’s “Think” platform.

“[C]hanging the size of the House of Representatives — from its current total of 435 seats to 650 seats, or one for every 500,000 constituents — would make that body far more reflective of the country at large; would dramatically affect presidential elections; and, perhaps alone among all of these proposed reforms, would most be in keeping with the wishes of the Constitution’s drafters,” he continues.

Vladick argues that “changing the size of the House of Representatives would make that body far more reflective of the country at large” by narrowing the size of Congressional districts and limiting district size based on population. In most cases, that would involve halving districts.

But it’s not clear how having more districts with fewer people makes the House more representative, since House members are duly elected and, in most cases, making the districts smaller wouldn’t improve a member’s ability to lunch with every last one of his or her constituents.

What it does do, however, is help the Democrats remain in control of one house of Congress at all times by giving larger cities and their immediate metropolitan areas (where there are bigger populations in smaller areas) more seats. Unless large cities with high populations switch to the GOP in the near future, Democrats would hold the clear majority in the House ad infinitum.

So really, the House would become “more reflective” of … Democratic strongholds.

Tricky, tricky.

Unfortunately for Democrats, none of these proposals — expanding the Senate, packing the Supreme Court, or doubling the size of the House — are likely headed for approval.

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