WATCH: DIAMOND & SILK DESTROY Dem Congressman Who Shamed Them During Facebook Censorship Hearing

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The Pro-Trump duo of Diamond and Silk were recorded getting their vocal revenge upon the Democrat Congressman who once shamed them during the censorship hearing that discussed events happening on social media and various platforms. When Mark Zuckerburg of Facebook provided testimony regarding the data scandal, Diamond and Silk were mentioned and censorship was brought up in regards to big Internet publisher platforms and social media networks being accused of censoring people or pages with a right-wing opinion or thought process.

Diamond and Silk were once censored on Facebook and deemed that their content was potentially harmful to the community. They are two Trump supporters who voice their opinions on current events, think for themselves, and express their views openly on a platform that is deemed equal playing grounds for people of all types and opinions.

They fought back when they were censored on Facebook and faced a Democratic Congressman who attempted to shame them. Needless to say, they clawed back and potentially inflicted wounds this man may not hypothetically recover from in light of his reputation.

Watch the video of Diamond and Silk presenting themselves in defense of what’s happened.

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Diamond and Silk took it a step further and released a written testimony that was provided to House.Gov. The following is an excerpt from the full document which spans eight pages.

“We would like to thank the judiciary committee for allowing us the opportunity to
voice our concerns about conservatives being targeted and censored on social
media platforms.
Facebook along with other social media sites have taken aggressive actions to
silence conservative voices such as ourselves by deliberately restricting and
weaponizing our page with algorithms that censored and suppress our free speech.
These bias algorithms are tactics designed to pick up on keywords, thus telling the
pages how to behave in ways that repress and stifles expressed ideas including
Shadow banning, which blocked our content from being seen by our followers
while depriving our brand through the demonetization of our videos. Followers
stop receiving notifications when we posted videos & content. Followers were also
mysteriously unliked from our page.
Subtle and slowly Facebook used one mechanism at a time to diminish our reach
by restricting our page so that our 1.2 million followers would not see our content
thus silencing our conservative voices. When we reached out to Facebook for an
explanation, they gave us the run around.
Mark Zuckerberg testified before Congress and stated that the most important thing
he cared about was making sure no one interferes in the 2018 elections
But after doing our research we wondered if Mark Zuckerberg was using Facebook
to interfere in the 2018 elections by labeling users accounts as either Liberal, Very
Liberal, Moderate, Conservative or Very Conservative.
This is one of the main underhanded way to censor conservatives. So if I’m
labeled as Very Liberal without the option to edit, update and correct this setting,
then Algorithms are already put into place which allows advertisers that have
Liberal views, services & causes to target me.

Diamond and Silk’s personal Facebook page has been labeled by Facebook as
Very Liberal. Even though we are not Very Liberal, Facebook do no not give us
the option to change this label to Conservative. Making it less likely for us to see
advertisement, news stories and services from a conservative point of view.
If Facebook labeled, our user accounts as very liberal and got it wrong, how many
more other users account haven’t they gotten wrong?
On September 7, 2017 we received a message on our Facebook page which stated
that limits have been placed on Diamond and Silk.

We’ve also noticed how someone with a liberal point of view that spewed hate
against the President can garner up to 19 million views with only 539,000
followers, yet we have 1.2 million followers and only received 13,000 views on
our video.”

Many people have concluded that large platforms owned or operated primarily by those with a more left-leaning liberal/Democrat state of mind have been acting in bad faith by censoring those who oppose them. Many people wish that all platforms would respect both sides of the political spectrum, thus allowing right-wing people the same freedom of speech that left-wing voices have. It seems only fair that all people, besides terrorists and hate groups, are allocated the same freedoms and organic reach in order to communicate with like-minded people. There’s no reason to censor right or left wing pundits and voices because the American people have the freedom to think freely and associate and align with the people whom their thoughts resonate most with.

If people like Hillary, that’s fine. If people like Trump, that’s fine too.

All people want is fair treatment for all.

If you need a laugh for today, then enjoy this video of a Congressman asking about how many people can fit on Guam before it tips over. Perhaps Hank Johnson should retirement.


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