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Dinesh Finally Got Massive Revenge On Man Who Ruined His Life Right After Trump Pardoned Him



President Trump has been doing a lot of pardoning and commuting of sentences recently. Rumors over Martha Stewart being next have circulated. But as of now the most high profile ones that the president has done is Alice Marie Johnson, Jack Johnson, and now Dinesh D’Souza. D’Souza’s pardoning is one that makes conservative circles happy because of his ties to the Republican Party. He was tried and convicted under the Obama Administration and now he is speaking out against those who targeted him for his political beliefs. Karma is the best revenge & D’Souza is starting to dish it out.

American Daily News reported,

“On Thursday, Trump delighted conservatives everywhere by announcing he was pardoning author Dinesh D’Souza. President Trump on Thursday pardoned conservative filmmaker Dinesh D’Souza, who was convicted of making an illegal campaign contribution in 2014. “Today, President Donald J. Trump issued an Executive Grant of Clemency (Full Pardon) to Dinesh D’Souza, an accomplished author, lecturer, and scholar,” said a statement from White House Press Secretary Sarah Sanders. “Mr. D’Souza was, in the President’s opinion, a victim of selective prosecution for violations of campaign finance laws. Mr. D’Souza accepted responsibility for his actions, and also completed community service by teaching English to citizens and immigrants seeking citizenship.”

A great move. D’Souza was absolutely railroaded and it’s despicable how the government tried to ruin his life for a very minor offense. D’Souza’s response to the pardon pretty much sums up the fact that his government failed him. Bharara served as the U.S. attorney for the Southern District of New York when D’Souza was charged with campaign finance fraud. D’Souza pleaded guilty in 2014 to a federal charge of making illegal campaign contributions to a U.S. Senate candidate, but he claimed he was forced to plead guilty by Bharara and other federal prosecutors. “Bharara & his goons bludgeoned me into the plea by threatening to add a second redundant charge carrying a prison term of FIVE YEARS,” D’Souza tweeted, responding to a tweet from Bharara.

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Preet Bharara is clearly not an honest person and it’s a good thing Trump fired him. It’s also a good thing that Trump righted the wrong that was done to Dinesh. Trump has made a priority to undo as much of the Obama nightmare as he possibly can. That has manifested itself in a lot of different ways. Slashing regulations. Exiting the Iran Deal. And, it has also been reflected in some of his pardons. Great day for the country. No doubt.”

The conservative commentator and filmmaker has gotten the last laugh though because he has exposed Bharara for his actions and ruined his reputation by speaking the truth. When speaking with Real Clear Politics D’Souza admitted that the former prosecutor on his case tried to convince D’Souza’s 20-year-old assistant to wear a wiretap to trap D’Souza into saying incriminating things. Fortunately for D’Souza the assistant refused to do it and told the prosecutors to shove it. Much like D’Souza explained, the former prosecutor acted as though they were going after Al Capone when these types of crimes get slaps on the wrist. Which goes to show the corruption of the Obama Administration.

D’Souza is known as a filmmaker and author who has become somewhat of a conservative cult-like figure with a large following whose work focuses mostly on historical and political documentaries and conspiracy theories. Aside from the illegal campaign contribution D’Souza and some of his friends were caught donating money to Wendy Long, a Republican who was running against Senator Kirsten Gillibrand in New York in 2012, while simultaneously under an agreement to get reimbursed for those donations. When he was initially convicted he apologized for what he did, indicated that he deeply regretted his actions, and said that what he did was wrong. For his crimes, D’Souza was sentenced to five years of probation with an additional eight months where he would be required to live under supervision in a center of community confinement located in San Diego, California. Additionally, he was fined a total of $30,000

But President Trump saw the redundant and overly critical nature of the conviction for what it was which is why he did not take too long to pardon D’Souza. He told reporters that he had mulled over the pardon for some time and gave it good consideration. President Trump also articulated that the pardon was given in large part due to the fact that these types of campaign donation crimes related to election law usually result in minor penalties such as community service and fines. Yet, D’Souza was given a far worse conviction for it.

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Here’s What Just Happened To The Number Of Incoming Dems Supporting Trump Impeachment



And just like the right was predicting all along it’s starting to look like a very small number of newly elected House Democrats are actually putting impeachment at the top of their agenda. Even after all the noise, they made these past two years where they accused President Trump of every criminal act they could dream of.

Here is more via The Daily Caller:

“The number of newly elected Democrats in the House of Representatives who are putting immediate impeachment at the top of their agenda is surprisingly small for the level of chatter the subject has received since Donald Trump became president, according to an analysis of their statements.

As the freshmen class of House Democrats heads to Capitol Hill for orientation, an analysis from The Washington Post revealed Tuesday that only 11, or 21 percent, have said they want to immediately begin the impeachment process for Trump.

Thirteen Democratic freshmen oppose the move despite the loud impeachment calls early on in his presidency by Democrats.

The largest chunk of the cohort, 17 individuals or 33 percent, said they’d prefer to wait until special counsel Robert Mueller releases his team’s report on the Russia investigation before deciding to move forward with impeachment.

The remaining 11 Democratic House freshmen have not commented or made strong arguments either way, according to the analysis. (RELATED: A Record Number Of Women Ran For Office, But Did They Win?)

While it is unknown when Mueller will release his findings on whether Trump or his circle had any involvement in Russia’s interference in the 2016 election, top Democrats have used the report as a point of contingency, and in turn have slowed down impeachment talks in recent weeks.

Former Vice President Joe Biden said he hopes Democrats wait until the Mueller report is out before moving forward with impeachment in an Oct. 18 interview with CBS.

“I hope they don’t. I don’t think there’s a basis for doing that right now,” Biden, a current Democratic favorite for a potential bid to the 2020 presidency, said. “There are so many things to attend to immediately. Let’s see where the investigation takes us.”

House Minority Leader and potential Speaker Rep. Nancy Pelosi took a slightly different approach in a Sunday interview with The Atlantic, saying that while she doesn’t want to impeach Trump, the Mueller probe will not define that decision.

“Recognize one point,” Pelosi said. “What Mueller might not think is indictable could be impeachable.”

A Politico/Morning Consult poll released Monday revealed the majority of Americans, 51 percent of voters, don’t support impeachment either.

While a little more than half of overall voters say the Democratic-controlled House should not begin the impeachment process for Trump, the majority of Democrats, 61 percent, want Congress to begin the proceedings in 2019.”

Could this be because they really do know all this rhetoric was only so they could gain power again and nothing else?

Good luck explaining this to the far left wing “mob” you all created!

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Chick-fil-A Just Announced Monumental Change To Company – Many Will Be Happy




* By

I’m sure this will make many people happy. This is a good company. I can see their popularity will get higher after this announcement.

Good for them!

From CBS Philly:

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) — Now you can “Eat Mor Chikin” from the comfort of your home

Chick-fil-A is now available for delivery nationwide. The chain is partnering with DoorDash to bring its famous chicken sandwiches to you.

Delivery from any of the participating 1,100 nationwide restaurants begins today.

As part of the celebration, Chick-fil-A and DoorDash will give away up to 200,000 free chicken sandwiches from now until next Tuesday when placing an order through DoorDash with the promo code “CFADELIVERY.”

“So many of our guests’ busy lives and family commitments have them strapped for time,” Chick-fil-A senior vice president and chief marketing officer Jon Bridges said. “Delivery is one way we can help them get a quick yet high quality meal.”

The bad news: delivery is only available for customers within a 10-minute radius of participating restaurants.

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