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EXCLUSIVE: Surveillance Footage Shows One Of President Obama’s Senior Officials Taking Picture Up Woman’s Skirt



President Obama is no longer in office but that does not mean his former administration officials do not sometimes make headlines. Quite the contrary.

One of his former senior officials recently made headlines for some illegal activity that he has been up to. What it is he was caught doing will disgust anyone and everyone.

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The Daily Mail reported,

“Surveillance footage exclusively obtained by shows one of President Obama’s senior officials following a woman around a DC Metro station and taking a picture up her skirt with his cell phone. William Mendoza was caught on security cameras carrying out the vile act while he was executive director of the White House Initiative on American Indian and Alaska Native Education.

As a result of his actions, the married father pleaded guilty to attempted voyeurism and resigned from his $140,000-a-year Department of Education post in Obama’s White House. His arrest and conviction were never made public until acquired the report of the investigation and the footage through a Freedom of Information Act request.

The video footage taken on July 5, 2016, contains five segments, put together as part of the Metro Police Transit Department (WMATA) investigation into Mendoza’s conduct. The parts of the video are not in chronological order. The first clip shows Mendoza following the woman wearing a jean skirt across the ticket hall and onto the escalator at the Union Station Metro with his cell phone in his hand. The second shows him closely trailing the same woman along the platform after disembarking a train.

The third shows Mendoza waiting at the turnstiles and entering the ticketed area at the same time as the woman. The fourth shows him walking across the ticket hall, taking his phone out of his pocket and turning it on. In the far left of the shot you can see him getting closer to the woman on the escalator, bending down and the light on his cell phone turning on. You can then see the flash from the camera as he takes the photo.

In the final part of the video you can see Mendoza following the woman on the platform from another angle. Mendoza was arrested and charged in November 2016 after the woman, as well as three others, complained about his behavior cops. He pleaded guilty to a charge of attempted voyeurism in January 2017, was given suspended 90-day prison sentence, one year’s probation and was fined $100. He has not worked in public office since stepping down. contacted his lawyer Paul Kiyonaga for comment, but he did not respond.

The Daily Mail continued,

“In a previous story about Mendoza’s conduct, Kiyonaga told that he received treatment after his conviction and is now trying to move on with his life away from public office. He said: ‘Mr. Mendoza has taken responsibility for this charge of attempted voyeurism. ‘He’s received treatment for the underlying issues that gave rise to this incident, and, with the strong support of his family, is moving forward productively with his life.’ According to Department of Education documents, Mendoza tried to take photos and videos up women’s skirts at least four times on his government-issued iPhones in July 2016 without their consent.

He was also allegedly caught looking at footage, apparently filmed in secret, of a woman in her underwear getting changed in a dressing room. It is not known if he recorded the video himself. When he took the indecent photos, he was supposed to be at work and was using a travel card funded by the taxpayer, according to the documents obtained by through a Freedom of Information Act request.

Mendoza resigned just before the Department of Education could launch their own investigation into his sexual misconduct. Mendoza became the executive director of the White House Initiative on American Indian and Alaska Native Education in December 2011, when President Obama created it by executive order. Throughout his tenure working for the Obama Administration, Mendoza tried to get Native Americans get better access to education and also rallied against the use of tribal mascots in sports.

Mendoza worked under Education Secretary Arne Duncan and his successor John King. He has at least three children, is part of the Oglala-Sicangu Lakota tribe and is a fixture of the protests against the Dakota Access oil pipeline with his wife, Heather. The documents obtained by say Mendoza took four of the upskirt photos on subway trains in the capital and was caught on a platform watching a video of a woman in her underwear in a dressing room.

Twice on July 5, 2016, between 2.00pm and 3.00pm, Mendoza used his cell phone to take two indecent pictures of women ‘in close proximity to their bottom’ at the Union Station Metro in the space of just 20 minutes. One of the victims was wearing a ‘short jeans skirt’, as seen in the surveillance video, and the other had ‘extremely short cut black shorts’, according to police. On July 7, 2016, at 8.23am a witness saw Mendoza behind a woman at the McPherson Square Metro station.

The victim was seen pulling her dress closer to her legs to cover up when she noticed the illuminated light of the cell phone, the documents state. Police say he ran out of the train station after someone noticed his surreptitious actions while a bystander shouted ‘stop’. A detective called her about the incident during investigation, and said that a man who looked like Mendoza also tried to take a photo up her skirt on a subway train two weeks earlier. Later on July 7, at 6.19pm, Mendoza was caught on a surveillance camera taking out his phone and looking at a video showing a woman’s underwear underneath a white dress.”

On July 8th, 2016, Mendoza left the Farragut West metro station stop where he proceeded to follow a woman who was going onto the escalators and wearing a maroon looking dress. The documents indicated that he put his cell phone near the very bottom of the dress behind her and proceeded to take a picture. When he finished he walked back down the stairs and then sat in an unpaid area of the station for a while. Shortly thereafter he saw a different woman wearing a blue dress and he followed her and took a picture of her under her dress. Since staffers of the Washington Metro Transit Area Authority Police Department saw his actions and behavior on live camera they contacted the Department of Education to let them know they were investigating Mendoza.

A short time later Mendoza was arrested and charged with attempted voyeurism in the Superior Court of the District of Columbia in January of 2017. His ultimate punishment was a 90 day suspended prison sentence that he was given ass part of a plea deal. He was also given one-year probation and a mere $!00 fine. Mendoza sought non-court mandated treatment after his conviction.

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Congress Blindsides Defiant Sanctuary Cities – Democrats In Deep Trouble




* By

Dems have no idea what’s coming. It’s about time we put America first. If you come here illegally.. you need to be deported. Despicable that we even have sanctuary cities.

Enough is enough of this insanity.

From Roll Call:

House Majority Leader Kevin McCarthy has introduced legislation that includes more than $23 billion for President Donald Trump’s border security agenda and numerous enforcement provisions aimed at cracking down on sanctuary cities and undocumented criminals, a proposal that could boost his bid to lead the House GOP after next month’s elections.

The California Republican introduced the bill on Friday after visiting the El Paso, Texas, sector of the southern border on Thursday.

The majority leader said he was “awed by the magnitude of the border and the bravery of the officers who patrol it.”

“I also came away with greater conviction of the need to support these officers by giving them the resources they need: More agents, technology, and most importantly the Wall,” said McCarthy in a news release.

Specifically, the legislation text includes $16.6 billion for wall construction and $6.8 billion for infrastructure and technology improvements for the Border Patrol.

It also includes several smaller Republican immigration proposals, many of which have already passed the House. Among them are provisions drawn from a bill that would raise mandatory minimum penalties for undocumented immigrants who repeatedly cross the border and others taken from legislation to strip funding from sanctuary cities.

McCarthy’s bill does not include a provision to legalize so-called Dreamers, young undocumented immigrants brought to the country as children, or to help reunite migrant parents who remain separated from their children because of the Trump administration’s zero-tolerance border security policy.

It’s unclear if or when the House might vote on McCarthy’s bill. Even if it passes, the proposal would almost certainly stall in the Senate, where Democrats who oppose the border wall and support a path to legal status for Dreamers can block any legislation requiring 60 votes to pass.

Politically, it could excite Republican voters ahead of the midterm elections next month. It also signals to GOP lawmakers in Congress that McCarthy supports a hard line on immigration.

ICYMI: Trump’s Border Wall Shutdown Threats Continue, But Still Not Convincing Many Hill Republicans

McCarthy is one of the Republicans vying to lead the GOP conference next year as speaker or minority leader following the retirement of Speaker Paul D. Ryan, R-Wis. Rep. Jim Jordan of Ohio is also in contention and Majority Whip Steve Scalise of Louisiana has expressed interest if McCarthy falters.

Trump wants funding for the border wall to be a post-election priority for Republican lawmakers, and has repeatedly said he would shut down the government if Congress doesn’t approve it.

Both McCarthy’s bill and the House’s fiscal 2019 Homeland Security appropriations bill, which was approved in committee this summer but tabled until after the midterms, would appropriate $5 billion for border barriers in the current spending cycle, while the Senate’s more bipartisan bill would approve $1.6 billion — the amount the Trump administration’s budget requested.

Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell, R-Ky., told the Washington Examiner on Thursday he’s planning to seek $5 billion for the wall after the elections.

Senate appropriators from both parties are skeptical, however, of McCarthy’s legislation.

“They ought to have a straight up or down vote on it,” said Sen. Patrick J. Leahy, D-Vt., the Senate Appropriations Committee ranking member. “I believe even today in the Republican-controlled House and Senate, it would not pass.”

Senate Appropriations Chairman Richard C. Shelby, R-Ala., said he would want to read the legislation before making a final decision, but noted that appropriators are still trying to work out differences between the House and Senate Homeland Security spending bills.

“I’m not against the wall. I just hope what we do is wise — you know, the way we spend our money,” Shelby said, noting that he expects a “big fight” during the lame duck “because of the different views” on border wall spending.

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HUGE: Supreme Court About To Put Smack Down On Large Lib Tech Giants – Facebook And Twitter




* By

The leftists are totalitarians. They demand absolute power. To dissent is verboten and dangerous because the truth shines light on the tyranny of fascism.

Section 47 CFR covers this. These companies are “communications systems” as defined by that law. They are NOT allowed to censor messaging on those platforms. Time we stop allowing dems to censor free speech. Sue them!

From The Gateway Pundit:

For over a year The Gateway Pundit has spoken out about how the tech and social media giants are censoring and eliminating conservative publishers and conservative content.

*** In September The Gateway Pundit founder Jim Hoft testified to Congress on Facebook targeting of conservative publishers and content.

The Gateway Pundit has repeatedly reported on tech giant censorship of conservative content.

These powerful tech firms act as gatekeepers and prevent conservative content from being shared online.

In 2016 we were one of the few conservative sites that supported candidate Trump – along with Breitbart, The Drudge Report, Infowars, Zero Hedge and Conservative Treehouse. We are proud of our efforts to report the truth that led to Trump’s historic win.

In 2017 Harvard and Columbia Journalism Review found that The Gateway Pundit was the 4th most influential conservative news source in the 2016 election.
Because of this we were targeted and have seen our numbers related to Facebook and Twitter decline dramatically.

In February Facebook launched another algorithm change to their platform. With the changes we saw our traffic dwindle even further.

The algorithmic change caused President Donald Trump’s engagement on Facebook posts to plummet a whopping 45%.

Facebook is doing this to a number of top conservative sites.
A recent Pew Study found that 71% of Americans see how tech giants are censoring political content.

A Gateway Pundit June study of top conservative news outlets found that Facebook eliminated 93% of traffic to top conservative websites.

Facebook began eliminating conservative content after the 2016 election.

Here are the full results from our study.

We have another study on Facebook censorship coming out in July.

Report: Facebook Eliminates 93% of Traffic to Top Conservative Websites by Jim Hoft on Scribd
But there may be some hope for conservatives and free speech advocates.

The US Supreme Court has decided to hear a case on whether users can challenge social media companies on free speech grounds.

CNBC reported:

The Supreme Court has agreed to hear a case that could determine whether users can challenge social media companies on free speech grounds.

The case, Manhattan Community Access Corp. v. Halleck, No. 17-702, centers on whether a private operator of a public access television network is considered a state actor, which can be sued for First Amendment violations.

The case could have broader implications for social media and other media outlets. In particular, a broad ruling from the high court could open the country’s largest technology companies up to First Amendment lawsuits.

That could shape the ability of companies like Facebook, Twitter and Alphabet’s Google to control the content on their platforms as lawmakers clamor for more regulation and activists on the left and right spar over issues related to censorship and harassment.

The Supreme Court accepted the case on Friday. It is the first case taken by a reconstituted high court after Justice Brett Kavanaugh’s confirmation earlier this month.

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