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FBI Just Made Long Overdue Arrest Two Days Before July 4th, Dems Desperate To Hide It

This is Major!



Agents from the FBI’s Joint Terrorism Task Force have arrested an individual accused of planning a terrorist attack on the Fourth of July in downtown Cleveland, Ohio.

Known as Demetrius Nathaniel Pitts or more recently known as Abdur Raheem Rahfeeq after a conversion to Islam, was arrested early Sunday morning after meeting with an undercover officer in his attempts to conduct reconnaissance in downtown Cleveland in recent days. He planned to launch a surprise July 4th attack during the Independence Day parade.

FBI investigators began looking into and actively monitoring Pitts in 2017 while he was a resident of southern Ohio. Pitts billed himself as an Al-Qaeda supporter and posted a multitude of disturbing posts including several videos on social media promoting violence and encouraging acts of terrorism. He repeatedly stated he wanted to be part of the foreign terrorist organization and professed violent intentions against American armed forces members during the time he resided in the Cincinnati area, along with his desire to recruit others to kill as many Americans as possible, especially military personnel and their families, as well as federal and local law enforcement agents.

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According to FBI agent Stephen Anthony Pitts has been charged in a federal complaint with attempted material support of a foreign terrorist organization. He is scheduled to appear in front of a U.S. Magistrate on Monday at 2:00 P.M. If convicted, he faces a maximum of 20 years in prison.

Anthony also states Pitts wished to provide the children of military families with explosive, remote-controlled toy cars in hopes of harming their parent, quoting Pitts as saying – “I did tell myself that their holiday is coming up – the Fourth of July, Independence Day. What would hit them in the core? Blow up. Have a bomb blow up at the Fourth of July parade.”

“His Facebook posts, quite frankly, were disturbing,” Anthony told reporters during a press conference. ”They included verbiage that had words to the effect: ‘We, as Muslims, need to start training like this every day, we to know how to shoot guns, throw hand grenades, hand-to-hand combat.’”

When Pitts moved to the Cleveland area in May, the FBI working in conjunction with local authorities continued to investigate Pitts’ professed desire for violence as he expressed it on social media and his capacity and intent to carry them out.

Reports indicate that as soon as Pitts arrived in Cleveland he began surveillance of sites in the area for a possible terror attack. Among the surveilled landmarks Pitt considered for his attack were U.S. Coast Guard station and Voinovich Park downtown. According to reports just last week, Pitts was walking around downtown Cleveland conducting reconnaissance on what he thought was a large-scale attack. He planned to use a van packed with explosives and taking places like St. John’s Cathedral “off the map.”

“Just last week, this individual was walking around downtown Cleveland, taking reconnaissance for what he thought was a large-scale attack on the Fourth of July,” said Justin Herdman, U.S. Attorney for the Eastern District of Ohio.

Pitts met with the undercover agent on Sunday, where he also discussed a separate attack in Philadelphia in the future. Pitts is originally a resident of Philadelphia prior to his move to Ohio. He was then arrested and charged with attempted material support of a foreign terrorist organization, according to Cleveland’s FBI office.

In a conversation with an undercover agent, Pitts expressed his hatred for the American military and his desire to “chop off heads and hands.” In the most recent conversation, Pitts told an undercover agent of his desire to participate in a terrorist attack on July 4 in Cleveland, Ohio. The undercover agent reported Pitts as saying  he did not care about injuries and “had no regrets.”

Pitts is a citizen of the United States with a lengthy criminal background, including charges of felonious assault, domestic violence, and aggravated robbery. There is no indication that Pitts had any sort of history of using explosives at this time. The 48-year-old is said to have become radicalized at home and eventually

Cleveland Mayor Frank G. Jackson made a statement regarding the efforts to prevent a July 4 attack, stating – “I want to thank the FBI and all the members of the Joint Terrorism Task Force – men and women whose primary goal is to make Northeast Ohio safe. These Law Enforcement Partners continue to secure us against those who seek to disrupt our way of life through violence and the threat of terrorist acts.”

U.S. Sen Rob Portman (OH-R) also issued a statement regarding Pitts’ arrest and thwarted terror plot – “This plot underscores the threat we continue to face from home-grown terrorism. I applaud the FBI and its law enforcement partners for their hard work to stop this threat and ensure that everyone can have a safe and secure Fourth.”

Local news affiliate WKYC reports that authorities have released a timeline of events that resulted in Pitts’ arrest as detailed in a 33-page affidavit

June 22: Pitts met with an undercover agent in Walton Hills where they discussed launching an attack for al-Qaeda during July 4 in Cleveland. After learning the fireworks would be launched from Voinovich Park, Pitts said: “Oh there you go. Oh yeah.” The meeting concluded with Pitts telling the agent he would travel to downtown Cleveland soon to take photos and video as part of surveillance efforts of Voinovich Park and the U.S. Coast Guard Station.

June 26: Pitts notified the undercover agent that he completed reconnaissance of the designated spots in downtown Cleveland and that he desired to “destroy the government.” Pitts indicated it was his “job” to “go look at the base of the ground” and that it was up to other “brothers” to complete other parts of the job.

Demetrius Nathaniel Pitts affidavit by on Scribd

June 27: Pitts traveled to downtown Cleveland with the undercover agent to discuss the bombing. “I’m gonna be somewhere cuz I wanna see it go off,” Pitts said. Investigators find four videos on his phone that show him walking down E. 9th Street in Cleveland, pointing out several potential targets like the federal building, Coast Guard Station and St. John’s Cathedral.

June 28: A forensic examination of Pitts’ phone revealed two allegiance videos to al-Qaeda: “Only can we proceed to do what we need for the pleasure of Allah is we fight as one. We must kill disbelievers, destroy, annihilate them. …” Other reconnaissance photos recovered from Pitts include the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame and Cleveland Harbor. It’s also on this day he discussed purchasing a vehicle with the purpose of packing it with a bomb.

June 30: Pitts now discussed the possibility of traveling to San Francisco to conduct additional targeting and reconnaissance on behalf of al-Qaeda.

July 1: Pitts met with the agent in Garfield Heights to discuss his plan to attack Philadelphia in the future. He stated that a truck bomb packed with explosives, like the one used in Oklahoma City, would be the best way to cause maximum damage. Meanwhile, Pitts suggested to the agent they give remote control cars filled with explosives to the children of military personnel to play with at the July 4 parade. His idea was so children could take the cars home and unwittingly bow up their own houses. It’s also this day that Pitts is taken into custody.


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Sarah Breaks Down In Tears In Front Of Reporters After Bravely Making Personal Announcement

This speaks volumes about who she is.



White House Press Secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders is the pillar of professionalism and grace under fire. Since being hired for the role and having to conduct frequent press briefings to the mainstream media wolves, she’s been a perpetual target of the most ruthless attacks. The media she briefs aren’t the only ones who come at her. Late night talk show hosts and celebrities in Hollywood have also enjoyed making fun of her to no end. After a while, it would take it’s toll on anyone regardless of your strength and solid sense of self-worth.

Sarah has still has to do her job daily in the face of all of that torment and does so flawlessly. From how she holds herself, there’s no telling what she really feels inside. However, she recently lost her composure, and rightfully so, when she broke down in tears in front of reporters as she began to make a very personal announcement.

President Trump knew what he was doing when he put this incredible woman in this position. She’s the very best for the job and more importantly, has Trump’s back. There’s no question how much she genuinely respects him and the job he’s doing as our nation’s leader. Proving that, was when she began to cry while revealing what she found on his desk.

Editor’s Note: This particular story was popular at the time it originally made the news and is circulating again a second time for the important and applicable message that’s relevant today.

Western Journalism reports:

White House press secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders grew visibly emotional during a press briefing Thursday as she read from a 10-year-old letter recently sent to President Donald Trump from a Tennessee man named Joseph.

The father of an Air Force master sergeant currently on his second tour of duty in Afghanistan, Joseph wrote the letter while his son was serving in Iraq, to remind him of everything that was at stake.

“Please don’t lose sight of your purpose,” Joseph had written. “You’re the only hope and glimmer of light for the good, innocent men, women and children that you are protecting. This may be hard for you to see or understand.

“Most people know that all of you are there because you volunteered to be there. Your actions and dedication are seen by people throughout the world as without a doubt the most heroic action of any person which can be made.

“You and the soldiers standing next to you from all of the other countries are the pride of not only the nations they represent, but every individual that yearns to be free,” the letter concluded. “Stand tall, my son, and be steadfast. For it is you who are the defender of freedom.”

As she read it, the emotion from the podium was palpable. Like Trump, Sanders has a deep respect for the men and women who serve our country. It was personal to her to make this announcement and obviously important.

“We owe it to the servicemen and women like the master sergeant who have fought in our name in Afghanistan for 17 years and to the families who have watched them go to secure an honorable and lasting outcome to this conflict,” Sanders saids during the press briefing, after reading the letter aloud.

Western Journalism added:

Though many on both the right and left have complained over the president’s just-announced decision to escalate the United States’ war in Afghanistan, it’s clear by Joseph’s poignant words why we can’t give up now when we’ve already come this far.

Closing up the briefing, Sanders noted that Joseph told Trump he had been a police officer for 30 years and that he sent the letter to the president in the hopes he’d read it.

“I’m glad to say that he did earlier today,” she said.

Each citizen is so important and special to the president, that he read this letter and kept it within reach, despite receiving an overwhelming amount of mail daily, most likely. He promised to work for the “average” American and our military and is doing just that. Part of Joseph’s words to his son also apply to Sanders and Trump as well: “Please don’t lose sight of your purpose.” America needs them both to remain steadfast to their purpose through the challenges heaped on them by detractors. There’s no doubt they too will fight until the end.

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Sarah Brings Her Kids To WH Briefing And Completely Destroys Everyone Who Attacked Her [WATCH]

Well played, Sarah! She nailed it!



There’s something about White House Press Secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders that leftists really can’t stand. It’s a strange hate they have for her considering that she’s everything liberals say women should be — a successful, independent woman who has shattered gender roles in the workplace, has and expresses thoughts of her own. She has it all with managing an incredible career and a family as well.

Although she may represent all that the left says empowers to women, the opinions she expresses don’t align with the left, and she works for their nemesis to top it off. All of her attributes go out the window based on these two judgemental facts which should have no bearing on the respect she rightfully deserves and has earned. In fact, it’s the combination of it all that has resulted in a barrage of insult on the most personal level from numerous celebrities and late night personalities.  The latest, and perhaps the most insulting was when Sanders sat front row to the verbal abuse she endured publicly at a formal gala. A no-name “comedian” attempted to be funny, but was incredibly cruel instead and still doesn’t apologize for the sickening attack.

Through it all, even when face-to-face with her detractors, Sanders has maintained total class and composure. She’s a relatable person who doesn’t pretend to be someone or something she’s not, including going as far as to bring her kids to work for a very special reason. With her little ones present, everyone who has hated on her was completely destroyed in seconds.

The Daily Caller reports:

White House press secretary Sarah Sanders celebrated National Take Your Child to Work Day Thursday by bringing her two kids with her to the White House briefing room.

The photos from the event will make parents everywhere like Sanders even more.

Well, the pictures should, for those who can relate to working and raising kids simultaneously, and anyone who just has a genuine love for motherhood and family. Leftists don’t often fall into this category.

Regardless of if they are willing to admit it, Sanders is the pillar of an excellent and modern day woman. Her political affiliation or opinions shouldn’t change that. However, liberals are so desperate to hate her and attack her, that they will completely ignore how she outclassed them all on this adorable day. Instead, they’re busy conjuring up the next slander mission about some aspect of her looks they don’t like. It’s pathetic.

An often unreported and underestimated fact about this presidency is that the White House has never been more family friendly. Sanders and her son are a big part of this as was previously reported.

Editor’s Note: This particular story was popular at the time it originally made the news and is circulating again a second time for the important and applicable message that’s relevant today.

With a new open-door policy established in the Oval Office for employees and White House tours back in action, “The People’s House” has never been so personable, and we also haven’t ever had a president who is as approachable as Trump. A feeling of family now fills the West Wing not just because the president’s daughter and son-in-law have taken roles in the White House, but because he and the First Lady espouse those values, making kids, grandkids, and motherhood a priority. We saw this recently when a group of children crossed paths with the president and Sanders when something incredible happened.

Sanders’ young son was in that group being led by a couple adults around the grounds. As soon as he saw the president and his mom, he broke free from the crowd and booked it as fast as he could toward them. However, he was far less concerned with the Commander-in-Chief as it was his mother, Sarah Huckabee Sanders, who he was so excited to see passing up the president to get to her. Considering what she’s recently been through, the feeling was probably mutual when she saw her little boy.

Liberals seem to have their own set of rules when it comes ti the treatment of women and children, so long as it serves their own politics. The same people on the other side of the aisle, or women and children even just associated with conservative politicians aren’t usually shown the same level of care and concern from the left.

Let’s give it to Sanders for being a mom who actually sets and amazing example to her son, unlike others who raise hateful adults who attack other adults over their physical appearance.

Editor’s Note: This particular story was popular at the time it originally made the news and is circulating again a second time for the important and applicable message that’s relevant today.

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