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FLASHBACK: TRAITOR McCain Took The Stage In Europe Trashed Trump And America (VIDEO)



John McCain used the Munich Security Conference to go off the rails and trash President Trump and insult America. I truly believe this man has a personal vendetta against Trump and that it could ultimately harm our country as he seeks vengeance against Donald for whatever reason he’s got conjured in his hairless head.

McCain’s talk of HIS own President and his own America are both irresponsible and borderline traitorous.

You don’t have to like the President. But for the love of your country, you should wish that your President succeeds and be there to help in any way possible. If you don’t agree with something our President does, then be there as a solution instead of a vulgar mouthed roadblock.

McCain is republican by name, but sometimes I wonder if he has that rigorously stubborn democrat nature in him that prohibits him from joining hands in a positively productive way. To me, in my opinion, McCain seems like one of the hellbent protesters who can’t see the good in anything. He’s not specifically acting like one of the rowdy liberals, but his words could lead to danger.

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Here’s John McCain taking shots at Trump during the Munich Security Conference.

“[The founders of the Munich conference] would be alarmed by an increasing turn away from universal values and toward old ties of blood and race and sectarianism.”

“They would be alarmed by the hardening resentment we see towards immigrants and refugees and minority groups — especially Muslims.”

“They would be alarmed by the growing inability — and even unwillingness — to separate truth from lies.”

“They would be alarmed that more and more of our fellow citizens seem to be flirting with authoritarianism and romanticizing it as our moral equivalent.”

John McCain has gone too far with this one. To go to a foreign nation and trash the United States is unforgivable. John McCain is a disgrace as a Senator and an embarrassment to our country.

Recently President Trump got into a spate with McCain over an anti-terror raid that the Senator said was a failure.

If we don’t support our President, then we’re not supporting each other and our country. People need to put their distaste for Trump in the back pocket and remember the bigger picture. We ALL are the bigger picture, so working together will get us a lot further than any protest.

McCain needs to chill out and be more helpful, not hurtful.

We will succeed no matter what, but he needs to get on the train to Trumptown and help out.

Be a conductor, not a passenger.

McCain looks better as a member of KISS. Or better yet, HISS, because that’s what snakes do.


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Tragic Death Leads To Country Music Star Canceling CMA Awards Appearance




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Sometimes, fate comes knocking when we least expect it. That happened to country singer Kenny Chesney last night at the 52nd annual Country Music Association Awards (CMA Awards). An unexpected death in his family kept him away although he was nominated for “Entertainer Of The Year” and “Musical Event Of The Year.”

No details are available at this time on who the family member is. Chesney did not speak about what happened on Twitter either. Keith Urban took home the Entertainer Of The Year award. But I’m sure the thoughts and prayers of the thousands viewing the awards were with Chesney in his hour of grieving and need. The Daily Caller has more on this sad news and the music awards:

The 52nd annual Country Music Association Awards (CMA Awards) took place Wednesday night, but one huge singer was notably absent from the festivities.

Kenny Chesney, 50, was nowhere to be found.

The “American Kids” singer, who was up for the “Entertainer Of The Year” and “Musical Event Of The Year” (for “Everything’s Gonna Be Alright”) awards, skipped the show due to a sudden death in the family. No further details about the tragedy are available at this time.

Ahead of the glitzy event, the Country Music Association Twitter account informed its over 750,000 followers that Chesney would not be in attendance.

Chesney did not address the news on his personal Twitter account, but he did thank his co-performer David Lee Murphy for his hard work on “Everything’s Gonna Be Alright,” which took home the Musical Event Of The Year award.

Australian singer Keith Urban took home the Entertainer Of The Year award.

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President Trump And Secretary Zinke Were Both RIGHT!




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California is being burned top to bottom by three raging wildfires. The Camp Fire is the deadliest fire in California history. Many people have died and many more are missing. And all of this stems from poor forest management according to President Trump and Secretary Zinke. They are right.

Those on the left who are radical environmentalists and that claim to love nature so much do not want the forests cared for and yet they scream for aid when the predictable happens. I’ve been through many of the forests in California and out west and if you just let tinder lie as it falls then you can’t be surprised when a fire eventually breaks out. It’s nature’s way of cleaning house. The Daily Caller has a great piece on this issue:

On the California wildfires, President Trump tweeted: “There is no reason for these massive, deadly and costly forest fires in California except that forest management is so poor,” and three months ago, Secretary Zinke identified the same cause for western wildfires: “This has to do with active forest management.”

As a forester, I have to say they are both pointing to the main culprit. I spend much of my time in the West, with West-Coast foresters, and one of them regularly points to a federally-managed forest as a catastrophe waiting to happen.

Before you say this is just a forester saying federal land needs more forestry, several independent government reports have come to the same conclusion.

California’s Little Hoover Commission is an independent state oversight agency that is charged with making reports and giving advice to the Governor and Legislature, and last February they issued a report on rethinking forest management in the Sierra Nevada relative to wildfires, concluding:

A century of mismanaging Sierra Nevada forests has brought an unprecedented environmental catastrophe that impacts all Californians – and with it, a rare opportunity for transformational culture change in forest management practices. The opportunity should not be lost. Proactive forest management practices recommended by the Commission gradually will rebuild healthy high-county forest that store more water, resist new insect infestations, and check the speed and intensity of wildfires.

This critical wildfire situation has been a long time coming. A 1990 federal General Accounting Office report noted that “the most extensive and serious problem related to the health of national forests in the interior West is the overaccumulation of vegetation, which has caused an increasing number of large, intense, uncontrollable, and catastrophically destructive wildfires,” and that “39 million acres in national forests in the interior West are at high risk of catastrophic wildfire.”

So the president and secretary are just responding to science-based federal and state reports that confirm the dire need for active forest management.

Most of the national press gives the impression they are using this ploy to downplay climate change or to encourage more timber harvesting for their timber industry friends. It seems more likely to me that they are just listening to science and forestry advisors on how to handle a critical problem in the West.

Interior Secretary Zinke blamed “environmental terrorist groups,” according to The Daily Caller, for holding forest management “hostage” on the federal forests.

As The Hill reports, these groups managed to hold forest management hostage by using tactics “that close off roads, refuse to have firebreaks, refuse to have any timber harvested, no grazing, and the result is these catastrophic fires.”

President Trump tweeted: “California wildfires are being magnified & made much worse by the bad environmental laws. Secretary Zinke agreed that active forest management was limited by attacks from “frivolous litigation from radical environmentalists who would rather see forests and communities burn than see a logger in the woods.”

Trump and Zinke are referring to environmental laws like the Endangered Species Act and the National Environmental Policy Act (NEPA). These are truly important environmental laws, but environmentalists have used them as tools to drive timber harvesting from the national forests.

An example is using the northern spotted owl as a threatened species to curtail forest management in Washington, Oregon, and California. NEPA requires public participation in the planning for forest management on federal lands. There is nothing wrong with that unless it is used as a tool to create obstacles to any timber harvesting.

Using NEPA, environmental managed to devastate forest management, timber harvesting, and the forest products industry throughout the West, helping to create the conditions that have led to the current wildfire situation.

A couple of statistics are telling. From 1965 to 1990, according to a report from the U.S. Forest Service, timber harvests on the national forests generally ranged from 10-to-12 billion board feet annually.

After 1990, once environmentalism “kicked in,” the average has been in the 2-to-2.5 billion board feet range. That is a tremendous amount of wood accumulating on the forests, not being utilized and just waiting for something natural (insects, disease, wildfire) to happen to it.

Of course, by not being utilized, the timber processing industry that relied on national forests harvests was decimated.  Mills closed down and wood industry workers lost their jobs. Communities folded.

Referring back to the Little Hoover Commission Report in California that recommended proactive forest management, any increased timber harvesting to get biomass out of the forest and into some useful purpose has been stymied by the long-term environmentalist activism.

Sawmill capacity decreased by about 70 percent from 1980 to 2012. In 1968, there were 262 wood processing facilities in the state; today there are about 77. Employment in the industry has decreased by half from what it was in 1990.

So, efforts to actually encourage active forest management will be much more difficult to implement; in order to harvest timber there must be a market to utilize it. I’d call it an unintended consequence, but, unfortunately, it seems to be just what the environmentalists wanted.

The press needs to give the President and Secretary Zinke a break. They are both making some very valid points.

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