Fox News’ Tomi Horrifically Attacked In Minneapolis, Will Never Go Back – She Needs Support Now

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Fox News commentator Tomi Lahren had a run-in with several people at a Minneapolis restaurant while having brunch with her mother, Trudy, on Sunday. A woman threw a drink on Tomi, who according to most sources did nothing to warrant the attack. Video has surfaced showing an unidentified woman throwing water on Tomi and her mother as they were leaving the rooftop of the UNION Restaurant in downtown Minneapolis.

Lahren was physically and verbally assaulted at the restaurant. I doubt she will ever go back and who could blame her? The video was posted on Snapchat with a caption of “lol” and hysterically laughing emojis. Beneath that caption it reads: “Thanks for the screenshots I did it lol.” A woman who posted one of the videos captioned the post, “Whoever the guy is that cussed her out, I hope you’re having an amazing day.”

As I understand it, people cheered when the drink was thrown on Tomi and her mother. That’s just disgraceful. Another video shows Lahren going at it with the woman who threw the drink at them and a group of the woman’s supporters surrounding them. Tomi’s mother, Trudy, also confronted the attacker and attempted to grab the empty glass from the perpetrator’s hand. The woman reportedly responded by screaming profanities.

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One guy approached Tomi and started spewing profanity at her, which I will not repeat here. Suffice it to say it was obscene and crass. He asked, “Why you even out here?” Tomi Lahren and her mother have as much right to eat wherever they want as anyone else does. And they shouldn’t have to worry about being assaulted for who they are or what they believe. After the altercation, both Tomi and Trudy walked out of the restaurant escorted by the bouncer. They weren’t made to leave, but they weren’t welcome there either. Management was nowhere to be found during all of this. Shameful.

A witness, Devan Madison, told The Blast that his friend was serving Lahren and her mother at the restaurant. “My friend told me she [Tomi] was extremely rude and had a big attitude,” Madison said. They would say that whether it was true or not. A woman sitting at Madison’s table then threw the cup of water at Lahren. Madison said that “literally the entire restaurant started cheering.” I don’t blame Tomi for being furious. I might add, it could have ended very badly for Tomi and her mom. That was a dangerous situation.

The bouncer’s name is Jeremy Jackson. He said that Lahren claimed that the group seated at the table was ‘scowling at her’ as she was on her way out of the restaurant. I don’t doubt that in the least. What I don’t get is why Tomi is being treated as if she’s the bad guy here when all she was doing was having a meal with her mom. That’s just not right. As Lahren walked by their table, she said: “Just another day in the life.” And for her, that’s just a fact of life. That’s when the unidentified woman flung the water at her.

The incident went viral everywhere because it was on video. TMZ and People were all over it this morning. Tomi made a statement on Twitter that she would discuss it further during an appearance on Fox & Friends. “I appreciate the words of support – even from those who normally dislike me,” Lahren tweeted. “Free speech is a gift – no need to resort to that kind of attack. I’ll discuss the restaurant incident on Fox & Friends tomorrow morning.” There is simply no excuse for anyone being bullied like this for their political views.

And if this wasn’t off the charts enough, unlikely allies such as Kathy Griffin came to Lahren’s defense. “I couldn’t disagree more with Tomi Lahren, but I don’t think it’s cool to resort to physical actions to make your point,” Griffin tweeted. “The first amendment is a beautiful thing – use it.” Wonders never cease.

Tomi Lahren has rocketed to fame in media over the last few years. Her biggest leap was with Glenn Beck. But when that ended, she went to Fox News and is a frequent presence there. She is a firebrand and no stranger to controversy. But under the First Amendment, that is her right. Your political views should not get you physically attacked in this country. We aren’t Russia or China. There is no excuse for this kind of behavior from the left.

“This was something that was embarrassing for me and embarrassing for my family. At the end of the day, I’m a person too. And I do get humiliated and embarrassed just like anyone else,” Lahren said. “But I’m tough, my family’s tough. We can handle it.” But she shouldn’t have to and neither should her family.

President Trump came to Tomi’s defense as well, “Everybody is with Tomi Lahren, a truly outstanding and respected young woman!” She definitely is and thank goodness she is okay and so is her family. Twitchy has dubbed this incident “Peak 2018.” Indeed. Tomi and her family need all of our support over this attack.

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