WATCH: Fresno State Prof Blasts Hardest Working Americans As ‘Stupid’ Trump Supporters In New Video

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The recent passing of former First Lady Barbara Bush has been a sad time for the American people. She was well respected as a mother, advocate, and Republican who protected her family and fought for literacy for all Americans. However, after her recent passing at 92 years old, a professor at Fresno State University insulted her and her husband upon hearing of the news of her d***h. American outrage over her actions and words have been very vocal and very clear.

Professor Randa Jarrar has posted numerous video clips online that are laced with profanity and embittered with hatred. In the videos, she is caught referring to “farmers” as “f******* stupid” for having voted for President Trump. While going off on numerous other tangents. The Youtube video lasts four minutes long and was published this past Wednesday. However, Jarrar tried using a pseudonym to cover her behavior going as Vigilante Goose.


Fox News Reported,

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“Jarrar, an English professor at the school, also known as California State University, Fresno, ignited a firestorm Tuesday, just after news broke about the d***h of Barbara Bush, whose funeral is scheduled for Saturday in Texas. In Twitter posts Tuesday, Jarrar called the late first lady an “amazing racist,” and said she was “happy the witch is d**d.”

The video shows Jarrar’s profanity-laced comments eliciting different reactions from audience members who heard her speak. But at one point it shows people walking during an appearance in Indiana, the Bee reported.

What was Jarrar’s reaction? “I’m so proud when people walk out of my talks,” she says.”

Jarrar’s actions show exactly what is flawed and wrong with the Democratic Party. The message they portray to the country is completely out of touch with reality. They have absolutely no connection to the problems of working-class people and they view them as backward, stupid, and uneducated. Whether they are or are not, nobody is going to find common ground with each other when one party or person is being demonized by the other.

It is the farmers, the automobile workers, the factory workers, and more who are the backbone of our society. They bring us our food, out cars, our clothes, and more and they allow as to continue living on in peace and relative simplicity. Just because somebody has a different perspective on life or has gone through different life experiences doesn’t make them uneducated or stupid it simply makes them different. And it is all our differences that make America what it is.

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