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Haters Attack Melania’s Parents For Becoming US Citizens, Her Response Is PERFECT



I wrote earlier today on the terrific news that First Lady Melania Trump’s parents became citizens yesterday. But what wasn’t covered was how Melania celebrated the event herself privately. It must have been a very personal and wonderful moment for the family and I’m sure there was a big celebration over it after the media departed. But while the family was toasting the happy event the media and the left were still attacking Melania’s parents, claiming they used chain migration and special treatment to obtain their citizenship. I don’t believe that is true. Allegedly, when Melania became a citizen in 2006 she used her visa to sponsor her parents. It took them five years to get a green card and twelve years to obtain citizenship. That doesn’t sound like preferential treatment to me… it sounds like they did it the right and legal way.

Viktor and Amalija Knavs, who are 74 and 73 years old, were happy and all smiles as they were sworn in yesterday. There was stepped up security because they are the first lady’s parents, but other than that it was a normal citizenship ceremony and very moving. They took their oath to “support and defend the Constitution and laws of the United States of America.” Cue the left to absolutely have a meltdown over the event. But Melania had the perfect response… silence.

As Viktor and Amalija Knavs left the New York City courthouse Thursday morning, they could not have been happier as new U.S. citizens. They lived the majority of their lives under communist rule in Yugoslavia – today called Slovenia – and now they are part of the freest country on the planet. Can you imagine being free of communist suppression forever? The feeling must be incredible. The Daily Mail reported, “Viktor and Amalija Knavs have been living in the United States on as permanent residents on green cards. They arrived and departed from a Manhattan federal building escorted by Homeland Security police.”

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As I stated before, their attorney Michael Wildes firmly stated that there was no special treatment for the couple. “The application, the process, the interview was no different from anyone else’s other than the security arrangements,” he said on Thursday. “They would appreciate their privacy and we just thank everybody for their attention for this very important dialogue we’re having on immigration. This is an example of it going right,” he stated.

The Knavs have a home in Maryland. They stay near Melania and Barron to help out with their grandson. Their home is near his school. They just want to enjoy being Americans and be with their family, but the left is making it into something it is not and politicizing their wonderful swearing-in as U.S. citizens. New York Times political reporter Astead Wesley tweeted, “Melania’s Trump’s (sic) parents are now US citizens and it might be thanks to the same ‘chain migration’ Trump has said brings ‘truly evil’ people.” His attack does not surprise me or anyone else in America I would wager.

The hate on the left on Twitter was off the charts. I won’t even bother writing about it here. There is nothing threatening about Melania’s parents. They are not a national security threat and they are not criminals. They are ordinary immigrants coming to America and we should welcome them with open arms and hearts. They are doing it legally and they are not sponging off the system as they do it. They won’t cost taxpayers a dime and we don’t have to wonder if they will commit crimes because of their background. I don’t view this as chain migration. Chain migration is when an immigrant, who is either a citizen or a green card holder, brings over their entire family to the United States. They aren’t vetted and don’t undergo a background check. That is not the case for Melania’s parents so the argument is moot.

President Trump is right to oppose chain migration. Many of those immigrants are not vetted and they end up taking jobs away from hard-working Americans. They are national security threats. Melania’s parents don’t even come close to that scenario. And chain migration happens immediately when an immigrant enters the U.S. Twelve years is a massive stretch for that claim. Trump wants the same system that Canada and Australia have where you can immigrate to the U.S. if you have something to offer our country – it’s a merit-based system. He doesn’t want them to immediately qualify for welfare and government assistance, so they would need enough money to support themselves. My son-in-law did, why shouldn’t other immigrants?

Melania was right to not even bother to respond to this form of attack against her parents and her family. Sometimes silence is the best response. It’s not worthy of one. It used to be that the family of a president was off-limits. But the left threw that excuse out the window when Trump was elected. That’s extremely hypocritical. Melania is not easily provoked and she is instead celebrating with her parents and her family as she should. It’s private and emotional. Her parents are not political fodder.

Every American should congratulate her parents on becoming citizens. It’s not an easy thing to do and it is no small matter. We are a nation of legal immigrants supposedly and we are lucky to have Melania’s parents join us. This is the home of the free and the land of the brave and they are welcome here.


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After Mexico Refuses To Stop Migrant Invader Mob, Trump Swings Presidential Hammer Of Justice




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Stop The Facebook Purge of Triple Amputee War Hero’s Pages! He Gave 3 Limbs For our Rights And they Stole It All From Him! Help this Hero Take it To Congress –> Fight4FreeSpeech!

This is a paid invasion army. It’s time to close the border immediately. I hope President Trump does so.

When you look at this illegal invasion.. you can clearly see most are men. Not women or children. Let’s hope they stop this in time.

From Zero Hedge:

Since President Trump threatened to close the Southern border due to Honduras’ unwillingness to comply with his requests for assistance in stopping a migrant caravan marching toward the US, the migrants have successfully crossed into Mexico and on Sunday regrouped after being temporarily delayed at the Mexican border by border guards who failed to force the migrants to turn back.

So, for the second time this year, it appears President Trump is ready to send more US troops to the border, as he said in a tweet Monday morning that he’d notified the border patrol and military that this is a “national emergency” while reiterating that the blame lay with Democrats for refusing to change our “pathetic” immigration laws.

The president also claimed that “unknown Middle Easterners” had become “mixed in” with the caravan.

And since Honduras and Guatemala did nothing to stop the migrants despite Trump’s requests for assistance, the president added that we would be cutting off aid: “We will now begin cutting off, or substantially reducing, the massive foreign aid routinely given to them.”

The backlash to the migrants has intensified over the weekend, as the mile-long caravan has continued unimpeded toward the US’s southern border. Amusingly, liberals bullied the Associated Press on Sunday into correcting one of its headlines after the wire service described the caravan as an “army of migrants”.

“A ragged, growing army of migrants resumes march toward US,” read the original headline on the AP story. The AP later changed the headline to replace the word “army” with “caravan.”

Though the AP has used the word “army” to refer to large groups of people besides migrants – including nurses and political activists – many on the political left criticized the wire service for its original headline.

Meanwhile, videos have emerged of people handing out cash to the migrants, raising suspicions that the caravan has received outside funding for its assault on the southern border.

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Congress Officially Filing Impeachment Charges Against Anti-Trump Politician – Then Unthinkable Happens




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President Trump is the Deep State’s biggest enemy. While Trump may be quite alone in his quest to “drain the swamp,” he does have some allies on the Hill.

Members of the Freedom Caucus have been assisting Trump in his battle with Mueller & his band of Democrats in charge of the witch hunt that after two years has produced zero evidence of Russian collusion.

Stop The Facebook Purge of Triple Amputee War Hero’s Pages! He Gave 3 Limbs For our Rights And they Stole It All From Him! Help this Hero Take it To Congress –> Fight4FreeSpeech!

A few months ago, Freedom Caucus leaders Mark Meadows and Jim Jordan filed impeachment charges against Deputy U.S. Attorney General Rod Rosenstein. The reason for the filing was because Rosenstein hadn’t handed over enough documents that had been asked for.

In July Vox reported:

“Hardline conservatives have backed down from a threat to imminently force a House vote on impeaching Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein.

On Wednesday night, Freedom Caucus leaders Reps. Mark Meadows (R-NC) and Jim Jordan (R-OH) filed articles of impeachment against Rosenstein. The stated reason was mainly that Rosenstein allegedly wasn’t giving enough documents to Congress. But in context, the move — which wasn’t even certain to pass the House, let alone lead to Rosenstein’s removal from office — was clearly part of an effort by President Trump’s allies to attack the Justice Department and undermine special counsel Robert Mueller’s investigation, which Rosenstein supervises.

When Meadows filed the impeachment articles, only 11 of the 236 Republicans in the House were willing to sign on to them, making it unclear how much support his effort had. House Oversight Committee Chair Trey Gowdy, for instance, had said earlier that he wouldn’t back the effort (“Impeach him for what?” he asked). GOP leaders were also unenthusiastic about the controversial push, which would likely divide their party.

However, Meadows had the opportunity to use House rules to file a “privileged motion,” which would require a vote from the full House in the next two days — effectively forcing his colleagues to take a stand on impeaching Rosenstein even though there have been no hearings on the matter and little debate about it. Republicans facing tough races in November would not have been thrilled.

In the end, however, Meadows decided not to carry out that threat — for now, at least. He did not file a privileged motion for impeachment, and House Republicans announced Thursday morning that they would not vote on the matter before they leave for a month-long recess.

It is possible the effort could be revived in September when the House returns to Washington. But that would be closer to the midterms, meaning Republicans would be even less enthusiastic to take a divisive and controversial vote.

The current word is that Republican leaders agreed to hold a vote on whether Rosenstein is in contempt of Congress in the first week of September, if conservatives don’t get the documents they want by then. (That’s a weaker alternative to an impeachment vote, which at least had the potential to remove him from office.)

After conservatives had agreed to back down from the impeachment push, Speaker Paul Ryan announced publicly that he did not support impeaching Rosenstein. “I don’t think that this rises to the level of high crimes and misdemeanors,” he said.

Meanwhile, word leaked out that Jordan, who co-wrote the impeachment articles, will soon announce that he’s running to replace the retiring Ryan as speaker.”

Now, this could be seen as bad news in the fight against the Deep State, but there is a little hope.

Last month, leaked audio of Rep. Devin Nunes seemed to indicate that Rosenstein could be impeached at a later date. The timing was wrong for it.

USA Today reported:

“Leaked audio of Rep. Devin Nunes, R-Calif., speaking at a Republican dinner fundraiser made public Thursday evening shows the congressman addressing why Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein hasn’t been impeached and saying that Republicans could be the only force stopping President Donald Trump from being impeached.

The audio, obtained exclusively by MSNBC, is of Nunes talking at a dinner event in Spokane, Washington, on July 30. He is asked by an audience member about the effort to impeach Rosenstein, which was only publicly supported by a small group of Republicans.

Nunes, who heads the House Intelligence Committee, seems to explain the main reason Congress hasn’t taken up the issue is due to timing and the upcoming midterm elections.

“It’s a bit complicated,” he told the audience member. “We only have so many months left.”

“So if we actually vote to impeach, OK, what that does is that triggers the Senate then has to take it up,” he said, explaining that it could take away from other priorities of Congress.

He said everything would have to be dropped if impeachment was up for a vote. “So it’s not a matter that any of us like Rosenstein. It’s a matter of, it’s a matter of timing.”

“Do you want them to drop everything and not confirm the Supreme Court justice, the new Supreme Court justice?” he added.

Later, he talks about the midterms and the sincere need to keep a Republican majority in both the House and Senate, something Democrats are hoping to clinch. Nunes details one big reason Republicans are needed: to protect Trump.”

Here’s the audio of Nunes.

Let’s hope Republicans in the House follow through & do their part to drain the swamp & get rid of those who are biased against Trump.

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