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Hero Who Killed Bin Laden Just Annihilated Hollywood Celeb For What She Did To Kavanaugh



The confirmation hearings for President Donald Trump’s most recent Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh have started off with the usual antics from the self-proclaimed Resistance.

73 protesters have now been arrested after interrupting the confirmation hearings, according to US Capitol Police. One of those arrested was Linda Sarsour, co-founder of the Woman’s March and self-proclaimed activist. Sarsour previously called for “Jihad” against President Trump while speaking at the Islamic Society of North America (ISNA) convention in Chicago.

Actress Piper Perabo was also among the protestors arrested in Washington, D.C. on Tuesday by Capitol Hill police, she claims. Perabo is best known for her role as Agent Annie Walker in Covert Affairs has appeared in films such as Coyote Ugly, Cheaper by the Dozen, The Prestige, and Looper.

She claims she was one of 70 protesters arrested in Washington, D.C., on Tuesday for disrupting Kavanaugh’s hearing.

The 41-year-old Coyote Ugly and Covert Affairs star is like many in Hollywood and uses her Twitter and other social media accounts as a political platform. She has been very outspoken in her opposition to the confirmation of Supreme Court Justice nominee Brett Kavanaugh and chose to protest the first day of hearings alongside Linda Sarsour and others.

She was escorted out by police according to a video which she later tweeted to her social media account. The cover image on her profile currently is one that is highly critical of Kavanaugh calling up his years clerking in the Bush White House.

The 41-year-old posted a video on Twitter of herself being escorted out of the hearing room by Capitol Police, along with several other women who urged senators to “be a hero” and “please vote ‘no’ ” on President Donald Trump’s SCOTUS nominee.

“I was just arrested for civil disobedience in the Kavanaugh hearings,” Perabo wrote in her tweet. “Many citizens before me have fought for the equal rights of women. I can’t be silent when someone is nominated to the Supreme Court who would take our equal rights away.”

Perabo’s idea of “equality” and that of other protestors apparently hinged on the idea that they are allowed to murder their offspring with impunity. Perabo and Sarsour were among dozens of protesters, most of them women, standing in opposition to the confirmation of Kavanaugh’s appointment in the highly contentious hearing process.

At times the protestors became so unruly that Sen. John Cornyn (TX-R), the second highest ranking Senate Republican likened it to “mob rule” and stated it was “unlike anything I’ve seen before in a confirmation hearing.”

Many protesters voiced their opposition out of concern Kavanaugh would change the status quo on abortion, health care, gun rights and other issues likely to come before the court in decades to come.

The 41-year-old posted a video on Twitter of herself being escorted out of the hearing room by Capitol Police, along with several other women who urged senators to “be a hero” and “please vote ‘no’ ” on President Donald Trump’s nominee.

In response to her tweet, Navy Seal Robert O’Neill, who famously shot Osama Bin Laden in the head, fired back with an EPIC tweet, stating – “You should have been arrested the day you made “Coyote Ugly”.”

Others pointed out there were rumors of paid activism and wondered allowed if this was simply just another acting job for Perabo.

Meanwhile, Perabo herself claims to be standing up for “equal rights” though apparently the irony of the idea that someone actually DIES so she can live her life as she chooses to practice those rights she claims is lost on her.

Fox News reports –

“Another angle, shared by activist Linda Sarsour, who was the first to speak up, shows the moment in question from a different angle. In it, it’s clear that Perabo is yanked from the room by police before she gets a real chance to speak.

It’s unclear at this time if Perabo was charged for any crime or was taken into custody. Reps for the actress did not immediately respond to Fox News’ request for comment.

Perabo joined the slew of people who protested the hearings Tuesday. A combination of interruptions from the crowd as well as Democrats calling for the hearing to be adjourned resulted in more than an hour’s delay in the schedule.

The disruptions continued as lawmakers attempted to make opening statements. There were roughly 63 interruptions before the day’s lunch break.”


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After Kavanaugh Accuser’s Latest Demand, Trump Puts An End To The Charade



The woman who is accusing Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh of an alleged sexual assault from 36 years ago is now saying the FBI should investigate the incident before senators hold a hearing on the allegations.

In a letter sent to Senate Judiciary Chairman Chuck Grassley of Iowa, and obtained by CNN’s “Anderson Cooper 360,” Christine Blasey Ford’s attorneys is now making the argument that “a full investigation by law enforcement officials will ensure that the crucial facts and witnesses in this matter are assessed in a non-partisan manner and that the Committee is fully informed before conducting any hearing or making any decisions.”

Here is more on this via CNN:

“Dr. Ford’s testimony would reflect her personal knowledge and memory of events,” Grassley said. “Nothing the FBI or any other investigator does would have any bearing on what Dr. Ford tells the committee, so there is no reason for any further delay.”

A Justice Department spokesperson said the FBI had forwarded the initial letter from Sen. Dianne Feinstein on September 12 to the White House counsel’s office in accordance with guidelines for conducting background checks.

The spokesperson noted that the allegation “does not involve any potential federal crime,” and said if the FBI becomes aware of new information that raises suitability questions about a nominee or appointee, the agency will inform the White House, which is an existing agreement.

According to the spokesperson, the FBI “does not make any judgment about the credibility or significance of any allegation.”

The letter comes after a day of uncertainty about whether the hearing scheduled for Monday would even take place, as Republicans continued to emphasize their repeated efforts to reach out to Ford.
Last week, news surrounding a private letter that had been sent to Feinstein, Democrat of California, raised potential questions about Kavanaugh’s nomination. Feinstein later announced she had given the letter to the FBI. On Sunday, The Washington Post published a story that detailed Ford’s personal account of an incident that Ford said took place when she and Kavanaugh were both in high school.

Ford alleges that while at a party, Kavanaugh pushed her into a bedroom along with his former classmate Mark Judge, and attempted to remove her clothes. She also alleges that Kavanaugh put her hand over her mouth when she attempted to scream. Kavanaugh has denied the incident, and he and Judge both deny being at the party in question.

“This is a completely false allegation. I have never done anything like what the accuser describes — to her or to anyone. Because this never happened, I had no idea who was making this accusation until she identified herself yesterday,” Kavanaugh said in a statement. “I am willing to talk to the Senate Judiciary Committee in any way the committee deems appropriate to refute this false allegation, from 36 years ago, and defend my integrity.”

The public accusation led Grassley on Monday to announce that the committee would convene next Monday to give both Kavanaugh and Ford the opportunity to publicly testify, as both had indicated a willingness to do so.

But as of Tuesday afternoon, Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell said Republicans had yet to hear from Ford or her lawyer regarding their request for her to testify.

“What we’re saying is there should be an investigation because that’s the right thing to do,” Banks said.

“She is prepared to cooperate with the committee and with any law enforcement investigation,” she added.

Democrats have pushed back on the hearing. All 10 Democrats on the Senate Judiciary Committee sent a letter on Tuesday to FBI Director Christopher Wray and White House counsel Don McGahn arguing that the FBI should conduct an investigation prior to a hearing.

“The Committee should have the completed report before any hearing occurs and we ask that you take immediate steps to make sure that we have the FBI’s report before we proceed,” the senators wrote.

Feinstein said in a statement she supported Ford’s proposal.

“We should honor Dr. Blasey Ford’s wishes and delay this hearing. A proper investigation must be completed, witnesses interviewed, evidence reviewed and all sides spoken to. Only then should the chairman set a hearing date,” Feinstein said in a news release.

“I hope that each and every one of us will immediately denounce the horrific treatment of Dr. Blasey Ford. That this brave woman is receiving death threats and has been forced to flee with her family is appalling and heartbreaking. This abuse must stop. We’re better than this.”

Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer, a New York Democrat, also supported Ford’s proposal.

“Dr. Ford’s call for the FBI to investigate also demonstrates her confidence that when all the facts are examined by an impartial investigation, her account will be further corroborated and confirmed,” Schumer said in a statement. “Senate Republicans and the White House should drop their inexplicable opposition to an FBI investigation, allow all the facts to come out, and then proceed with a fair process in the Senate. Dr. Ford’s life has already been badly disrupted by death threats and other intimidation. She deserves to be treated with respect and fairness by the Senate.”

However, Sen. Orrin Hatch, a Utah Republican, countered Ford’s proposal on Twitter Tuesday night, arguing, “The FBI does not do investigations like this.”

The letter goes on trying to make the argument that although she has received a “stunning amount” of support from her community she has also been the target of death threats and has been forced to vacate her home because of this.

But now The Right Scoop is reporting that President Trump has had enough of this left wing partisan charade.

The President made it very clear he thinks that all this proves is that Ford doesn’t want to testify. She knows the FBI has passed on it since it isn’t even in their jurisdiction and any investigation isn’t going to happen anytime soon. He added that he feels this is all a way for her to try and save face without this going any further.

Trump ended his statement by adding, “So let’s just cancel everything and vote already. This farce has gone long enough.”

The left is now trying to involve their Obama weaponized FBI in a case that they have to jurisdiction over. Whatever alleged happened 36 years ago wasn’t a federal crime, and no reason to involve the FBI. The President is right, all this is is just a way to have an excuse to not testify because nothing ever happened and she wants to save face. Too late Ford!

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Donald Slams The Door On Illegals, Sends Dems Reeling With New Stealth Rule




* By

The Trump administration is continuing its commitment to address the significant problem presented by porous borders and decades of sanctuary policies. Companies continue to hire illegal aliens some unknowingly due to fraudulent documentation, and others because of deliberate attempts to seek out lower compensation by hiring illegal aliens at a lower rate of pay.

The Trump administration is cracking down with plans to begin notifying employers when their employees’ tax paperwork does not match Social Security Administration records beginning in 2019. The aptly named “no-match” letters will be issued when a name and a social security number combination provided by an employee does not match the record held by the Social Security Administration.

This is a reinstatement of a longtime practice suspended in 2012 under the former Obama administration. The process is intended to be used in an effort to identify when an American citizen’s social security number has been stolen and used as proof of authorization to work in the United States.

This could potentially have a significant impact on the hiring and employment practices of some businesses and open borders proponents argue this will simply force illegal aliens further into the shadow economy.

However, to the Trump administration,  these are simply further examples of where the American government under prior administrations has stopped enforcing immigration laws.

Bloomberg Law reports – 

“Employers that don’t correct the information on the tax forms could be subject to Internal Revenue Service penalties.

Aside from the potential tax penalties, the letters have been viewed as evidence that a particular worker could be an undocumented immigrant who’s using someone else’s Social Security number in order to work.”


“The Trump Administration is committed to ensuring a more efficient and effective government for all Americans,” White House Deputy Press Secretary Lindsay Walters said in a Sept. 14 email to Bloomberg Law. “This includes protecting Americans from identify theft, and ensuring illegal aliens are not taking advantage of the benefits of American workers.”

The SSA alerted employers in July that it was resuming the practice, and will start sending the letters in 2019, agency spokesman Darren Lutz said in a Sept. 13 email to Bloomberg Law. The letters “will request that the businesses and employers take steps to correct this information on our records, using our free online services, within 60 days,” he said.”

As the no-match letter policy is resumed, it could have significant implications the identification of as many as 75% of the approximately 7 million illegal aliens who are utilizing a social security number that is not their own committing identity theft in stealing the social security of an American citizen.

According to the Daily Caller – “No-match letters can be considered preliminary evidence that a worker is an illegal immigrant who appropriated a social security number to gain employment, according to a September report from the Immigration Reform Law Institute (IRLI). Using government records obtained through a Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) lawsuit, IRLI found 39 million instances of social security number mismatches between 2012 and 2016.”

Historically speaking letters were not sent as a means to discourage the employment of undocumented immigrants, but rather to allow for the opportunity to correct any potential clerical errors that may keep Social Security funds from being credited to the proper account. In fact, the Social Security Administration was issuing letters even prior to the 1986 law that made it illegal to knowingly employ illegal aliens.

Some instances are repeat mismatch reports involving the same number. Others have been caused by name changes, clerical or human errors, or identity theft against Americans committed by non-aliens. However, a significant portion of the total number is thought to be related to the stolen identities of American citizens on the part of illegal aliens specifically for the purpose of faking employment or healthcare records.

Yet the Social Security Administration has “never notified the true owner of the Social Security number so that that individual can take steps to protect themselves.”

The former Obama administration quietly suspended the practice in 2012 with little fanfare citing lack of resources. Prior to the suspension of the program, no-match letters were being sent directly to employees, not employers.

The Daily Caller adds – “The termination of no-match letters has resulted in a thriving black market where illegal aliens can obtain the Social Security numbers of U.S. citizens in order to gain employment,” IRLI, the legal wing of the Federation for American Immigration Reform, said a news release on Sept. 11. “The Social Security numbers of young children are especially sought by illegal aliens, as this theft is likely to go undetected for years.”

The Obama administration halted no-match letters eight days after it began accepting applications for the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) program in August 2012. Due to the timing, some immigration policy analysts concluded the move was made to reassure DACA applicants they wouldn’t be prosecuted for identity theft.

“Since awareness that they had been ‘flagged’ as identity thieves might well have dissuaded them from disclosing their whereabouts in a DACA application, suspension of the SSA program was a logical add-on to the other actions taken by the administration to prevent fear of identity-theft prosecution from depressing DACA applications,” Temple University law professor Jan Ting wrote in March.

Historically, the primary aim of no-match letters has been to inform companies and employees that their social security contributions were not being credited because of mismatches. In tax year 2016, there was $1.5 trillion in the SSA’s earnings suspense file, where the agency holds uncredited wages it can’t definitively match to its database of social security numbers.

More than $409 billion of that total was added from 2012 to 2016, the period when the Obama administration stopped sending no-match letters, according to IRLI.


Following a Freedom of Information Act request and lawsuit, records obtained by the institute revealed 39 million instances of Social Security number mismatches between 2012 and 2016.”

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