Hillary IRATE At ‘Special Gift’ Melania Just Sent Straight From Her Hospital Bed At Walter Reed!

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It was quite a surprise when news broke that First Lady Melania Trump had been rushed to Walter Reed Medical Center in Washington, D.C., for emergency kidney surgery. She was gracious as always as she thanked doctors and all those who had sent well wishes and prayers to her. The first lady also said she was feeling “great” and was eager to get back to the White House.

“A sincere thank you to Walter Reed Medical Unit & to all who have sent good wishes & prayers! I am feeling great & look forward to getting back home to the White House soon,” she said.

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Within minutes of her tweet, the president was seen boarding Marine One at the White House to make his way to be with her.

Melania has again made headlines, this time for the “special gift” that Hillary Clinton received. The media and left have tried everything they can think of in the nasty bag of tricks in an effort to embarrass her and cause her shame, digging up old photos of the former runway model in an utterly transparent attempt to act like junior high “mean girls.” Yet Melania manages to behave with grace and decorum. All they have managed to do is make her the envy of every woman alive, as her figure was flawless.

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Melania Trump tweeted on Wednesday afternoon that she is feeling better and is looking forward to getting home after undergoing kidney surgery on Monday

Her style imitated but rarely duplicated, they tried to humiliate her by mocking her accent. Yet, this tactic also failed miserably when it was revealed that English is just one of five languages and originally immigrated to America on a coveted “Genius Visa.”

The critics continue stepping up to the plate as they line up singing “swing batta batta swing” and Melania just keeps knocking them out of the park with class. They tried to destroy Melania’s marriage by trotting out any sleazeball who claims to have slept with her husband in the last two decades. This has failed, too, as recent public appearances have shown that the first lady and the president are more in love and supportive of one another than ever.

All they have managed to do with their “mean girl” tactics is increase Melania’s popularity amongst the American people, and in keeping with that popularity, her name has also grown to be a favorite. According to a ranking released by the Social Security Administration, the name “Melania” came in fifth among the fastest-growing girls’ names from 2016 to 2017, moving 720 spots up the list.

According to a newly-released ranking, the name “Melania” came in fifth among the fastest-growing girls’ names from 2016 to 2017, moving 720 spots up the list. (Photo Credit: Social Security Administration)

It seems Melania Trump is definitely winning friends and influencing people, perhaps just not the progressives and the media talking heads. This woman has endured more unwarranted attack from the left than any one of her predecessors is actually so popular that new parents are choosing to name their baby girls after her. Naturally, this is not news you will ever hear on CNN or MSNBC. But the numbers are there in black and white for all to see if one chooses to look. She is quickly becoming one of the most beloved first ladies in American history, despite the constant attacks from the left.

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According to the Washington Examiner, first lady Melania Trump is definitely having an influence on children, but not in the way she may have expected. The first lady’s name is quickly growing in popularity among baby names in the U.S., according to a ranking released Friday by the Social Security Administration.

“Her name came in fifth among the fastest-growing girls’ names from 2016 to 2017, moving 720 spots up the list of the most popular girls’ names in the U.S. “Melania” was listed as the 1,650th most-popular name in 2016. The news coincides with a recent poll showing the first lady’s popularity surging by double digits since January, even among Democrats.”

While Melania has endeared herself to new parents with her poise, beauty, intelligence, and class looking for that extra special name for their new little bundles of joy, the same can not be said for one of Melania’s most notorious predecessors – Hillary Clinton. Hillary is one of very few first ladies in the history of America to actually see the popularity of her own name decrease after taking office, rather than increase.

According to TIME: “Hillary Clinton is a former senator, First Lady, Secretary of State, and is now leading in national polls for the Democratic nomination for president. But no one names their kids Hillary anymore.

According to the Washington Post, the popularity of the name Hillary fell dramatically beginning in 1993, the year that Clinton became First Lady. It fell 90% between 1992 and 1999.

The drop is made sharper by the fact that the name had actually been increasing in popularity up until 1992, and the Post points out that this is not the case with the names of all former presidents and First Ladies.

Although Democrats will never admit it, it’s easy to see why the name “Melania” has grown in popularity while the name “Hillary” has lost its steam entirely.


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