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In Jolting ‘60 Minutes’ Interview, Susan Collins Describes Bribes, Threats from Liberal Groups That Tried to Buy Her



Over the weekend, in what may turn out be a career zenith for her, Maine’s Republican Senator Susan Collins – who heretofore seemed to make a cottage industry out of exasperating conservatives and going against the GOP grain – offered a methodical, rousing defense of Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh and her reasons for ultimately deciding to vote for his confirmation.

The squeeze she has encountered from liberals and the feral left who expect her to play along with them a good part of the time was, she divulges, nearly crushing.

From Nick Aramas over at YoungConservatives we learn: “Susan Collins … outlined some of the bribes and the threats against her when she appeared on “60 Minutes.”

“Collins blasted the blatant ploy to essentially buy her vote made by a leftist Crowdpac campaign.'”

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Fox News provides further details:

“‘They are asking me to perform an official act and if I do not do what they want, $2 million plus is going to go to my opponent. I think that if our politics has come to the point where people are trying to buy votes and buy positions, then we are in a very sad place,’” Collins told CBS News’ ‘60 Minutes.’”

Ya think? File that one under an extreme understatement.

“The political groups Be A Hero Team, Maine People’s Alliance and Mainers for Accountable Leadership had called out the senator before her vote, with a Crowdpac campaign titled: ‘Either Sen. Collins VOTES NO on Kavanaugh OR we fund her future opponent.’”

Well, high fives to this bunch for, if nothing else, not burying their lede.

“… The campaign has raised more than $3.5 million and counting.”

“‘This is a classic quid-pro-quo as defined in our bribery laws,’ Collins said in the interview.”

“In response to her ‘60 Minutes’ comments, Be a Hero founder Ady Barkan suggested that Collins was ‘smearing a grassroots effort from regular people pleading with someone in a position of power to do the right thing.’ Mainers for Accountable Leadership co-founder Marie Follayttar added: ‘The idea of Susan Collins attacking an effort by over one hundred thousand… small-dollar donors as bribery is politics at its worst.’”

Aramas: “The deal was if she voted no, they wouldn’t process the money people had donated and if she did vote yes, they would. So yes, pretty clear that it was a quid pro quo action for a vote.”

Again, nuanced these people ain’t.

It gets grimmer: “[S]he faced all kinds of threats including threats to the young female staff in her office.”

The sixty-five-year-old Senator, who has served in Congress’ upper-chamber for over two decades and is not up for re-election until 2020, told Scott Pelley that it had been very difficult. “[T]his is as ugly a situation as I’ve ever seen during [my terms] … I have had to have security because of threats against me and family members and staffers, and this has been unlike anything I have ever been through.”

Now, let me confess, I haven’t exactly been a jubilant aficionado of the Maine Senator for, oh, maybe … never? No, I wasn’t a charter member of her fan club; not a late joiner either; even now, I’m hardly inclined to sign up. Her dependable crumbling in the face of the fashionable-but-knot-headed social trends and progressive pet causes de jure has grown beyond wearisome.

It’s been a brand of go-along-to-get-along deal-cutting with the forces arrayed against what is best for America that turns my stomach.

The way Collins regularly holds her supposed party on tenterhooks, hostage to her “moderate” and “bi-partisan” — read “liberalistic” — whims on key votes? That’s gotten really old, too — actually, I’d had my fill of it about fifteen or so years ago. Maybe even before that.

We “right-wingers” have grown disgustedly accustomed to her bouts of big-government, socially-secularist flakiness. Time was it functioned garishly alongside her ideological sister, another dark-haired, maniac middle-of-the-roader and fly in the conservative ointment named Olympia Snow.

Snow, thankfully, absented herself from the Senate in 2013; too partisan an atmosphere she fretted. Yet, Collins has doughtily remained to heal that “problem” by upholding the RINO cause from her redoubt in the cold northeast.

One other confession: at times I’ve been tempted to pen a collective letter to the Pine Tree State’s electorate and sarcastically thank them for inflicting this woman on the rest of us.

Even in this, her Kavanaugh moment of relative glory, Collins’ assurances that she was confident the nominee won’t be interfering with our nation’s legalized, baby-killing status quo irked those of us who take issue with slaughtering the innocent. It was a sour interlude amidst a largely impressive performance.

Yet, if only because we cannot say grace over devastating a man’s life, family, and career on the strength of flatly uncorroborated charges, we have to commend Collins for ending up on the side of the angels on this vote — and doing it despite herculean animosities from the types of groups with which she too often collaborates.

They now deem her a Judas to their mission. She’s gone from being the GOP member they intermittently choose to cheer, to the one they’ve presently committed to jeer. And perhaps physically harm.

Speaking of which, for an anti-war lobby this sure is a violent bunch. Sounds like a line from Dr. Strangelove – but unfortunately this is no mere movie.

Nope, it’s the state of things in Obama’s and Hillary’s and Bernie Sander’s (next door to Collins in Vermont, by the way) and Schumer’s, and Pelosi’s, and Booker’s tribe. Luring out of hiding their worst tendencies is another service Senator Collins has rendered in this instance. They’re the ersatz “Tolerance Tribe,” but underneath lurks a disquieting totalitarianism.

So, on balance, you done good here, Senator Collins. Thank you.

And here’s to making this kind of solid thinking and legislating a habit of yours, not an exception.


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Suspicious envelope causes ricin scare at Sen. Collins’ home

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Democrats decided this year to forego a platform and just threaten, harass, beat and vandalize Republican candidates and property instead.

This ad mentions JUST A FEW of the violent attacks on Republican lawmakers this year. Of course, NOT ONE Democrat leader has called on party faithful to stop their violence. Just this weekend Democrats harassed and threatened Senate Majority leader Mitch McConnell and his wife Elaine Chou while they were eating out.

Democrats need to call off their thugs before someone gets seriously hurt or killed!”


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