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Insane Red Hen Owner Wasn’t Done With Sarah, Stalked Her Family And Now Things Are Getting Worse

Things got crazy right after!!



It was a telling moment for Sarah Sanders as the White House Press Secretary was shunned from a Red Hen restaurant in Virginia. It wasn’t that she was refused service that was the worst part, it was the chaos that ensued shortly after that spoke volumes about what transpired while simultaneously telling the truth about the character of some of the people involved.

Sanders was rejected service at the Red Hen in Virginia and she left peacefully. She wrote about it on Twitter and seemed to respect the decision of the restaurant to not serve her. Sanders and whomever she was with traveled elsewhere to another restaurant. One might think that the situation ended there, with Sanders just having a bite to eat somewhere else, but according to Laura Ingraham that wasn’t so much as close to what happened.

Getting kicked out of the first restaurant was just the tipping point of the iceberg that crashed straight ahead into chaotic oblivion. According to Ingraham, it was Mike Huckabee who told her that the owner of Red Hen followed Sanders and her people to the restaurant across the street and staged a nasty protest against them. Not only was she, Stephanie Wilkinson, refusing service to someone based on her personal opinions, she was also inciting protests across the street and disrupting customers at another location, allegedly.

It’s quite disturbing to know that one restaurant owner would allegedly follow customers to another restaurant and completely disturb the peace as people were eating.

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Huckabee also mentioned that some of the people who Sarah Sanders was with were liberal. That’s evidence that people of all political spectrums can still be friends and family even if they disagree on political topics. That shows the true tolerance of people who respect each other’s views, even if they disagree with them. That’s something that Stephanie Wilkinson might want to figure out if she wants her business to survive. She dissed Sarah Sanders and alienated some of her customers, so it will be interesting to see if the Red Hen stays in business much longer.

Here are the Tweets from Laura Ingraham’s Twitter account that show the source of this information.

The Advocate told more about the initial incident that lead to this part:
“Wilkinson told The Washington Post that her decision to ask the White House Press Secretary to leave on Friday night stemmed from her gay employees; many were upset by Sanders’s defense for the administration’s ban on transgender servicemembers (currently tied up in the courts). Sanders also recently praised a Supreme Court ruling that sided with an antigay baker who refused service to a gay couple and said the president was OK with businesses posting signs that said LGBT people weren’t welcome. Sanders also stood by while her boss separated migrants from their children at the southern border.

Tell me what you want me to do. I can ask her to leave,” Wilkinson told her staff, according to the Post. “They said ‘yes.’ ”

Wilkinson drove to her restaurant after being alerted that Sanders entered the restaurant with her husband and a group of other adults. The party had been served drinks and cheese boards by the time Wilkinson asked the press secretary if she could have a word with her outside the dining room.

The restaurant owner described stammering as she spoke to Sanders, but telling her that the restaurant operated with standards of “honest, compassion, and cooperation”; words that don’t comport with Sanders’s job performance. Wilkinson admits Sanders quickly agreed to leave and her party quietly departed.

Still, Sanders later sent a tweet out from her official account that named and shamed the restaurant, helping to contribute to thousands of negative restaurant reviews for the Red Hen.”

The political climate of the extreme left has gotten out of control. They seem to have lost respect for those who have different opinions. Has President Trump caused the Democrats to self-destruct? It seems like each time someone tries going after President Trump or his associates, the plot backfires and makes them look bad. The Red Hen is a perfect example of how going after Sarah Sanders could have totally backfired. If the Red Hen loses a lot of customers, then how will they remain in business? How will their business grown if they have alienated a portion of their customers based on politics?

Is this another reason why politics needs to stop mixing with every form of entertainment from food, sports, movies, etc?

Is the behavior of Stephanie Wilkinson considered violent and extremist? Was it morally acceptable for her to allegedly follow Sarah Sanders and her people to another and stir up trouble while people were minding their own business?

What has happened to the respect and dignity on the Democrat side of politics?

People like Maxine Waters are calling for action against people who support the American president. How is that going to help anything? Doesn’t that seem a bit extreme when someone is a politician and calls for that sort of uncivilized behavior from their fellow Americans?

Is there any reason that people who do these actions could be committed of a crime?

It should be noted that the Red Hen in New Jersey is unrelated to the one who kicked out Sarah Sanders. The Red Hen in Virgina is who kicked her out. The Red Hen in New Jersey is still good!

What is your opinion on the Red Hen situation?


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More Than 90 Muslims Running For Office Across U.S. All Have The Same Thing In Common

This demographic is growing quickly



As the 2018 midterms heat up, the choice of political candidates is becoming ever more diverse and somewhat confusing. There are a ton of Muslim candidates running for office across the United States. Most are Democrats as far as I know and support a liberal agenda. This election cycle has seen more Muslim candidates running for office than I can ever remember in my lifetime. At least one in Minnesota is pretty much a done deal and others may follow suit.

Fayaz Nawabi, who is 31 years old, is one such candidate in San Diego, California. He has never met President Trump, but he does give him credit for his running for office currently. He is running for San Diego City Council. Nawabi is pro-affordable housing, pro-environment, pro-immigrant and pro-refugee. He’s also pro-gun control. That makes him part of the blue wave of new liberal candidates that are spurred to run by Trump’s election and his conservative policies. The blue wave’s political platform is exceedingly liberal in all respects and pretty much the polar opposite of Trump’s.

In fact, Nawabi is part of a new subset of liberal politics… the blue Muslim wave. More than 90 American Muslims are running for office this time around. They are young and new to politics. They all have in common that they are long shots, stand against President Trump’s policies and are primarily Democrats. But even if they lose, they will surely run again next time around and they are gaining experience on the ground this campaign season.

Their numbers may seem relatively small, but their candidacies are a trend. This is an unprecedented rise in political numbers for the nation’s diverse Muslim community that typically has been underrepresented in American politics. Currently, there are more than 3.3 million Muslims that live in the United States. And that number is increasing every year. Right now, they hold just two of the 535 seats in Congress. Voter participation in Muslim communities is very low as well. That’s something these candidates are trying to rectify.

From The Counter Jihad Report:

“The rise of Muslim candidates coincides with the growth of the predominantly immigrant population and a partisan shift that has played out over a generation. In a 2001 Zogby poll of American Muslims, 42 percent said they voted for Republican George W. Bush in the previous year’s presidential election, while 31 percent said they voted for Democrat Al Gore. By last year, just 8 percent of voting American Muslims in a Pew poll said they voted for Trump, while 78 percent said they voted for Democrat Hillary Clinton.

“While Clinton’s campaign never garnered broad enthusiasm from Muslim communities, Trump’s campaign — which called for the monitoring of mosques and a ban on Muslims entering the United States — delivered a jolt on election night that some American Muslims likened to the Sept. 11, 2001, attacks.

“’It woke everyone up,” Nawabi said.

“Now, Muslim candidates are running for a wide range of offices across the country, from local school boards to the U.S. Senate. Some are making their Muslim identity central to their campaigns.

“’When you put someone in a corner and they’re in survival mode, they have a tendency to come out and speak more prominently about their beliefs,” said Nawabi, who considers himself an “unapologetic Muslim” who can quote the Koran from memory and moonlights as a “freelance imam.’”

In Michigan alone, there are thirteen Muslim candidates running for office. Physician Abdul El-Sayed is hoping voters will elect him to be the first Muslim governor in the United States and he has used his religious affiliation unapologetically in his campaign ads against Republican front-runner Bill Schuette, whom Trump has endorsed. “Donald Trump and Steve Bannon would love to see a right-wing radical like Bill Schuette elected in Michigan,” reads a Facebook ad for El-Sayed, who faces a Democratic primary in August. “You know what would be sweet justice? If we elected a 33-year-old Muslim instead of Bill Schuette. Send a message and help elect the first Muslim governor in America.” Michigan is pretty much ground zero for Muslim politics these days. A fierce battle in politics is playing out there in Muslim communities.

Another candidate is Asif Mahmood, a 56-year-old pulmonologist. He would be the first Muslim insurance commissioner in California. Deedra Abboud, 45, in Arizona, or Jesse Sbaih, 42, in Nevada, could be the country’s first Muslim senator. And any one of four Muslim women running for office: Nadia Hashimi, 40, in Maryland; Sameena Mustafa, 47, in Illinois; or Fayrouz Saad, 34, and Rashida Tlaib, 41, in Michigan could be the first female Muslim in Congress.

As I said, many of these new candidates may not win this time around, but give it time. They are determined and their communities are pulling together behind them. The proof will be in the statistics, polls and voter turnouts come election day. This demographic is growing quickly and you will definitely see more Muslims in office in the next election cycle or two should this trend continue.

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Sarah Breaks Down In Tears In Front Of Reporters After Bravely Making Personal Announcement

This speaks volumes about who she is.



White House Press Secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders is the pillar of professionalism and grace under fire. Since being hired for the role and having to conduct frequent press briefings to the mainstream media wolves, she’s been a perpetual target of the most ruthless attacks. The media she briefs aren’t the only ones who come at her. Late night talk show hosts and celebrities in Hollywood have also enjoyed making fun of her to no end. After a while, it would take it’s toll on anyone regardless of your strength and solid sense of self-worth.

Sarah has still has to do her job daily in the face of all of that torment and does so flawlessly. From how she holds herself, there’s no telling what she really feels inside. However, she recently lost her composure, and rightfully so, when she broke down in tears in front of reporters as she began to make a very personal announcement.

President Trump knew what he was doing when he put this incredible woman in this position. She’s the very best for the job and more importantly, has Trump’s back. There’s no question how much she genuinely respects him and the job he’s doing as our nation’s leader. Proving that, was when she began to cry while revealing what she found on his desk.

Editor’s Note: This particular story was popular at the time it originally made the news and is circulating again a second time for the important and applicable message that’s relevant today.

Western Journalism reports:

White House press secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders grew visibly emotional during a press briefing Thursday as she read from a 10-year-old letter recently sent to President Donald Trump from a Tennessee man named Joseph.

The father of an Air Force master sergeant currently on his second tour of duty in Afghanistan, Joseph wrote the letter while his son was serving in Iraq, to remind him of everything that was at stake.

“Please don’t lose sight of your purpose,” Joseph had written. “You’re the only hope and glimmer of light for the good, innocent men, women and children that you are protecting. This may be hard for you to see or understand.

“Most people know that all of you are there because you volunteered to be there. Your actions and dedication are seen by people throughout the world as without a doubt the most heroic action of any person which can be made.

“You and the soldiers standing next to you from all of the other countries are the pride of not only the nations they represent, but every individual that yearns to be free,” the letter concluded. “Stand tall, my son, and be steadfast. For it is you who are the defender of freedom.”

As she read it, the emotion from the podium was palpable. Like Trump, Sanders has a deep respect for the men and women who serve our country. It was personal to her to make this announcement and obviously important.

“We owe it to the servicemen and women like the master sergeant who have fought in our name in Afghanistan for 17 years and to the families who have watched them go to secure an honorable and lasting outcome to this conflict,” Sanders saids during the press briefing, after reading the letter aloud.

Western Journalism added:

Though many on both the right and left have complained over the president’s just-announced decision to escalate the United States’ war in Afghanistan, it’s clear by Joseph’s poignant words why we can’t give up now when we’ve already come this far.

Closing up the briefing, Sanders noted that Joseph told Trump he had been a police officer for 30 years and that he sent the letter to the president in the hopes he’d read it.

“I’m glad to say that he did earlier today,” she said.

Each citizen is so important and special to the president, that he read this letter and kept it within reach, despite receiving an overwhelming amount of mail daily, most likely. He promised to work for the “average” American and our military and is doing just that. Part of Joseph’s words to his son also apply to Sanders and Trump as well: “Please don’t lose sight of your purpose.” America needs them both to remain steadfast to their purpose through the challenges heaped on them by detractors. There’s no doubt they too will fight until the end.

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