Jenna Bush Begins Crying on Live TV, Reveals How President Bush is Doing After Wife’s Death

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As Americans and the Bush family still mourn the passing of former First Lady Barabara Bush, her Granddaughter and former first daughter Jenna Bush Hager appeared on the Today Show to give an update on how her family and grandfather former President Geroge H.W. Bush are doing.

Jenna took the opportunity to acknowledge how wonderful the outpouring of love for her grandmother the nation had shown. Adding that when the family made the drive from Houston to the grave site the route was packed with people paying their respects and holding out their “pearls” in a show of respect and admiration for the former first lady.

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She then gave the world an update on her grandfather and former President George H.W. Bush who was married to Barbara for over 73 years. She said, “He’s doing well, he’s doing great, he’s goal-oriented and he wants to get back to Maine, and we think he’s going to be going there.” Later added, “He’s sad, but he’s doing well. Last time we talked to him, he was eating barbeque!”

Jenna then went on to reveal a letter she wrote to her grandmother after she passed via Faith Family America: “On Tuesday, April 17th, our country lost a beautiful, American legend — Barbara Bush. She died at 92 years old after battling several health complications and many hospital visits.

Since the news of Barbara’s d***h, many well-known names have paid a special tribute to the late first lady including Franklin Graham and Barbara’s husband — former president George HW Bush. On Thursday, April 19th, Barbara’s granddaughter Jenna Bush Hager also responded to the sad news by sharing an emotional, heartfelt letter as a tribute to her grandmother.

Jenna addressed the letter to her “Dearest Ganny.” In her emotional tribute, she opened up about what it was like when Barbara passed away, shared some of her favorite things about her grandmother, and revealed some of Barbara’s last words to her.

“When we lost you, we lost one of the greats. You were our family’s rock, the glue that held us together,” she began. “I hope you know in your final days how many people prayed for you, how many people told me they loved you. It was like that my whole life – people stopped me everywhere – in airports, on the street and declared their love for you…It always felt good. We didn’t mind sharing you with the world.”

“We called you ‘the enforcer.’ It was because, of course, you were a force and you wrote the rules and your rules were simple,” Jenna continued. “Treat everyone equally, don’t look down on anyone, use your voices for good, read all the great books (oh, how I will miss sharing books with you!)”

Some of Barbara’s last words to Jenna were “I am watching you. I love you,” she revealed in the tribute. The sweet phrase was displayed in one of the final emails Barbara sent to her beloved granddaughter.

“One of your final emails to me you wrote very little. The subject line read: YOU. In the body of the email you wrote: ‘I am watching you. I love you. Ganny.’ Well, Ganny we have spent our lives watching you,” Jenna added. “Your words inspired us, your actions an example to follow. We watched as you held babies living with HIV to dispel the stigma, as you championed literacy across our country, as you held Gampy’s hand.

In the letter, Jenna shared some heartwarming memories she had with her grandmother including when she scolded her for ordering a peanut butter sandwich at the White House. She also noted that she was so grateful that her “Ganny” taught her about humility, grace, humor, worrying less about your looks, and the significance of words and kindness.

“You always said that you were one of the luckiest women to ever live, but Gans I am filled with gratitude because you were ours. We are the lucky ones…And so Ganny…we love more than tongue can tell,” she concluded.

Jenna also shared a tear-filled statement prior to Barbara’s d***h calling her grandmother a “fighter” and thanking everyone for their prayers.”

What a heartwarming story from the granddaughter of one of the most loved and admired former first ladies our nation has ever seen.

Although the feminist movement tried to shame her for “only” being a mother and grandmother while then-Vice President Bush ran for the presidency in 1988 she always stood tall and proud of the accomplishments the family she raised was able to do. She is the only woman in recent history to be able to claim she was both a first lady and the mother of a president, and that’s not a small feat for anyone!

Please continue to hold Barbara Bush and her extraordinary family in prayer during this sad time.

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