Drooling Joe Kennedy Frantically Digs In Trash – Didn’t Want Anyone Finding What’s In There

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Rep. Joe Kennedy III pulled his best impersonation of dumpster diving when he was caught casually digging in the trash. Someone snapped photographs of the Kennedy, most notably known for the level of drool protruding from his lip when he once gave a speech partially in Spanish, and it appears as though TMZ may have been the first to get their hands on the pics of the new trash bandit.

It’s unknown if Kennedy was drooling while digging his hands in the garbage, but there’s one thing for sure we can all agree on – Joe didn’t want anyone to find what was in the trash, so going arm deep in filth was his only hope to keep the secrets he has hidden on his cell phone.

Mr. Kennedy didn’t care, he was going there. He happily rummaged around in the can looking for the cell phone that seems to have been accidentally placed in the garbage when he emptied his tray of trash. Many people have done this before and anyone would be certain to dig in the gutter glory if their beloved cell phone took an accidental dip in the germ-palooza. However, it’s much different when someone is a politician who loses their cell phone.

There could be a million secrets on the phone. Everything from previously deleted emails with Hillary, maybe some Russian collusion, or perhaps ‘drooling’ Joe bought stock in Chapstick. It’s hard to tell what may have been on the anti-Trumper’s phone, but it certainly would have been fun to read if someone else found it and exposed the dirty details hidden in his personal texts and emails.

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Luckily for Kennedy, it appears as though he found his phone and saved himself from becoming a meme for the second time.

TMZ wrote a quick article about Joe digging in the trash: “Rep. Joe Kennedy III put new meaning into dirty politics when he had to go digging for his phone through a fast food restaurant’s trash can.

People who were there tell us JK3 had finished eating an early dinner Wednesday at Santa Rosa Taqueria on Capitol Hill and accidentally threw out his tray of food with his phone on it.

Joe was alone, so he took off his suit jacket, rolled up his sleeves and got to work. Problem is … the phone’s heavy and went to the bottom of the bin, so Joe was diggin’ for a good 10 minutes, according to restaurant-goers who were more into watching and taking pictures than helping out. Can’t blame them for not wanting to get covered in leftover taco meat and guacamole.

Joe, who delivered this year’s Democratic response to the State of the Union, eventually got his phone out and cleaned up in the bathroom.

Makes ya think … if he’d do the same for his Chapstick.”

There’s one thing to learn about Joseph Kennedy’s experience with trash diving. For one, if Joe had pulled the bag up and located the phone, then he possibly could have levied the phone to the top of the bag without actually placing his arms in the trash. However, one might consider that perhaps he dropped his phone in the trash on purpose and wanted people to photograph him doing everyday normal things. Certainly, people drop their phone all the time, so why not Joe Kennedy? He is one but human, correct?

May we all get a good laugh from this, as it’s something we’ve all been through!

What was the worst cell phone drop that you’ve ever had? Did you ever drop your phone in the trash, toilet, or worse?

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