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JUST IN: Cops Learn Their Fate For Forcing 20 Trump Supporters Into Violent Riot Leading To Beating



Two years ago in San Jose, California, the police allegedly forced 20 Trump supporters to walk directly into and through a violent mob of anti-Trump rioters after a Trump rally. The police should have been protecting these people and instead, put them in harm’s way. This led to a lawsuit on the part of those Trump supporters against the San Jose Police Department.

Attorney Harmeet K. Dhillon appeared on the Tucker Carlson show to discuss the case. Most people may have forgotten about this horrific incident. However, a others still remember the ordeal and believe it was intentional to some degree by some in the police department. The victims and their sympathizers have awaited the day of justice and now, after two years, are getting that opportunity.

The police involved are now learning of their fate after all of this. Dhillon reported last night that the US Court of Appeals for the Ninth Circuit will not allow the police officers to seek immunity in the case. That is good news, but I would note that I believe the police were following orders and the ones who really should be held accountable here are further up the political food chain. Trump supporters – many sporting red Make America Great Again hats – who were attending a rally at the McEnery Convention Center, were met with hundreds of anti-Trump protesters as they were shepherded out of the building via a single exit.

The 20 Trump supporters were beaten and bloodied by communist anarchists who destroyed cars, brandished Mexican flags and spread chaos and havoc in the streets. They chased down and beat the Trump supporters. These are some of the forerunners of the Antifa movement. They threw eggs at these people and hit them in the back of their heads with bags of rocks. Elderly people were not spared either and it is a wonder that no one was killed during all of this. Some Trump supporters were sucker punched as they tried to get to their vehicles. A video shows the angry mob kicking and attacking vehicles as the Trump supporters attempted to leave the mob scene. Clothes were ripped off their backs and glasses were snatched as Trump supporters tried to get the heck out of there… it was definitely like being in a third world country and just as violent and terrifying.

Dhillion told Tucker that they believe the order to send the Trump supporters into the violent mob came “from the top.” That means the mayor, the chief of police and supervisors were all complicit in this. Police just stood there as this happened and told others not to interfere.


“According to, a three-judge panel unanimously affirmed U.S. District Judge Lucy Koh of the Northern District of California’s 2017 ruling denying the city of San Jose’s efforts to dismiss the suit against seven police officers. The plaintiffs say the officers channeled them into a violent crowd on June 2, 2016, as they exited a rally for then-presidential candidate Trump at the McEnery Convention Center. Rally-goers say they were punched and pelted with eggs while nearby law enforcement officers did nothing to protect them.

““We find the officers violated clearly established rights and are not entitled to qualified immunity at this stage of the proceedings,” Senior Judge Dorothy Wright Nelson wrote for the panel, which also included Judges Andrew Kleinfeld and William Fletcher.

““Being attacked by anti-Trump protesters was only a possibility when the attendees arrived at the rally,” Nelson wrote. “The officers greatly increased that risk of violence when they shepherded and directed the attendees towards the unruly mob waiting outside the Convention Center.”

““Regardless of whether you’re a supporter of Donald Trump, every citizen should cheer that our government will be held accountable in cases where they put citizens in harm’s way,” said the plaintiffs’ attorney, Harmeet Dhillon of Dhillon Law Group in San Francisco. Dhillon, a Republican National Committee member, attended the 2016 rally with her husband and a law firm partner and said she was appalled by the “vicious assaults.”

““After two years of waiting, my clients are thrilled and I’m thrilled” by the ruling, Dhillon said.”

From the very beginning of Trump’s campaign to become president, the overwhelming incidents of violence have come from the left. Many times they are facilitated by those in power, such as mayors and the chief of police where these attacks occur. It is long past due that the Trump supporters who have been brutalized and victimized by these bullies get their say in court and hold these thugs accountable. And the police should not be immune… they do take orders, but in the end they have to decide what is right and what is wrong no matter who tells them what to do. The treatment of these Trump rally attendees was unconstitutional and disgraceful and the actions of the San Jose police were just unfathomable. They aided and abetted in violence towards these people when they should have been protecting them. That’s their job.

We haven’t forgotten the attacks over the last two years and we are not blind to the ones occurring now. A reckoning over all of this will come at some point, hopefully in the legal system and not in the streets.


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Thief Steals Combat Vet’s Military Mementos – ‘I’d Give My Soul To Get Those Things Back’




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Stealing from others is a despicable act in & of itself, but stealing from a veteran who fought for our freedom & security is a whole other ball game. What kind of scumbag would do this kind of thing? We’re hoping this vet gets his belongings back.

Fox 4 Kansas City reported:

“A Mobile veteran served our country overseas more than a decade ago, but the mementos he brought home were stolen.

Carl Sanders Jr. served for four years and had one tour in Iraq.

Most of his memories were packed up in a duffel bag, but it ended up being stolen.

“I don’t regret one second of anything I’ve done serving my country and the people I served with,” he said.

To remember that time in his life he packed up a bag filled with most of his memories. Things like an Iraqi flag and helmet he found on a mission, but most importantly his uniform.

“It’s the boots I lived in, I fought in,” Sanders said. “A soldiers boots and soldiers uniform that’s more important than anything.”

Losing those keepsakes is difficult for Sanders to swallow as he tries to never forget his military service.

“Those things actually reminded me of who I served with, where I’ve been, some of the things we’ve had to do and I don’t ever want to forget that,” Sanders said. “I don’t ever want to let that go.”

While he still has some things, a few pictures and some patches, what was stolen from him goes beyond a uniform.

“I still got a lot of memories in my head, some are hard to remember, some are hard to forget, but as time goes it kind of fades away,” Sanders said. “That’s why I’m glad I do have some of these things, I can always pick up these pictures and look back and always remember.”

While he holds onto what he does have, he hopes the thief realizes what was taken.

“Outside of monetary value things go a lot further than that,” Sanders said. “You never know what something might mean to someone, maybe the smallest little object.”

A soldier’s treasured memories from a half a world away, stolen from a man who served this country.

“God forgive me, but I would give my soul to get those things back,” Sanders said.

From what little he does have left, he is currently putting together a scrapbook for his family so his service is always remembered.”

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Somali Whose Deportation was Thwarted by Passengers Is Gang Rapist With Links To ISIS




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I have no understanding of people who would allow foreigners needs to take precedence over their own citizens.

These deranged SJW lunatics should have been arrested. When does the left not ever defend a terrorist?

From Breitbart:

A Somali man whose deportation was thwarted when passengers on the aeroplane taking him out of the country began complaining is a convicted gang rapist linked to an Islamic State fighter.
29-year-old Yaqub Ahmed was about to be returned to Somalia via a commercial flight to Istanbul, Turkey, but around a dozen ‘social justice warrior’ passengers on the aeroplane became aware of his situation when he began groaning and wailing.

They started complaining “They’re separating him from his family” and chanting “take him off the plane” in rowdy scenes recorded by several people on their mobile phones.

Rather than throw off the disruptive passengers or have them arrested for obstructing the course of justice, however, officials buckled to the mutinous flyers and took Ahmed off the flight, while his supporters applauded and shouted: “You’re free, man!”

However, the Mail on Sunday has now revealed that the busybodies were championing a convicted gang rapist, and that one of his accomplices travelled to the Islamic State to fight as a jihadist after their crime.

In August 2007, Ahmed was part of a four-strong rape gang which lured a 16-year-old girl who had become separated from her friends on a night out to a flat in Crouch End, North London, pretending they were waiting for her there.

Ahmed and his accomplices then took turn raping the teenager, who was only saved when neighbours overheard her cries for help and rang the police. All denied the crime, but were convicted with the help of extensive DNA evidence.

The judge sentenced them to a relatively short nine years each — although police detective Emma Bird seemed happy with the terms, saying they “reflect[ed] the seriousness of this offence” — but criminals almost never serve their full term in the United Kingdom, and Ahmed was out after a paltry four years.

It is understood that fellow rapist Ondogo Ahmed travelled to Syria to fight for the Islamic State just months after his release, while accomplice Adnan Mohamud — like Ahmed, a Somali granted refugee status — is still in Britain.

“We need to deport these people and members of the public should not be allowed to obstruct the proper course of justice,” commented Tory backbencher Philip Hollobone.

“Officials accompanying the deportee need to react appropriately to passengers who do not know what is going on. To simply walk off in the face of passenger confusion is not good enough.”

Britain’s record both tracking and deporting illegal migrants in general is very poor.

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