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JUST IN: Cops Learn Their Fate For Forcing 20 Trump Supporters Into Violent Riot Leading To Beating

It’s About Time!



Two years ago in San Jose, California, the police allegedly forced 20 Trump supporters to walk directly into and through a violent mob of anti-Trump rioters after a Trump rally. The police should have been protecting these people and instead, put them in harm’s way. This led to a lawsuit on the part of those Trump supporters against the San Jose Police Department.

Attorney Harmeet K. Dhillon appeared on the Tucker Carlson show to discuss the case. Most people may have forgotten about this horrific incident. However, a others still remember the ordeal and believe it was intentional to some degree by some in the police department. The victims and their sympathizers have awaited the day of justice and now, after two years, are getting that opportunity.

The police involved are now learning of their fate after all of this. Dhillon reported last night that the US Court of Appeals for the Ninth Circuit will not allow the police officers to seek immunity in the case. That is good news, but I would note that I believe the police were following orders and the ones who really should be held accountable here are further up the political food chain. Trump supporters – many sporting red Make America Great Again hats – who were attending a rally at the McEnery Convention Center, were met with hundreds of anti-Trump protesters as they were shepherded out of the building via a single exit.

The 20 Trump supporters were beaten and bloodied by communist anarchists who destroyed cars, brandished Mexican flags and spread chaos and havoc in the streets. They chased down and beat the Trump supporters. These are some of the forerunners of the Antifa movement. They threw eggs at these people and hit them in the back of their heads with bags of rocks. Elderly people were not spared either and it is a wonder that no one was k****d during all of this. Some Trump supporters were sucker punched as they tried to get to their vehicles. A video shows the angry mob kicking and attacking vehicles as the Trump supporters attempted to leave the mob scene. Clothes were ripped off their backs and glasses were snatched as Trump supporters tried to get the heck out of there… it was definitely like being in a third world country and just as violent and terrifying.

Dhillion told Tucker that they believe the order to send the Trump supporters into the violent mob came “from the top.” That means the mayor, the chief of police and supervisors were all complicit in this. Police just stood there as this happened and told others not to interfere.


“According to, a three-judge panel unanimously affirmed U.S. District Judge Lucy Koh of the Northern District of California’s 2017 ruling denying the city of San Jose’s efforts to dismiss the suit against seven police officers. The plaintiffs say the officers channeled them into a violent crowd on June 2, 2016, as they exited a rally for then-presidential candidate Trump at the McEnery Convention Center. Rally-goers say they were punched and pelted with eggs while nearby law enforcement officers did nothing to protect them.

““We find the officers violated clearly established rights and are not entitled to qualified immunity at this stage of the proceedings,” Senior Judge Dorothy Wright Nelson wrote for the panel, which also included Judges Andrew Kleinfeld and William Fletcher.

““Being attacked by anti-Trump protesters was only a possibility when the attendees arrived at the rally,” Nelson wrote. “The officers greatly increased that risk of violence when they shepherded and directed the attendees towards the unruly mob waiting outside the Convention Center.”

““Regardless of whether you’re a supporter of Donald Trump, every citizen should cheer that our government will be held accountable in cases where they put citizens in harm’s way,” said the plaintiffs’ attorney, Harmeet Dhillon of Dhillon Law Group in San Francisco. Dhillon, a Republican National Committee member, attended the 2016 rally with her husband and a law firm partner and said she was appalled by the “vicious assaults.”

““After two years of waiting, my clients are thrilled and I’m thrilled” by the ruling, Dhillon said.”

From the very beginning of Trump’s campaign to become president, the overwhelming incidents of violence have come from the left. Many times they are facilitated by those in power, such as mayors and the chief of police where these attacks occur. It is long past due that the Trump supporters who have been brutalized and victimized by these bullies get their say in court and hold these thugs accountable. And the police should not be immune… they do take orders, but in the end they have to decide what is right and what is wrong no matter who tells them what to do. The treatment of these Trump rally attendees was unconstitutional and disgraceful and the actions of the San Jose police were just unfathomable. They aided and abetted in violence towards these people when they should have been protecting them. That’s their job.

We haven’t forgotten the attacks over the last two years and we are not blind to the ones occurring now. A reckoning over all of this will come at some point, hopefully in the legal system and not in the streets.


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Free On Bail New Mexico Muslim Extremist Just Immediately Proved He Should Have Been Held [Video]

He’s just proven why he should have been locked up in the first place!



A group of alleged extremists who observe the Muslim religion was set free this week after they were arrested for their involvement in running a compound that was allegedly holding 11 children captive. Even worse, another child had supposedly been murdered as part of an apparent exorcism performed by the group who thought the child would be reincarnated. Don’t forget the part about how they were supposedly training children to be school shooters and you have yourself one heck of a documentary in the making. Sadly, this is real life in New Mexico right now and these poor, dirty, and malnourished children are finally freed from this grasp of extremists, but they deserve even better justice for what they endured.

Targets reportedly would include schools, as well as law enforcement agencies and financial institutions. The children were instructed that targeted individuals who did not accept their beliefs were to be detained until they were converted. Otherwise, they were to be k****d, according to interviews with law enforcement.

After being set free on bail, the suspected criminals have already proven why they should have been kept locked up in the first place. Instead, they’re granted a relatively low bond, house arrest, and ankle bracelets – nothing that will actually prevent them from committing even worse crimes. An ankle bracelet won’t stop anyone from committing a crime if they’re determined to do so. We’ve seen that happen over and over again.

You can thank this particular judge for setting these individuals free and then for granting them supervised visits with the children they allegedly abused by forcing them to live in such awful conditions. Taking one look at this man’s face is the only thing you need to see to know that each and every person involved with this horrible child abuse scandal deserves to rot in a prison cell.

After finding out he was set free, this is the face he makes. It says it all. All those children being treated like that and he’s throwing a grin out there. Only two men were held because they have a warrant for something else. The others walked out after meeting qualifications for bail.

Are you mad yet?

Siraj Ibn Wahhaj grins at his friends in the audience, Michael Abd Al-hayy Weinman and Latifa Weinman, as he returns from recess Monday (August 13) during a pretrial detention hearing in Taos District Court. Moments later, Taos District Court Judge Sarah Backus conditionally released all five defendants charged with child abuse at a compound near Amalia.

Taos District Court Judge Sarah Backus denied motions to hold five defendants charged with abusing 11 children at a compound near Amalia, New Mexico during a hearing Monday (Aug. 13).

“In spite of testimony that alleged the defendants had been preparing to attack government institutions they deemed at odds with their beliefs, Backus said prosecutors had failed to prove the defendants were a danger to the Taos County community or a flight risk.

“Regardless of the decision, Siraj Ibn Wahhaj, son of controversial Brooklyn Imam Siraj Wahhaj, will be held on an outstanding Georgia warrant for allegedly abducting his son in 2017.

“The four others accused – Lucas Morton, 40, Jany Leveille, 35, Hujrah Wahhaj, 37, and Subhannah Wahhaj, 35 – will be placed on house arrest and will be required to wear GPS ankle bracelets as their cases are processed. Backus set a $20,000 unsecured appearance bond for each defendant.

“They will be allowed to see their children, who have been in the custody of the New Mexico Children Youth and Families Division since Aug. 3, when law enforcement raided the ramshackle dwelling where they lived near Amalia. The defendants are forbidden, however, to discuss their cases with their kids, who may testify as the cases progress.

“Two of the children – one 13 years old and another 15 years old – have already provided crucial information to authorities about their lives at the makeshift compound.

“One piece of information provided by one of the children drew widespread alarm Wednesday (Aug. 8) when the state filed motions to hold the defendants without bond: That the adults had been training at least one of them to carry out school shootings.

“But the current charges of child abuse aren’t necessarily related to those allegations, a team of defense attorneys argued on Monday.”

This is just one of many times that a judge has failed to serve the purpose of their job, carry out their duty and work for the people. Taos District Court Judge Sarah Backus is letting monsters freely roam the city. Anyone suspected of child abuse, especially those proven to be guilty like this group, should not be set free nor given any rights to see their children. This is a clear-cut case of guilt and everyone knows it.

This needs to be fixed immediately because what that judge did is horribly wrong. Judges have been removed from the bench for far less.

Are you fed up yet?

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[VIDEO] 2nd Stolen Plane In A Week After Man Flies It Into His Own House For A Reason

What is going on?!



Here we go again with another strange plane incident. This has become the trend for the week in bizarre crimes that involve people taking planes and crashing them on purpose. Let’s hope this doesn’t go any further and have people try taking military planes or tanks! That would be an epic disaster.

This incident involves a man who authorities believe might have been trying to take out his wife and a child after he was arrested following a dispute with her.

A domestic dispute is what likely triggered an incident that spiraled out of control and ended with a man crashing a plane into his own home, potentially targeting his wife. The Utah man was arrested for allegedly assaulting his wife during, or after, they had met to discuss their problems. His name is Duane Youd and he crashed the plane into his home around 2:30 am in the town of Payson, Utah. This may have been a direct result of the conversation they had, the arrest, and now this could have been his response to it all, which didn’t end well for him.

Youd’s apparent s*****e mission ended with him losing his life, but his wife and a child were able to survive. The house was torched by flames after the crash. Now it’s been revealed how this man was able to easily get this private plane to commit this heinous act.

SF Gate provided more details: “The pilot, Duane Youd, died. His wife and a child who were in the home survived despite the front part the two-story house being engulfed in flames, Payson police Sgt. Noemi Sandoval said.

The crash occurred at about 2:30 a.m. in Payson, a city of about 20,000 60 miles (95 kilometers) south of Salt Lake City.

Investigators believe the twin-engine Cessna 525 belonged to Youd’s employer and that he intentionally flew into his own house; Sandoval said he was an experienced pilot. It wasn’t immediately clear who employed Youd or whether he was authorized to take the plane. [Video Below]

Just hours after he had been arrested for assaulting his wife, a Utah man flew a small plane into his house. The pilot, Duane Youd, died. His wife and a child who were in the home survived. (August 13)

It’s unknown if the child in the house is related to Youd, Sandoval said.

Youd, 47, was arrested about 7:30 p.m. Sunday after witnesses called police to report that he was assaulting his wife, Utah County Sheriff’s Sgt. Spencer Canon said.

The couple had been drinking and went to American Fork Canyon to talk about problems they were having, authorities said.

Youd was booked on suspicion of domestic violence and posted bail, Cannon said. Youd requested an officer escort him to his home so he could get his truck and some belongings around midnight. That occurred without incident, Sandoval said.

Within hours, Youd was taking off in the plane from the Spanish Fork-Springville Airport about 15 miles (25 kilometers) north of his house. He flew directly to his neighborhood and smashed into his house, Sandoval said.

Photos of the wreckage showed the white plane charred and in pieces in the front yard nearby an overturned and crushed car. Most of the upscale house was still intact, but heavily burned in the front. Youd and his wife bought the 2,700 square foot house valued at nearly $400,000, in 2016 in a quiet subdivision of new homes near the foothills, county property records show.

The plane barely missed power lines and other homes, Sandoval said. The Federal Aviation Administration and National Transportation Safety Board are investigating.

Online court records show that Youd agreed last month to attend marriage and family counselling sessions for six months as part of a plea agreement following an April 8 domestic violence incident in which he was charged with disorderly conduct.

It is the second bizarre airplane incident in recent days. On Friday an employee stole a turboprop plane from Sea-Tac International Airport in Seattle and flew it for more than an hour before dying in a crash on an island southwest of Tacoma.”

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