Barack Furious After His Favorite Rapper Calls Out Dems For How They Used ‘Black People’

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Kanye West is feeling the wrath of the leftists after what he did. Kanye recently went on a binge Tweet session and blasted all types of “free thinking” messages into the social media atmosphere. Many of his Tweets revolved around the concept of “thinking for yourself” and not falling for all the media hype that’s generated, particularly the fake news stories about Trump that come without facts. To post a negative Trump story is fine, but they should always be based on facts and not feelings. Kanye seems to understand that some of the partisan sites, one way or another, often based their message on feelings and “almost facts” to simply get a point across.

It looks like Kanye has figured it out and now will think for himself without the help of bipartisan news. Now he’s seeing the light after all the clouds have parted that it’s acceptable to not be a Democrat. Kanye’s slowly becoming a passenger on the ‘Trump Train’ after he jumped off the plantation of the Democrat slave owners, hypothetically speaking, of course.

After Kanye West became “Woke Kanye West” and filled the social arena with his pro-Trump and pro-think-for-yourself Tweets, he then faced a wicked backlash in the form of hate, boycotts, and everything the Democrat party has become since Trump won (and maybe a little bit before that too).

Instead of Kanye’s fans embracing him and respecting his decision to do things his way, they turned their backs on him. The Democrats, both black and white, have now outcasted Kanye West simply because he doesn’t feel like being another sheep in the herd that assumes every celebrity has to vote Democrat. Kanye is now seeing how intolerant the left can be, which is shameful because this could have been a very good learning and talking point. Had the left embraced Kanye and said “it’s cool, we respect your decision, we still love your music” then we would be closer to uniting and in the middle of less fighting. But this is the left eating their (former) own after Kanye decided he wanted to go another direction. There is no loyalty, only intolerance, and it’s absolutely shameful.

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Thousands of people have shared this on Facebook, showing that just because Kanye wanted to be in another political party, they have completely shunned him.

Another rapper, whose name is “Chance the Rapper,” busted down the doors of social media with a blazing hot Tweet that supported Kanye while also supporting everyone else.

His message was clear. “Black people don’t have to be democrats” he said. This is likely in response to Kanye’s blitz of Twitter dabbling, but it’s absolutely true. Black Americans can be any political party they please. The Democrat party has so often tried to convince blacks that they are, and must be, Democrats.

The Democrats have held black Americans as proverbial slaves to their party. The Democrats constantly pander to the poor and colored folks in hopes for votes. If you’re a poor person, then the Democrats say they’ll bring you out of poverty (but they won’t). If you’re black, then Democrats say they’ll do all sorts of things and lure you in with Obama phones, but nothing changes.

Kanye made a point about Chicago. He said that Obama was in office for eight years and nothing in Chicago changed. Kanye is right! Chicago continues to be a violent city and the hard-working people who live there deserve better. Chicago needs jobs to get people off the streets. What did Obama do? Nothing for Chicago, it seems.

Kanye West and many black Americans have been slaves to the Democrat party. The chains are off. It’s time to go another direction and see where true success really lies.

Here are a plethora of Tweets from Kanye and others to help illustrate what’s going on.


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