Kanye In A MAGA Hat Infuriates Fans With What Else Was In His Selfie – Now Libs Want Him Hospitalized!

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Rapper and business mogul Kanye West has seemingly come out of nowhere this week as one of President Donald Trump’s number one supporters. He’s been on a non-stop campaign for conservatives and infuriating all his fans who are mad that a black superstar “switched teams.” Kanye isn’t slowing down and doesn’t care who is mad about his opinions. He’s rubbing his Trump support in their faces even more today with a selfie he just shared.

Kanye supported Trump during his campaign, which his fans may have forgotten about since he hasn’t said much since until now. He seems to be agitated about what he’s seen the president endure and the senseless attacks and started ranting this week, with no end in sight. Now, he’s finding himself on the receiving end of the verbal abuse by liberals everywhere who can’t imagine how a black rapper could support our allegedly racist president. He’s even being accused of suffering a mental breakdown since people don’t think that there’s any other feasible explanation for supporting Trump.

Once his selfie surfaced, the attack took a turn into some truly bizarre territory.

According to Fox News, it began with his rant on Twitter:

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Something is going on with Kanye West.

The rapper has been ranting wildly on Twitter following reports that he abruptly fired his manager Scooter Braun.

Beginning Tuesday and extending into Wednesday afternoon, the rapper tweeted nearly constantly about everything from his Yeezy fashion line to Coachella and his daughter, North. He even took the time to send some love to his “brother” Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton.

Later, Kanye put on a Trump “Make America Great Again” cap and snapped a selfie with YouTube’s Global Head of Music, Lyor Cohen. People weren’t half as mad about the hat as they were about the hand gesture seen in the picture, which they claimed to Kanye’s hand. They were wrong about whose hand it was and what the sign means.

TMZ reports:

Everyone who thinks Kanye West’s red MAGA hat photo also features a man flashing an alt-right symbol needs to chill, because it’s not true.

The man giving the OK sign — which many believe is a gesture used by the alt-right or white supremacists — is YouTube’s Global Head of Music, Lyor Cohen … but it’s not even an OK sign to him.

A rep for YouTube tells us … Cohen’s gesture is meant to represent the company he founded — 300 Entertainment — and nothing more. He’s also done it several times before.


As we reported … Kanye’s been on the Trump Train Wednesday, sending out several tweets about his love for the Prez, including the provocative selfie with Cohen and Lucian Grainge, CEO of Universal Music.

But now we know, even though Ye’s embracing Trump … he’s not hanging with people who embrace the alt-right.

It didn’t take long for West’s wife, Kim Kardashian, to chime in and require her husband to clarify a few things about his political tweets. She also launched a rant of her own on Twitter in defense of her husband and his message. Everyone seemed to think that Kim would separate herself from Kanye over this to not want to be part of his “crazy.” They were wrong again.

Kanye doesn’t seem to be taking his MAGA hat off anytime soon no matter who it offends as he was seen out and about in California with the hat on.

People Magazine reports:

The musician, 40, strolled out his office in Calabasas, California, on Wednesday wearing a red “Make America Great Again” hat and his phone in hand after a full day of controversial tweets (over 80!), some of which declared his love for President Donald Trump.

West called Trump “my brother” in a series of tweets early Wednesday, writing, “You don’t have to agree with trump [sic] but the mob can’t make me not love him. We are both dragon energy. He is my brother. I love everyone. I don’t agree with everything anyone does. That’s what makes us individuals. And we have the right to independent thought.”

West later tweeted a closeup photo of his MAGA hat signed by Trump with over 30 fire emojis, writing “my MAGA hat is signed.”

Fox News explains that there are multiple claims now coming out about Kanye who dared show is love for Trump:

Sources in the industry told Page Six they are “very worried for Yeezy’s mental health” and worry that he could be on the verge of “another episode.”

In the midst of West’s bizarre Twitter rant, it was also reported that the “Famous” rapper has had “explosive fights” with his mother-in-law, Kim Kardashian’s mom Kris Jenner. But the momager quickly shot down the rumors and did some tweeting of her own.

She further defended her son-in-law and retweeted another article, which alleged the Kanye has been “on edge” and “difficult to deal with” and said, “Nope…not true!”

No one really knows if Kanye’s love for Trump is real or just a gimmick to be in the spotlight. But one thing is for sure, he doesn’t get a lot of mainstream media attention for his friendship with the president. We’d rather see celebs use Trump in this positive way to boost their fame rather than using his name in a derogatory way, which seems to be the norm.


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