Kanye West Just Became Conservative’s Favorite Celeb After Unloading Truth Firestorm On Twitter

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Conservatives and anyone paying attention to celebrity news just got a surprise when they saw what the often controversial Kanye West had to say over the weekend. It wasn’t anything about his wife, Kim Kardashian or her gluteus maximus, but it was something completely unexpected and it certainly caught everyone off-guard! Thankfully this isn’t a story about a Kardashian and this is much more surprising.

Kanye West spent part of his weekend Tweeting about a woman named Candace Owens. She’s extremely popular on YouTube and social media for posting her very right-wing aligned Tweets and videos. Owens, who is also African-American, is a highly regarded pundit across the network of those with Conservative views. She often Tweets or posts videos that trigger leftists into meltdowns. She’s factual, outstanding, and outgoing. She turns heads and makes people think about what she’s saying.

It seems like Kanye West took a liking to Owens, who often goes by the name ‘Red Pill Black,’ and he decided to post about her. Keep in mind, many celebrities are often on the Democrat or liberal side of things, so for an African American celebrity to post material that could be considered right-wing is like driving a stake through the heart of one’s celebrity career. Not for Kanye. He didn’t care. Kanye had a lot to say and he was going to do his thing, just like he always did.

If you know anything about Kanye West, then you know he’s gonna do his thing and he doesn’t care what anyone thinks.

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Here’s what Kanye had to say over the weekend. Keep in mind, he was chastised by hoardes of liberals for speaking his opinion of Owens.

Amanda Prestigiacomo from the Daily Wire wrote more about Kanye’s explosion of Conservative based Tweets that triggered leftists into meltdowns: “Kanye West on Saturday committed Hollywood heresy by offering praise for the right-wing political pundit and YouTuber Candace Owens, A.K.A. Red Pill Black.

After setting off a firestorm among angry leftists with his pro-Owens tweets, the rapper audaciously continued his WrongThink by posting fundamental conservative principles. For example, Kanye wrote about the importance of rejecting victimhood, how the “thought police” are trying to suppress freedom of thought, and how living in the past can stifle progress.

Liberals were predictably unhappy. Kanye is a powerhouse in the world of entertainment and is apparently supposed to hold only views that align with progressives. Reporters and other celebrities condemned the performer as “shallow” and said he should “stick to Thots.”

A “thot” is a derogatory word for a woman. It’s an acronym that stands for “that ho over there” and it’s used often inappropriately to describe a woman who is begging for attention.

Some people criticized Kanye, but many others supported him and his Tweets. He received thousands of retweets, effectively showing people support his messages. Kanye West also received numerous Tweets that were disgraceful in nature because they spoke evil of Kanye and his personal thoughts. The Tweets against Kanye illustrated exactly what he was saying about how people no longer have the freedom to think freely without the thought police coming after them.

Here are some relies to Kanye West:



Kanye West must have woken up as a new man who freely thinks and realizes that it’s unacceptable for people to trash each other for their opinion. Those who criticize each other without offering their ears to listen to others in hopes to further understand each other are the ones who will be left behind when the country makes true progress and America is greater than ever.

Trump and Kanye face a heavy load of critics from the leftists who constantly see things as one-sided and offer no chance to be accepted by them unless you’re like them.

Times are hopefully changing where people will begin working together instead of against each other. If the country wants to find themselves making true progress, then people on the left have to be more open to the thought process of the right wing aligned citizens.

Everyone wants America to do well, but it takes teamwork. The people who chastize Kanye West will be the reason progress is halted.

Americans don’t need to pick teams, but they need to work with more common sense.

Do you support Kanye West and Candace Owens? Do you agree with Kanye’s Tweets?

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