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Karma Just Came Kicking Down Omarosa’s Front Door After Weeks Of Trashing Trump



It seems like Omarosa Manigault-Newman is managing to anger a lot more people than just those she worked with in the White House these days.

According to the Daily Mail, this time Omarosa Manigault-Newman and her pastor husband, John Allen Newman, have been hit with a lawsuit over the way they upkeep their ‘moldy’ Florida home and fetid swimming pool.

The neighbors are demanding that attention-starved Apprentice, and now White House villain Omarosa and her husband scrub their walls and repair or replace the roof of their $615,000 property. According to the demand they also want neglected areas of “dead” lawn to be replaced and the pool to be treated with chemicals out of fear for it becoming a biohazard and a breeding ground for mosquitos. This property is located on an upscale golfing development in suburban Jacksonville.

Omarosa’s net worth is estimated to be at $3.5 million dollars and is likely to soar now that she published “Unhinged” which is supposed to be a tell-all book about what went on behind the scenes in the White House and The Apprentice. The book has been called as a work of fiction by most everyone who was at both places and she has contradicted herself multiple times since the book was published about what she actually wrote.

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Here is more on this via the Daily Mail:

“Her 63-year-old husband, a registered Democrat who worked on former president Barack Obama’s 2008 campaign, has faced a string of money troubles, however.

The respected leader of The Sanctuary at Mt. Calvary church in central Jacksonville has twice filed for bankruptcy, most recently in 2013 with debts of $1,225,764.

Three years later, Newman’s 2014 Buick Lacrosse sedan was repossessed after he fell behind on his repayments, owing $42,885.

GM are still chasing him for the outstanding $23,516 debt, according to court documents filed in June.

While Omarosa was one of the highest paid White House staffers in 2017 earning $179,700 per year, Newman declared in his 2014 divorce from ex-wife Andrea Johnson that he made a modest annual income of $48,000.

He kept their marital home under the settlement but has since fallen behind in common fees and other charges to the tune of $11,063 according to the Jacksonville Golf & Country Club Property Owners Association.

Their suit filed June 26 last year at the Duval County Courthouse, further accuses Newman of ignoring repeated requests to carry out maintenance on the four-bed, 3,000 sq ft property.

Officials demanded that he ‘maintain the exterior of home including mold/mildew removal on the roof to return it to an acceptable standard, or if not possible then a complete replacement of the roof.

‘Removal of the dead tree resting on the fence in the back yard. Replacement of the dead grass and maintain the landscape material in an acceptable manner.

‘Complete chemical treatment of the swimming pool to return it to a normal condition to avoid any hazard to neighbors, including potential mosquito problems.’

The suit adds: ‘To date Defendant has failed or refused to make all the necessary repairs.’

Court records reveal that an attempt at mediation failed and the case is listed for an October 15 hearing.

Omarosa and Newman met in Washington, D.C. in 2016 while she was teaching at Howard University and he was working for the nonprofit Golf My Future My Game which encourages black teenagers to take up the sport.

They dated for about a year before he dropped to one knee in the middle of a Sunday service and proposed.

Omarosa, who is also an assistant pastor at Weller Street Baptist Church in Los Angeles, accepted and now lists her home as Jacksonville on social media.

The wedding was originally scheduled to take place at The Sanctuary but was relocated to the Trump International Hotel in D.C. amid security concerns and rumored opposition from members of Newman’s largely black flock who were reportedly unhappy that he was marrying a close Trump ally.

‘That’s not true, I witnessed this proposal and we welcomed it as a joyous occasion,’ said a regular worshipper who declined to give her name.

‘Omarosa is a strong, intelligent, highly-educated black woman. I love her. We are all happy to have her here.’

Another member, Earleen Smith, told that the Omarosa attends services at her husband’s side every week and takes her duties seriously despite her recent media fanfare.

‘I think they are a very close, loving couple working together doing great work in the ministry,’ said Smith. ‘As for the Trump stuff, I’ll let God sort all that out – but I support her, of course.’

Omarosa was previously married to Aaron Stallworth for five years before the couple split in 2005. exclusively revealed this week that she went on to have a six-month fling later that same year with Michael Misick, the corruption-tainted former Prime Minister of the Turks and Caicos islands.”

Can you even imagine what it must be like having to live next to this woman? It’s not enough that she is a known liar and backstabber, now according to this lawsuit we can add “slob” to the list. You spend a good amount of money on a home and people like this move in next door. What an awful thought, let’s hope the justice system can force these people into upkeeping their home the way they are supposed.


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Kurt Russel SHOWED Overpaid Celebs To Shut Up About Trump – Hits Them Where It Hurts!




* By

Since the second that Donald Trump was declared as our next president, liberals have not stopped complaining about the outcome, even after more than a year with him in the White House. The despicable display reached the height of annoyance during every ego-stroking awards ceremony since President Trump was elected. All have turned into a Trump-trashing session for pissed of celebrities to get far too much off their chest about our unapologetic leader.

However, not everyone in Hollywood shares the same opinion as the most outspoken offender, Meryl Streep, as Kurt Russell just showed her and all of Trump’s other famous foes that it’s time to shut up about our president.

If you haven’t heard much from Russell lately, it’s because he falls into the rare category of celebrities who isn’t crying over Hillary Clinton’s loss and doesn’t feel that he needs to make his political opinions known. He’s simply doing what he’s paid well to do and wishes others in the biz would too. Since they continue to throw tantrums and trash Trump on a public stage, Russell reached his breaking point and finally fired back hard.

“This is a business that’s heavily promulgated by people who have a politically liberal bent,” Russell began in his blistering beratement of these overpaid crybabies after what Streep said at the Golden Globes. “I don’t begrudge them that. I’m a libertarian; frankly, I think my liberalness goes far beyond theirs in a lot of ways,” he added, as reported by the American Lookout. “But yeah, we think differently, and maybe that’s cut me out of some things. I don’t care,” he said before dropping a brutal announcement on these Streep and her lemmings that left them burning.

Explaining that they’re not empowered in this business by their disgraceful attitudes against our leaders, the badass actor said they better be prepared to put their money where their nasty mouths are since they could be out of work. “People know I get along great with all kinds of directors, all kinds of actors. And I tell you, you hire me, I will show up, 24/7, and I will give you 100%. I will help you fix whatever problems come up. You hire me, I’m your boy. It’s just, it’s all about the work. And when that’s done, I am done.”

Kurt has said recently that “the last thing I like to watch is entertainers or actors get political,” which he just proved by clearly pointing out that nobody cares what celebrities have to say about politics, and that their obnoxious behavior only shows how unemployable they are. They need to just stick to what they are overpaid to do and leave the rest to the adults in charge.

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‘First Man’ Crashes In The Box Office Following Flag Controversy




* By

Hollywood never seems to learn. It is not smart to piss off the American people. Leftists are always wanting to rewrite history. No more supporting these types of movies.

Let them fail. They don’t deserve your money. The left hates America. It continues to show every day.

By the way, Ryan Gosling.. It was an American achievement.

From The Daily Wire:

“First Man,” the Neil Armstrong biopic about the 1969 moon landing, failed to blast off in the box office weekend following a heated controversy over director Damien Chazelle’s decision to omit the astronaut’s planting of the American flag on the lunar surface.

“The visceral historical drama got grounded in its domestic debut with $16.5 million, despite positive reviews,” The Hollywood Reporter reports. Internationally, “First Man” performed even worse, earning just $8.6 million in 22 markets. With a production price tag of $70 million plus another $50 to $100 million in marketing costs, the film could be a major loss for Universal Pictures.

Despite the poor numbers, Universal has expressed confidence the film will perform well over time after getting major boosts this coming awards season, during which it is expected to be nominated for various top prizes.

“Our core audience, adult males, don’t necessarily run out on opening weekend,” says Jim Orr, Universal’s president of domestic distribution. “We’ll have a great run for weeks and months to come.”

Though critics have heaped praise upon the film with a Rotten Tomatoes score of 88%, audiences have been less enthusiastic. It holds just a 7.7 rating on IMDB with a B+ audience rating on CinemaScore. On Rotten Tomatoes, the audience rating was even worse at just 60%.

In fairness to Orr, his projection that “First Man” could pull in big numbers over time is not without precedent. Both “Bridge of Spies” and “Argo” debuted to dismal box office receipts but went on to gross well past the $150 million mark during awards season. The big BUT to that, however, is that none of those films were dogged by the same controversy “First Man” stepped into the moment its star Ryan Gosling said the American flag planting was intentionally omitted.

“I think this was widely regarded in the end as a human achievement [and] that’s how we chose to view it,” Gosling said of the decision.

After hearing of this, Buzz Aldrin, the second man to walk on the moon, blasted the film, prompting a fierce backlash. Since no evidence currently exists that the controversy is spurring the bad performance, time will tell if the critical success of “First Man” will propel it to financial success.”

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