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LeBron’s ‘Everything Free’ School Isn’t Free After All, Costing Taxpayers WAY More Than Him



If you thought the always switching teams, complaining about air conditioning, constant flopper, a freak athlete who isn’t a team leader or clutch in the playoffs guy known as Lebron James was paying for everything with that new socialist-sounding “I Promise” school he’s supposedly starting, then you’re wrong. You’re so wrong and you’ve been misled by the mainstream media or some Lebron James groupie who thinks “the king” does all. What a “LeJoke.”

Nope. From what it looks like on paper, it doesn’t seem like Lebron James has all that much to do with it other than a few dollars. Speaking of money, you should see how much his school is costing taxpayers. In fact, it’s being reported that the taxpayers will pay four times the amount that Lebron’s foundation is paying. Sounds like a “LeFraud” to me.

The school is tied in with the public district and will reportedly cost the school district $8 million to run. They’ll shuffle funding, teachers, and students from other schools to make it work. Work for who? What about improving all the schools instead of just making a supposedly special school that has limited enrollment capacity? What happened to the greater good and making sure everyone is taken care of instead of just the kids in that one particular school? Wait, actually that doesn’t sound bad at all because not every school is the same. The problem is that the taxpayers are mostly funding it and they may not want to, especially if their kid doesn’t get in – or they don’t have kids. But the kids get free bikes though, so there’s a bonus. What if you don’t have children? Then who gets the free bike? Not everyone cares about a “LeBike.”

Daily Wire reported “James’ foundation will contribute $2 million per year once the school is fully functioning with all eight grades in session.

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“The coverage made it look like the whole thing is his,” district spokesman Mark Williamson said. “He did a lot, but taxpayers should know it’s their investment too.”

James’ “I Promise” school is expected to be “finished by 2022 with first through eighth grades.” notes that James’ foundation has already spent in the millions to help get the school going, which has reportedly been years in the making.

“This school would not have happened without the partnership with LeBron James,” added district Treasurer Ryan Pendleton.”

Call me crazy, but I really think this is just LeBron paying his “LeTaxes” by donating the money. $2 million? What a joke. Is this all part of the Lebron James sideshow?

Maybe the taxpayers should share this story with their friends so everyone is aware of what’s really going on. “LeBuffoon” is paying $2 million (not a lot compared to his income) and the taxpayers are forking out $8 million.

The “I Promise” school that supposedly has tons of free things is not free after all. See how that works? Someone always has to pay. In this case, they’re all paying and some of them won’t ever use the school because their kids are older, don’t get in, or they don’t even have kids.

LeBron’s $2 million in donations could’ve been better spent hiring more teachers to reduce class size in the district he donated to. Nothing sucks more than a crowded classroom with no supplies.

But hey, at least the kids can all ride their free “LeBike” home after school!

Meanwhile, mommy and daddy are paying for it on their “LeTaxes.”

Everyone knows that a “free everything” doesn’t work – someone always pays.


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Simone Biles Speaks Out After Interim USA Gymnastics President Blasts Nike and Kaepernick




* By

Political correctness is a severe cancer in this world. I’m so tired of people apologize for something that needs no apology. If you are going to speak out about something…don’t apologize.

Don’t worry Simone Biles, it’s not like people are entitled to their opinion or that are shills for Big Corporations like dictating how everyone should think.

Dear Simone, stick to being a gymnast. Go on and keep making your money from a fascist company.

From Western Journal:

USA Gymnastics has found itself mired in perpetual controversy in recent years

The snowball began rolling in earnest when the horrific allegations of sexual abuse against team doctor Larry Nassar surfaced in 2015.

Obviously, Nassar’s actions are unforgivable and he deserves every last second of what is effectively a life sentence in prison.

After taking care of Nassar, the hounds of justice set their sights on USA Gymnastics itself. Any organization that could have been so unaware of the horrors taking place right under its nose deserve the accompanying scrutiny.

Former USA Gymnastics president Steve Penny was forced to resign by the USOC after his horrible mishandling of the Nassar scandal.

His replacement, Kerry Perry, also ended up being forced to resign after her leadership was questioned by USOC.

Now, Perry’s replacement, Mary Bono, has also found herself in controversy, though nothing as serious as the last two.

Bono, a former Republican congresswoman in California, was barely on the job when a month-old tweet of hers resurfaced.

“Playing in a charity golf tournament raising for our nation’s Special Forces operators and their families. Unfortunately, had these shoes in my bad. Luckily I had a marker in my bag too,” Bono said in a since-deleted tweet.

The accompanying picture showed her using a black marker to hide the Nike logo on a shoe.

Regardless of how you feel about Nike’s divisive ad featuring Colin Kaepernick, Bono is more than entitled to her opinion. Yes, she put Nike, and by extension Kaepernick, on blast for the latter’s rhetoric. But she’s hardly exclusive in her feelings. Bono is just one of many Americans who feel that Kaepernick’s anthem protests were disrespectful to the flag, the military and the police.

While Bono is obviously allowed to voice her opinion, she unfortunately also drew the ire of her organization’s premiere athlete, Olympic gold medalist Simone Biles.

“Don’t worry, it’s not like we needed a smarter usa gymnastics president or any sponsors or anything,” Biles wrote in a blistering response tweet prefaced by a “mouth drop.”

While USA Gymnastics hasn’t had a team sponsor since late 2017, Biles is personally sponsored by Nike, according to ESPN.

Perhaps realizing that Biles is the one gymnast she cannot afford to alienate, Bono promptly deleted the tweet and issued an apology.

“I regret the post and respect everyone’s views & fundamental right to express them. This doesn’t reflect how I will approach my position @USAGym I will do everything I can to help build, w/ the community, an open, safe & positive environment,” Bono said in her apology tweet.

It would be nice to think that this will be the final controversy USA Gymnastics will have to deal with for a while. But if recent history is any indication, that seems almost impossible.

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Transgender Steamrolls Biological Women to Win World Cycling Championship




* By

Dear Women, how do you like your world now? This is just another great thing brought to us from political correctness. Look at what the democrats have done to this world.

This is absolutely ridiculous and a affront to women and women’s sports.

From Louder With Crowder:

One of the up-and-coming trends on the left is trannies getting a stranglehold on sports. Gender-bending guys beating the bejeezus out of ladies in MMA. Transitioning girls on the juice competing against girls not on ‘roids. All in a days work for loopy lefties.

Now, there’s guys lapping the ladies in world championship bike races:

A biological male who identifies as a transgender woman won a women’s world championship cycling event on Sunday.

Rachel McKinnon, a professor at the College of Charleston, won the women’s 35-39 age bracket at the 2018 UCI Masters Track Cycling World Championships in Los Angeles.

McKinnon celebrated the victory on Twitter, writing: “First transgender woman world champion…ever.”

“We cannot have a woman legally recognized as a trans woman in society, and not be recognized that way in sports,” McKinnon told USA Today.

“Focusing on performance advantage is largely irrelevant because this is a rights issue. We shouldn’t be worried about trans people taking over the Olympics. We should be worried about their fairness and human rights instead.”

In other words, screw biology. Let’s make all our decisions based on feels instead.

There’s a reason why we have divisions and weight classes in sports. Otherwise, 250-pound ex-cons named Butch would be getting into the octagon with 5’4” soccer moms who “thought this would be fun.” Divisions and weight classes are there to make sure nobody has an unfair advantage. Like a guy in lady clothes steamrolling over biologically inferior females on a bicycle.

Yep, we have to completely ignore the bulge in “her” tights and herald her as the peak of female athleticism. Because “rights.” The real women who gave it their all and pedaled their keisters off will just have to deal with it. Pathetic.

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