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Lindsey Graham’s Public Statement About Trump’s Nobel Peace Prize – ‘Liberals Will Be Jumping Out Of Buildings’



If it happened, it would constitute one of the truly astounding developments of what has been a truly astounding, unpredictable, rollercoaster or an era of American history: Donald Trump, Nobel Peace Prize winner.

TMZ reports, “Lindsey Graham says President Trump might not be deserving of the Nobel Peace Prize just yet, but if he wins it anyway … liberals are going to lose it. … Graham says [Trump has] done a lot to deserve it by fighting ISIS and taking on Iran, but needs a little more help from North Korea.”

“As for the libs, Sen. Graham thinks if 45 manages to nab the Nobel, they’ll be so distraught they’ll head for the nearest window … and take the leap.”

“Lindsey also throws some shade at past Peace Prize winner Barack Obama …”

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“The 2018 Nobel Peace Prize winner will be announced in Oslo Friday. BTW … Kim Jong-un is the top favorite. What a world. ”

Graham’s conduct, indeed, reveals lots about conservatives, liberals and honorable conduct.

Honest observers and analysts — even those who are not the biggest Trump fans — ought to be willing to grant our current President credit where it is his due. That would be called intellectual consistency. (For the record and conversely, that would also include a willingness to say it when one takes issue with DT on a particular matter.)

Curiously, the same approach could be suggested — and it seems is unfolding — towards Senator Graham himself.

Would it be an understatement to acknowledge conservatives and many Republicans have had their beefs with the Senator from South Carolina over the years?

Not a few times, along with his good friend John McCain, Graham’s paeans toward “bipartisanship” and “moderation” have functionally translated into infuriating outrages against constitutional/limited-government principles.

But lately? Look up the words “Lindsey Graham” in the dictionary and you’ll find the definition: “rock star”. His blistering and fact-based drubbing last week of his unscrupulous, hypocritical Democratic peers on the Senate Judiciary Committee was nothing-less-than historic stuff. Riveting. Unforgettable. And I meant that in the best way.

The sixty-three-year-old lawmaker’s willingness put aside any offense he may have absorbed from then-candidate Trump during the 2012 Oval Office campaign is striking. Recall, Graham ran for the position (and went pretty much nowhere for his efforts); and the two most definitely were at barbed odds with one another. That said, Graham has rejected any temptation to obstruct, for sheer, vengeful cussedness’ sake, the laudable policies the President has advanced. That kind of magnanimity from people in positions of power? It’s something the general public sees far too infrequently in our increasingly fraught, polarized age.

Graham’s statement also brings to mind Barack Obama’s receiving of the Norwegian award. Mind-bogglingly, he had officially occupied the White House mere days when he was nominated for it (his name was submitted barely under the deadline), and he’d been in office less than ten months when he snagged the honor.

Why’d BHO win the thing? Citing Wikipedia’s concise summary, it was for his ” ‘extraordinary efforts to strengthen international diplomacy and cooperation between peoples’…  promotion of nuclear nonproliferation … and [for fostering] a ‘new climate’ in international relations … especially in reaching out to the Muslim world.” In other words, the famously pontificating former president said a bunch of nice words in public about getting along with everyone else.

Yes, words do matter — but rarely, all by themselves, are they enough. Here we are, a couple years removed from his two terms at 166 Pennsylvania Avenue – and we get it: Barack Obama could give a decent speech. But beyond that? Inarguably, he stands one of worst presidents in the United States’ two-hundred-forty-two-year history.

Letter-writer Joel Darmstadter in, of all places, the Washington Post(!) put it well: “Then-President Barack Obama had barely had an opportunity to appreciate and meet the qualifying test laid down in Alfred Nobel’s will: having ‘done the most or best work for fraternity between nations.’ ” Then citing “[n]ot a trivial list of Obama administration failings,” he recommends, “An honorable, if belated, step would be to return the prize to Oslo marked ‘unused.’ ”

Even Trump critics have to admit, not a few welcome things have been happening on the domestic and, more pertinent to the Nobel Peace Prize speculation, international front since his tenure kicked off in January 2017. Senator Graham — one of those formerly sharp critics and someone still willing to mention when he takes issue with “45” — would be an example of a high-profile person willing to acknowledge that.

As Graham’s jest implies, too many Leftists won’t tip the hat to Donald Trump under any circumstance, in no instance, no matter what he does or doesn’t do. That would be providing the American people with a ghastly snapshot of unedifying pettiness.

Graham is probably also correct that the world-community jumped the gun conferring the Peace Prize on Obama — and Democrats did the same in cheering that choice. Republicans and conservatives, alternatively, can display some much-needed circumspection in encouraging a bit more time before DT receives the same citation.

One other thought: Mass murdering megalomaniac Kim Jong-un is a top horse in this contest? If that’s the case, President Trump genuinely might want to consider turning down the prize if it should be offered to him. If someone like the North Korean maniac is under serious consideration by the Norwegian committee, how much can the Nobel Peace Prize be worth no matter who finally snags it?

Let’s hope Trump is nominated at any rate, because it would be the next best thing to him winning in 2016 in terms of how liberals respond.

Here’s Graham.

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Perhaps Meghan McCain moving to The View from Fox was a better fit than anyone knew at the time. She’s carrying forward her late father’s criticism of President Trump. This time she’s slapping at Trump for not going after Russia and Putin harder.

McCain took advantage of the fact that she is traveling to Britain to accept the Magnitsky award on behalf of her father. Her charges against President Trump are unfounded. He has aggressively fought against both Russia and China while in office. The Daily Caller has more on McCain’s bitter vitriol:

Meghan McCain criticized President Donald Trump on Wednesday for failing to “fight against [Russian President Vladimir] Putin’s global expansion and murderous regime.”

“I will be gone from @TheView tomorrow and Friday. I am going to London to speak @HouseofCommons and then to accept the Magnitsky award on behalf of my father and all who continue the fight against Putin’s tyrannous KGB dictatorship,” the co-host of the ABC talk show tweeted ahead of accepting the award for the late Arizona Republican Sen. John McCain.

“While the Trump’s and their administration continue to be too ignorant or too unscrupulous to fight against Putin’s global expansion and murderous regime -I promise on behalf of my father to spend the rest of my life doing all that I can to help fight and speak out against it,” she added.

McCain’s father passed away in August following a year-long battle with brain cancer. During her father’s eulogy, she appeared to use the opportunity to call out Trump over his “Make America Great” slogan.

“The America of John McCain has no need to be made great again because America was always great,” McCain shared. “We gather here to mourn the passing of American greatness, the real thing, not cheap rhetoric from men who will never come near the sacrifice he gave so willingly, nor the opportunistic appropriation of those who lived lives of comfort and privilege while he suffered and served.”

Daniel Vajdich, senior fellow at the Atlantic Council, and others have shared their beliefs that Trump’s been tougher on Russia than his predecessors.

“When you actually look at the substance of what this administration has done, not the rhetoric but the substance, this administration has been much tougher on Russia than any in the post-Cold War era,” Vajdich explained.

Under Trump’s administration, “some of the toughest sanctions in years” have been brought against Russia’s elite, according to a CNBC report. The president also approved the sale of weapons to Ukraine, something former President Barack Obama declined to do. He has also openly targeted Russia’s allies and strategic operations by ordering missiles to be fired at Syrian military sites.

The London event titled, “The McCain Legacy and the Magnitsky Act” will involve discussions about McCain’s role in passing the 2012 human rights act named after Sergei Magnitsky, who exposed money laundering and corruption in Putin’s regime, according to Newsweek.

The legislation promises to impose sanctions against countries found to have committed human rights abuses.

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GOP Announced That They’re Confirming Trump’s Picks – Dems About To UNLOAD




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As the most reliable and balanced news aggregation service in the world, RWN offers the following information published by Washington Times:

Republican senators will work through New Year’s Eve to confirm all of President Trump’s pending judicial nominees before the end of the year if Democrats try to obstruct the confirmation votes, Republican Sen. Tom Cotton said Wednesday.

Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell, Kentucky Republican, has made remaking the federal bench with a conservative bent a priority, and has more than 40 judicial nominees awaiting floor votes.

Before leaving Capitol Hill prior to the midterms, Republicans vowed to get them all confirmed during the lame-duck session before the incoming Congress begins in January.

“I know that Sen. McConnell has made a commitment that we’re not going to leave any judges behind over these next two months,” the Arkansas Republican told conservative host Hugh Hewitt.

He said Democrats have shown unprecedented obstruction, demanding the maximum amount of floor time to debate the president’s judicial picks.

“So it’s really up to them whether they want to confirm those on Christmas Eve or New Year’s Eve, or whether they want to confirm them earlier in December by yielding back the time,” Mr. Cotton said.

It’s not clear how much is possible.

Republicans and Democrats have been striking deals this year to go on vacation but before leaving confirming as many nominees as would have been approved had the Senate remained in session.

For example, before leaving Washington a month ago before the midterm elections, GOP leaders struck a deal with Democrats to confirm 15 judicial nominees.

While the Senate was away, the Judiciary Committee held confirmation hearings for 10 more judicial nominees over objections from Democrats.

California Sen. Dianne Feinstein, the top Democrat on the committee, sent a letter to Chairman Chuck Grassley, Iowa Republican, Tuesday demanding a second hearing for them.

No Democrats and fewer than three GOP members of the committee appeared at the hearings where three circuit court picks were considered.

“Every other Senate committee that had previously scheduled hearings when the Senate went into recess postponed their hearings. And, as you know, holding nominations hearings during a recess had never been done before in this committee without the consent of the minority,” Ms. Feinstein said in her letter.

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