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Louisiana Just Got Epic Revenge On Major Banks Who Went Anti-2A – YUGE Win For Americans!



Well, folks, this is what happens when corporations begin to take themselves too seriously.

Yesterday IJR reported that state of Louisiana officials have blocked two of the nation’s largest banks from any involvement in a $600 million road-financing plan because they have policies restricting firearm sales and manufacturing by their business customers.

In a narrow vote along party lines of a 7-6 vote, the State Bond Commission refused to allow Citigroup and Bank of America to work as underwriters on the interstate highway financing deal. The effort to ban the two banking giants from the transaction was led by Attorney General Jeff Landry and Treasurer John Schroder, both Republicans and of course opposed by Democratic Gov. John Bel Edwards’ administration.

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Those who pushed to exclude Bank of America and Citigroup from the financial work said by enacting firearm restriction policies for their corporate customers, the banks were, in turn, violating a citizens Second Amendment right to bear arms.

Here is more via the Miami Herald:

The effort to ban the banking giants from the borrowing transaction was led by Attorney General Jeff Landry and Treasurer John Schroder, both Republicans, and opposed by Democratic Gov. John Bel Edwards’ administration.

Those pushing to exclude Bank of America and Citigroup from the financial work said by enacting firearm restriction policies for their corporate customers, the banks were violating Second Amendment rights.

“You’re in the banking business. Why have you all decided to enter the policymaking business?” asked Rep. Blake Miguez, an Erath Republican and competitive shooter.

Opponents said the move exceeded the commission’s authority and would force Louisiana into costly litigation.

“We would probably be doing a huge disservice to the taxpayer and to the state,” said Sen. Eric LaFleur, the Ville Platte Democrat who chairs the Senate budget committee.

In March, in response to a deadly high school shooting in Florida the previous month, Citigroup announced it would end relationships with retailers and clients that sell firearms to people who haven’t passed a background check or that don’t enact restrictions on gun sales to people under the age of 21. The bank also will not allow its customers to sell rapid-fire devices known as bump stocks and high-capacity magazines.

Bank of America said it will stop doing business with manufacturers of “certain military-style firearms for non-law enforcement, non-military use.”

Representatives of both banking firms defended the policies in Thursday’s meeting, saying they don’t believe the policies infringe on Second Amendment rights. Brandee McHale, with Citigroup, said the firearms still are available for purchase and customers can use their individual debit and credit cards to buy such weapons.

Still, conservative Republicans said the restrictions went too far.

“I don’t think we should punish good people for what bad people do,” Schroder said.

Lawyers on the commission argued over the implications of blocking the banks from the state roadwork deal and whether the move was legal.

Both banking companies filled out paperwork applying for the road financing deal that said they don’t have policies that restrict or infringe on Louisiana citizens’ constitutional right to bear arms. Landry objected to those answers, saying they were “disingenuous at best.”

Edwards’ chief lawyer Matthew Block said the constitutional protections involve government infringement on individual rights and don’t extend to private businesses.

LaFleur said the Bond Commission’s role in choosing financing partners for deals is limited. He said commission members don’t have the discretion to factor in social policy. Landry replied: “He is wrong.”

House members sided with Landry, Schroder and Secretary of State Kyle Ardoin in voting to exclude the two banks from the financial work. Senators voted with the Edwards administration in opposing the effort.

The Bond Commission didn’t move to rework existing deals with the banking giants.

The $600 million borrowing plan at issue in Thursday’s vote will pay for a widening of Interstate 10 in Baton Rouge, a new exit from Interstate 20 into Barksdale Air Force Base and an I-10 interchange to serve a new terminal at the New Orleans airport. Louisiana will sell federal construction bonds to investors, repaying the debt over 12 years with federal highway dollars.”

What in the world is going on here? Since when does a business start to dictate public policy? This is what happens when a business starts taking itself too seriously. Banks screwed up and needed a taxpayer bailout which we will never get back and now they want to dictate to American citizens what rights they should and shouldn’t have? Seriously?

Big business should have no part in picking and choosing what rights Americans have and don’t have. And neither should the government for that matter. That’s what we have the United States Constitution for.

Our founding fathers would have never put up with something like this and frankly, I am surprised and deeply concerned that only one state has blocked these two banks.


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In Historic 9-0 Decision, Supreme Court Totally Shredded Democrats – YUGE!!!!




* By

Sometimes the Supreme Court gets it right and in a rarity, leveling a historic 9-0 decision, SCOTUS just sidestepped two major cases concerning partisan gerrymandering. This allows controversial district maps to stand and be used in this fall’s midterm elections just the way they are. That’s great news for Republicans and Democrats are incensed over it. They had their hearts set on redistricting voting districts… i.e. partisan gerrymandering. They will literally do anything to steal an election which includes gerrymandering, having the dead vote and recruiting illegal aliens and refugees to vote. Those are just a few of their favorite tricks.

You have to ask yourself if Dems are willing to illegally and unethically unseat a sitting president simply because he is a Republican and they don’t like him, how far will they go to rig an election? As far as they can possibly get away with, sometimes with the help of government agencies. They bend the rules just as far as they can and had planned to do so in the midterms as well. Their blue wave is more of a drip and now this. Things are just not looking good for leftists in the upcoming elections.

This decision is a huge one from SCOTUS. CNN reported: “The Supreme Court on Monday sidestepped two major cases concerning partisan gerrymandering, allowing controversial district maps to stand and be used in this fall’s midterm elections. The 9-0 ruling authored by Chief Justice John Roberts in a Wisconsin case is a blow to Democrats who argued the Republican-drawn maps prevented fair and effective representation by diluting voters’ influence and penalizing voters based on their political beliefs.”

Democrats won a challenge in a lower court, but the Supreme Court’s decision on the Wisconsin case Monday would limit who can bring such cases in the future. A second case from Maryland involved the Republicans challenging a district map drawn by Democrats. The justices said that a lower court did not act improperly in leaving the map in place. In an unsigned opinion with no dissents, the justices said that the challengers failed to reach the high bar of showing “irreparable harm” that would be necessary for a preliminary injunction to block the map. “Even if we assume — contrary to the findings of the District Court — that plaintiffs were likely to succeed on the merits of their claims, the balance of equities and the public interest tilted against their request for a preliminary injunction,” the court said.

The court’s opinion in the Maryland case means that for now, the justices will leave having to answer whether the court can set a standard for when politicians go too far in drawing lines to benefit one party over another for another day. But it also makes it harder to bring it before the high court. This issue is sure to come before the court again, however, and it is one of the reasons it is so important that President Trump select another constitutional originalist to sit on the court when the next vacancy comes up. For instance, Kennedy was seen as the swing vote on this case. Rumor has it he will retire sometime this summer and President Trump will fill his spot. This could solidly weigh the Supreme Court in favor of conservatives for the first time in many years.

On Monday, Justice Anthony Kennedy stayed relatively silent. The last time the Supreme Court heard a major partisan gerrymandering case, in 2004, four conservative justices said the issue should be decided by the political branches, not the courts. But Kennedy was unwilling to bar all future claims of injury from partisan gerrymanders. That stance may soon be moot.

It would seem a whole raft of rulings are going against Democrats and their manipulation of voting. Judges ruled this last week that you can wear clothing with political expressions to the voting booth. That’s a win for free speech, something the left abhors. Democrats are always whining about how unfair the elections are, all the while trying to corrupt the voting process itself. For instance, trying to kill off voter ID. Lately, it hasn’t been working for them, which makes me smile.

This is nothing new for the left. They’ve been doing this for decades where they try to gerrymander districts so Democrats can win more seats even though the majority don’t want them there. When Republicans decided they had had enough and decided to turn the tables and give the Dems a bit of their own medicine, liberals had a meltdown. Unfortunately for the Dems, not all judges are liberal and even the liberal justices on the Supreme Court elected to punt this one.

It appears that Americans are going to give the left an even bigger boot in 2018 than they did in 2016. Good times. The Trump wave is still building and it looks like it’s going to crush the Democrats flat. In the meantime, expect the shrill whining from the left to intensify as they know their time is short and they will fight every inch of the way — including cheating when it comes to elections.

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Emmys Get Demolished For Disturbing Message They Sent Many People Missed!




* By

As the most reliable and balanced news aggregation service in the world, RWN offers the following information published by The Daily Wire:

The 2018 Emmys went about how everyone expected: Lots of left-wing messaging, lots of self-congratulation, less entertainment, and fewer viewers. But what is a little unexpected is just how strong the blowback from even those who lean left has been.

Among the strong critics of the show is the Daily Beast’s Kevin Fallon, who wrote a blistering response to the “cringe-worthy, tone-deaf embarrassment” of an awards ceremony, which was particularly egregious in its “diversity” pandering.

In his brutal take on the Emmys “disaster,” Fallon mocked the Chairman of the Television Academy Hayma Washington coming on stage near the end of the show to declare, “Let’s give ourselves a hand!” for the theme of the night: “This, the 70th Annual Academy Awards, features the most diverse and inclusive group of nominees ever,” as Fallon puts it.

Fallon notes that Washington having “to literally cajole the crowd to applaud itself, a rarity for this industry—underscored everything woefully misguided about this Colin Jost and Michael Che-hosted outing, perhaps the worst-produced award show since James Franco and Anne Hathaway co-hosted the Oscars.”

The worst part, he explains, was that the show “treated its progress in nomination diversity as a finish line, expecting the telecast to function as a victory lap, cheering for a job well done when it should have fired a starting gun for the work just getting started.”

The disaster of a show started off with an attempt at a joke about naively believing that the diversity problem in Hollywood had been “solved.” Here’s how Deadline describes the start of the Emmys 70th production, which it said “really showed its age”:

Starting off with SNL‘s Kate McKinnon and Kenan Thompson and a dead-letter routine that diversity was thriving and discrimination was “solved” in Hollywood, the back on Monday Emmys was simply too much all Lorne all the time. Despite some dance moves from nominee Ricky Martin, the first of several inevitable references to the imploded Roseanne, more SNLers and a very brief appearance by EGOT winner John Legend, the kickoff indicated that tonight’s ceremony was clearly not ready for primetime – and that was before “Weekend Update” anchors Che and Jost hit the stage.

Turns out the true joke ended up being the idea that the entertainment elites actually care about the things they spend so much time, energy, and money virtue-signaling.

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