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Mad Maxine Waters Vows To Reverse Trump’s ‘Scam’ If Dems Reclaim Congress



Illegal aliens, along with human and drug traffickers continue to traipse across our borders. Meanwhile, President Donald Trump has pledged to secure the border between the U.S. and Mexico. He has repeatedly called for the “immediate” deportation of illegal aliens and implemented policies to that end such as the “zero tolerance” policy.

Yet the so-called “Resistance” strikes waging war with propaganda, violence, and faux media outrage, vowing to strike down all things Trump, regardless of the benefit to America and her citizens. As a result, President Trump is now calling their bluff, stating he would be willing to “shut down” the government unless Democrats in Congress help pass immigration reform, including funding the wall.

President Trump tweeted – “I would be willing to ‘shut down’ government if the Democrats do not give us the votes for Border Security, which includes the Wall! Must get rid of Lottery, Catch & Release etc. and finally go to system of Immigration based on MERIT! We need great people coming into our Country!”

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He was highly critical of the left and their continued obstructionism regarding his attempts to reform the broken immigration process by continuing to “resist” any and all attempts to secure the border. Earlier Sunday, he said “there are consequences when people cross our Border illegally,” referring to the separation of children from their parents, and called on Congress to repair “the DUMBEST & WORST” immigration laws in the world.

He tweeted – “Please understand, there are consequences when people cross our Border illegally, whether they have children or not – and many are just using children for their own sinister purposes. Congress must act on fixing the DUMBEST & WORST immigration laws anywhere in the world! Vote “R””

His administration has come under blistering criticism for separating children from their parents over its “zero tolerance” immigration crackdown to deter immigrants from trying to cross the border illegally.

A self-proclaimed leader in the so-called “Resistance” movement and openly critical Rep. Maxine Waters (CA-D) was not about to allow President Trump’s threats of a government shutdown pass without directly addressing it. With almost single-minded obsession, Waters has been calling for the impeachment of President Trump even before his inauguration. This time is no different.

On MSNBC’s “Live,” Waters claimed President Trump was merely “bluffing and bullying” in his threats to shut down the government if a wall on the U.S.-Mexico border was not funded.

Waters stated – “You know, this president is a bully and he will try to intimidate all of us. He is not going to shut down anything. As a matter of fact, people will remember that he said he was going to build this wall and he was going to make Mexico pay for the wall. They said they weren’t going to pay for anything. Now he wants the American citizens to pay for this wall. American citizens are not going to pay for this wall, he is not going to shut down the government and we are not going to be intimidated by his bluffing and bullying.”

The left is going bonkers over her statements saying that she “humiliated” Trump. Here’s a tweet from a liberal with the video of Waters.

Attempt to attribute the booming economy to President Trump’s predecessor, former President Barack Obama, Waters expressed clearly faux concern about the deficit, as a result of the tax bill.

“Of course, the economy has improved, and of course he would like to take credit for all of that,” she told MSNBC anchor David Gura. “But in the final analysis, when this country understands and feels what has been done with the tax scam and what that’s going to do for our deficit in this country, it’s going to be reversed.”

Yet the disaster that is current American immigration, along with the current issues stemming from the massive influx of illegal aliens can be directly attributed to prior administrations, specifically the former Obama administration.

Take a trip down memory lane with me if you will and see that the former Obama administration set America up for failure regarding immigration and the illegal influx, according to Zero Hedge

  1. May 2011 – then-President Obama travels to the Rio Grande sector of the border to push for his immigration platform (ie. Amnesty). He proclaims the border is safe and secure and famously attacks his opposition for wanting an “alligator moat”.
  2. November 2012 – A Presidential Election year, Obama is running for re-election. He campaigns using wedge issues and buzzwords like the so-called “War on Women” along with “Immigration / Amnesty”, then-candidate Obama promises to push Congress for “amnesty”, under the guise of “Comprehensive Immigration Reform”, if re-elected. President Obama goes on to win re-election against Mitt Romney.
  3. December 2012 – Immediately following re-election, now President Barack Obama signs an Executive Order creating the “Deferred Action Program“, or DACA thus, allowing millions of illegal aliens to avoid deportation.
  4. According to the White House’s own internal documents and research, DACA is what Central American communities immediately began using as the reason for attempted immigration.
  5. In both (A) Border Control Study; and (B) DHS intelligence report; the DACA program is specifically mentioned by name by the people apprehended attempting to illegally cross at the border in 2013 and 2014.
  6. May 2013 – then-President Barack Obama visits South America. Following a speech for Mexican entrepreneurs, Obama then traveled to Costa Rica, his first visit as president. In addition to meetings with Costa Rican President Laura Chincilla, President Obama attended a gathering of leaders from the Central American Integration System, (CAIS).  The regional network includes the leaders of Belize, El Salvador, Guatemala, Honduras, Nicaragua, and Panama. Then-President Obama meets directly with the leaders of the Central American Countries.
  7. Summer 2013 – Numbers of Illegal Unaccompanied Minors reaching the Southern U.S. border from El Salvador, Guatemala, Honduras, Nicaragua doubles. 20,000+ reach U.S. Southern border by traveling across the Southern border through Mexico. The Mainstream Media primarily ignores.…
  8. October 2013 – White House receives notification that tens of thousands of illegal Unaccompanied Minors should be anticipated to hit the Southern U.S. border the following Summer in 2014.
  9. An estimated 850% increase in the number of Unaccompanied Alien Children (UAC’s) were reported to the White House. For reference, in 2012, less than 10,000 were projected to arrive.…January 2014 – In response to the projections, the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) posts a jobs notification seeking bids to facilitate 65,000 Unaccompanied Alien Children.…
  10. January 2014 – In response to the projections, the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) posts a jobs notification seeking bids to facilitate 65,000 Unaccompanied Alien Children.… It is important to note – This job posting was January 2014. The Obama administration was *planning for* 65,000 childhood arrivals. Yet in January 2014 they were taking contractor bids for services to be used later in the year. As they hoped, almost no-one noticed. On January 29, 2014, the federal government then posted an ad seeking bids for a vendor contract to handle “Unaccompanied Alien Children“. Not just any contract mind you, a very specific contract – for a very specific number of unaccompanied minors: “65,000.”…
  11.  Just two weeks later in February 2014 – President Obama visits Mexico for “bilateral talks”, in an unusual and unscheduled one day visit.
  12. Spring 2014 – After a full year of DACA, as well as successful transport and border crossing without deportation – DHS begins to notice a significant uptick in the number of criminal elements from El Salvador, Guatemala, Honduras, and Nicaragua; which have joined with unaccompanied minors to gain entry.
  13.  2014 internal administration DHS documents reveal that “refugee” status is now being used by both criminal cartels, and potentially by Central American governments to send prison inmates into the U.S.
  14. June 2014 – Tens-of-thousands of unaccompanied minors from El Salvador, Guatemala, Honduras, and Nicaragua hit the border and the headlines. Despite specific documentation that denotes prior planning and prior internal notifications, the White House claims it did not see this coming. Internal documents including a –DHS Border Security Alert– show that in March 2014, a full three months prior the White House was aware of exactly what would be arriving in June 2014.
  15. June 20th 2014 – Congressional leadership and key Latino Democrats from the Democrat Hispanic Caucus meet with representatives from El Salvador, Guatemala, Honduras, and Mexico.…
  16. June/July 2014 – By the end of June 2014, the massive influx is so large it can no longer be ignored and the media pick up the story. It is dubbed “A Border Crisis”. However, the White House is desperate to avoid any possible connection to the known criminal elements within the story.
  17. July 3rd, 2014 – Then-President Obama requests $3,700,000,000 ($3.7 billion) in supplemental budget appropriations claiming it is to deal with the “border crisis.” Yet only $109 million is for actual border security or to be put towards any efforts to stop the outflow from El Salvador, Guatemala, Honduras, and Nicaragua across the border and into America. Hidden within the massive budget request is Obama seeking legal authorization to spend taxpayer funds for lawyers and legal proceedings on behalf of unaccompanied minors and their families. Congress is being asked to approve/fund executive branch’s violation of immigration law (DACA).
  18. Section 292 of the Immigration and Nationality Act specifically prohibits representation of aliens “in immigration proceedings at government expense“. Yet then-President Obama specifically and explicitly authorization to use taxpayer funds to provide Illegal Aliens with government lawyers at American taxpayer expense in defiance of the law.
  19. July 10th, 2014 – Facing pushback from Congress due to the express and explicit violations, as well as sticker shock at the amount he is requesting, President Obama sends his DHS team to Capitol Hill to begin a concerted propaganda campaign ramping up anxiety, and threats of consequences:…
  20. “We are preparing for a scenario in which the number of unaccompanied children apprehended at the border could reach up to 90,000 by the end of fiscal 2014,” Johnson’s testimony reads:…
  21.  Not only did the White House know what was going to happen documented as far back as 2012, perhaps further, but White House actually constructed events to fall into a very specific pattern and intentionally did NOTHING to stop the consequences from the DACA executive order issued in December 2012.

This was the origin of the crisis. It was manufactured under the Obama administration starting with DACA. This was intended to be an ongoing issue utilized to open American borders, creating a political climate where very specific and overarching agenda could be pushed. If there was a specific agenda that received pushback, then dissension was sown utilizing the criminal element involved.

Massive illegal immigration was supported and is currently supported by both sides of the establishment cartel currently occupying Washington. The bought and paid for voices of the D.C. political despotry are utilizing this very manufactured crisis to keep borders open and the influx of illegal aliens as high as possible. This is now being used as a measure to oppose President Trump and one of the core points of his original presidential campaign.

Yet there are literally billions at stake. Illegal immigration is a lucrative business for them and the Washington criminal cartel never misses an opportunity to add a comma to their bank balance or fatten their wallets. Many organizations for the past 15 years have used illegal immigration and refugee resettlement to their financial benefit. They do not want anything to happen to their cash cow.

For example – one company, known as Southwest Key has been given $310,000,000, in taxpayer funds so far in 2018. And that is JUST one company, for a portion of a single year. Prior CTH research showed this specific “Private Company” nets 98.76% of earnings from government grants.…

Then there are organizations like Lutheran Immigration and Refugee Service, which provides foster care and other child welfare services to migrant children. “Faith-Based Immigration Services” is a code-speak for legalized human smuggling.…

These immigration groups, get *MASSIVE* HHS grants and then pay-off the DC politicians and human smugglers. Billions of dollars are spent, and the business end of immigration has exploded in the past six years. It is a vicious cycle. Trafficked children are more valuable than adults because the organizations involved get more funding for a child than an adult. Each illegal alien child is worth about $56,000 in grant money. The system is full of fraud.

President Trump is attempting to confront this unified interest. All political opposition to the Trump administration on this issue is structured, planned and coordinated. The issue is a valuable tool for the professional political class to sow chaos and dissent amongst the American people, and they will continue to do so, and they will continue to do so.

Inside the beltway and the mainstream activist media, there is an infestation of illegal immigration supporters. Approximately 65% of the money HHS provides is spent on executive pay and benefits, opaque administrative payrolls, bribes, kickbacks to DC politicians and payoffs to the South and Central American smugglers who bring them more aliens to traffic across the border. They are aided and abetted by the mainstream activist media.

Meanwhile, as best it can be determined, approximately 35% ($19,000) of HHS funds are spent on the alien/immigrant child – maybe. The numbers and accounting get rather sketchy the deeper you go.  Beyond the usual enrichment schemes and fattening of Washington wallets, the entire process of illegal immigration, and Washington-DC legalized human trafficking, there are the “side benefits” for those with no soul choosing to participate including child sexploitation, child labor, and far worse than you could ever imagine.

By threatening to secure the border, President Trump is threatening a Washington DC-based business model that makes a significant amount money for a plethora of connected interests.

This may explain why the left, including Waters, Chuck Schumer, Nancy Pelosi, Keith Ellison, Paul Ryan, Bob Corker, and many others are so hellbent on opposing anything and everything that President Trump does with regards to illegal immigration.


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Simone Biles Speaks Out After Interim USA Gymnastics President Blasts Nike and Kaepernick




* By

Political correctness is a severe cancer in this world. I’m so tired of people apologize for something that needs no apology. If you are going to speak out about something…don’t apologize.

Don’t worry Simone Biles, it’s not like people are entitled to their opinion or that are shills for Big Corporations like dictating how everyone should think.

Dear Simone, stick to being a gymnast. Go on and keep making your money from a fascist company.

From Western Journal:

USA Gymnastics has found itself mired in perpetual controversy in recent years

The snowball began rolling in earnest when the horrific allegations of sexual abuse against team doctor Larry Nassar surfaced in 2015.

Obviously, Nassar’s actions are unforgivable and he deserves every last second of what is effectively a life sentence in prison.

After taking care of Nassar, the hounds of justice set their sights on USA Gymnastics itself. Any organization that could have been so unaware of the horrors taking place right under its nose deserve the accompanying scrutiny.

Former USA Gymnastics president Steve Penny was forced to resign by the USOC after his horrible mishandling of the Nassar scandal.

His replacement, Kerry Perry, also ended up being forced to resign after her leadership was questioned by USOC.

Now, Perry’s replacement, Mary Bono, has also found herself in controversy, though nothing as serious as the last two.

Bono, a former Republican congresswoman in California, was barely on the job when a month-old tweet of hers resurfaced.

“Playing in a charity golf tournament raising for our nation’s Special Forces operators and their families. Unfortunately, had these shoes in my bad. Luckily I had a marker in my bag too,” Bono said in a since-deleted tweet.

The accompanying picture showed her using a black marker to hide the Nike logo on a shoe.

Regardless of how you feel about Nike’s divisive ad featuring Colin Kaepernick, Bono is more than entitled to her opinion. Yes, she put Nike, and by extension Kaepernick, on blast for the latter’s rhetoric. But she’s hardly exclusive in her feelings. Bono is just one of many Americans who feel that Kaepernick’s anthem protests were disrespectful to the flag, the military and the police.

While Bono is obviously allowed to voice her opinion, she unfortunately also drew the ire of her organization’s premiere athlete, Olympic gold medalist Simone Biles.

“Don’t worry, it’s not like we needed a smarter usa gymnastics president or any sponsors or anything,” Biles wrote in a blistering response tweet prefaced by a “mouth drop.”

While USA Gymnastics hasn’t had a team sponsor since late 2017, Biles is personally sponsored by Nike, according to ESPN.

Perhaps realizing that Biles is the one gymnast she cannot afford to alienate, Bono promptly deleted the tweet and issued an apology.

“I regret the post and respect everyone’s views & fundamental right to express them. This doesn’t reflect how I will approach my position @USAGym I will do everything I can to help build, w/ the community, an open, safe & positive environment,” Bono said in her apology tweet.

It would be nice to think that this will be the final controversy USA Gymnastics will have to deal with for a while. But if recent history is any indication, that seems almost impossible.

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INCREDIBLE Sight Last Night in Pensacola Florida Last Night Before Trumps Arrival




* By

President Trump is an awesome human being. You don’t have to call and beg for help on President Trumps watch, with ever disaster he has been there for each one.

This is a man who truly cares for the American people. It’s nice to have a President that cares.

From ABC News:

Five days into the aftermath of the most disastrous hurricane to hit the Florida Panhandle, survivors are beginning the long road to recovery as officials continue to search for dozens still missing.

Hurricane Michael’s death toll has climbed to 18.

Officials expected the number of people killed by the storm to increase as crews sifted through the wreckage of once-bustling oceanside cities, including Mexico Beach and Panama City Beach, the Associated Press reported.

View of the damaged caused by Hurricane Michael in Mexico Beach, Fla., Oct. 13, 2018.

Candace Phillips sifts through what was her third-floor bedroom while returning to her damaged home in Mexico Beach, Fla., Oct. 14, 2018, in the aftermath of Hurricane Michael.

The powerful storm sounded like a freight train when it barreled into Panama City, said resident Jackie Lane, who was overcome with emotion recalling her experience to ABC News on Monday.

Crews Hard at Work in Florida

Video shows the massive response to Florida to help rebuild after Hurricane Michael. Utility worker Brian Kannada recorded it at the Pensacola Fairground, which is full of equipment awaiting departure to Panama City.

Posted by Fox News on Sunday, October 14, 2018

Lane, her husband and her son rode out the storm in an inn down the street from her home. She and her son raced into the bathtub, she said, as her husband sat on the floor and put his feet up against the bathroom door to hold it.

“It was already splitting,” she said of the door, her voice shaking, “and the roof came, the ceiling came off.”

“For about three hours it just sucked us in and sucked us out, sucked us in and sucked us out,” she said. “I thought I was gonna lose my husband cause the door was cracking. And the stove and refrigerator that was in there, we could hear them just backing together and clanging around. We seen the stove fly across us. We seen all the debris, trees, pieces of everything.”

The entire second story of that inn is now gone.

“We lost everything,” Lane said. “We’re lucky to have our lives.”

Lavonia Fortner helps her father-in-law, John E. Fortner, search for memorabilia his wife collected, in the aftermath of Hurricane Michael in Mexico Beach, Fla., Saturday, Oct. 13, 2018.

In nearby Mexico Beach, another town pulverized by Michael, 46 of those who didn’t evacuate were missing still missing on Sunday, the city’s mayor told ABC News.

Mayor Al Cathey said 289 people, including 10 children, decided to stay put despite evacuation orders, and rode out the Category 4 storm that made landfall on Wednesday. Michael devastated homes and businesses in Mexico Beach, which has a population of nearly 1,200.

This satellite image provided by DigitalGlobe shows part of Mexico Beach, Fla., Oct. 12, 2018.

Of the 18 people killed as the hurricane swept through the Florida Panhandle, Virginia, Georgia and North Carolina, only one confirmed death was reported in Mexico Beach. When Michael made landfall there, winds topped out around 155 mph.

Police made two sweeps of Mexico Beach on Wednesday morning and recorded the names of everyone who planned to stay, though officials said it’s impossible to know who might have left during or immediately after the storm.

View of the damaged caused by Hurricane Michael in Mexico Beach, Fla., Oct. 13, 2018.

Michael knocked out power across the South, and Sunday night almost 700,000 remained powerless across five states, including 188,000 in Florida.

The storm not only destroyed homes and business in the city, it destroyed the Mexico Beach Police Department.

“We don’t have a building — from my understanding, the water surge moved it off its foundation,” Police Chief Anthony Kelly told ABC News on Friday. “The officers, I finally made accountability of them all today, two days after the fact. … They’re not just my officers, the people that I work with, they’re my family.”

Emily Mitchell returned on Saturday afternoon to what was left of the house her family owned in Mexico Beach. The roof was ripped off and walls were blown in. She called it a “total loss.”

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