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Maine GOP Chairwoman: Susan Collins And Her Staff Bullied By Leftists



I watched the vote to confirm Judge Brett Kavanaugh as a Supreme Court Justice today. It was historic and I was thrilled to see him confirmed. There were plenty of protesters in the gallery, however, screaming and making a scene. But the vote went on and the high court has now taken a right turn for years to come.

Activists and radicals failed to convince enough senators to shoot down the Kavanaugh nomination. Now, they are calling for public harassment of those senators that did not bend to their will with accusations of them being “rape apologists.” These people seriously need mental intervention.

Senator Susan Collins (R-ME), who I have always considered a moderate Republican at best, led the way on the confirmation with an epic speech yesterday in Kavanaugh’s defense. The confirmation vote took place this afternoon and ended with a count of 50 ayes to 48 nays, cementing Kavanaugh’s seat among the other justices on the high court.

Collins gave a fiery speech yesterday that lasted more than 40 minutes. She explained how she came to her decision on Kavanaugh and she slammed the confirmation process that resembled a “caricature of a gutter-level political campaign” and said anti-Kavanaugh outside groups distorted the judge’s record with “over-the-top rhetoric.” It was one of the best speeches I have ever heard from the Senate floor.

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Collins’ strong stance comes with the requisite backlash from leftists. Radicals on Capitol Hill and on social media are targeting Collins and her colleagues over Kavanaugh being confirmed.

“Senator Susan Collins is the mother & grandmother of white women in America who gave us a Donald Trump presidency. The 53%,” tweeted Linda Sarsour, a far-left activist and a leader of the Women’s March that branded Collins a “rape apologist” after the speech. “She is a disgrace & her legacy will be that she was a traitor to women and marginalized communities. History will not treat her kindly.”

Sarsour continued with her vitriol even before Collins had finished her speech, “A white woman Senator is talking about [the] presumption of innocence that is never offered to Black men in America. You are watching white supremacy live on the Senate Floor.”

And it gets worse. From Fox News:

“Kat Calvin, the founder of anti-voter ID group “Spread the Vote” that claims to be non-partisan, urges people to publicly harass Collins over her voting decision.

“Never let Collins have a moment of peace in public again,” she wrote.

“The announcement of Collins’ voting intentions also fueled liberal activists’ hopes to use the issue to unseat the Maine senator in the 2020 election, despite being among the top 10 most popular senators in America.

“An anti-Collins fundraiser page raised nearly $3 million in pledges by Friday night, with the money going to her future opponent.

“If you fail to stand up for the people of Maine and for Americans across the country, every dollar donated to this campaign will go to your eventual Democratic opponent in 2020,” the fund’s organizers wrote. “We will get you out of office.”

“On Capitol Hill, the emotions reached a fever pitch, with multiple senators being targeted by loud campaigners.

“Shame, shame, shame,” screamed protestors at Democratic Sen. Joe Manchin as he announced his intention to cast his vote for Kavanaugh. The senator from West Virginia is expected to be the only Democrat voting for the nominee.

“South Carolina Senator Lindsey Graham, who was one of the most ardent supporters of the Kavanaugh nomination, was also accosted activists lamenting his role in the process.

“You old, white privileged patriarchy!” a woman shouted at Graham as he walked down the street to his car. The video was captured by the Daily Caller.

“Yeah, please move to South Carolina,” the senator fired back after the protester said she will vote him “out of office.”

“He added: “I hope you come. You’d be welcome in South Carolina.”

“The protests also spilled over to the home of Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell in Washington, D.C., with demonstrators holding a so-called “confirmation kegger.”

“The protest was organized by employees of the Center for Popular Democracy, a group that receives millions from wealthy liberal foundations and incites activists to commit civil disobedience acts, despite such activity being illegal under their tax-exempt status.

“Jennifer Flynn Walker, director of mobilization and advocacy at the Center for Popular Democracy, told HuffPost that the event was held to show McConnell that the Kavanaugh nomination hurt the country.

“We’re not even talking about the serious issues,” Walker continued. “That’s the thing about this protest today ― this is just ridiculous at this point. Half of the country is actually deeply hurt.”

“Essentially, we just think he’s a frat boy,” the CPD activist added, noting that Kavanaugh will do long-lasting damage to the country if he’s appointed to the high court.”

I know that some are talking about ‘healing’ now that the confirmation is over. I don’t see that happening. This is a permanent rift between the left and the right and it will only widen with violence and further confrontation.

Mitch McConnell is to be commended for handling all of this very well. He did his job admirably. He’s also denounced these radicals and their targeting of lawmakers this week. McConnell said the fight against this nominee reached “a fever pitch” that he has “never seen before.” “We will not be intimidated,” he added, pointing to protesters “chasing” senators around the Capitol.

Republicans should not be intimidated and like Lindsey Graham, they should fight back as much as they can.

In an interview with Breitbart News, Maine Republican Chairwoman Demi Kouzounas told host Matthew Boyle that Collins and her staff had been physically threatened, sent vulgar messages, and had bizarre things sent to them in the mail. Some of those things are profane by the way.

“The vulgarity is unbelievable … things like ‘I hope you’re raped. I hope that you’re stuck with an unborn baby from a rapist,’ … I mean who says these things? And where is the respect?” she said. That’s just it, there is no respect and the last resort for leftists is always violence and intimidation.

From Breitbart:

“Who says these things?” Kouzounas asked with disbelief, pointing out that Collins stood strong against the mob

“Even though she was bullied, and had aggressive pressure put on her, she didn’t crack, she basically stuck to a process and I think delivered a speech that I think every Republican and many Democrats and independents are thrilled with,” she said, praising Collins.

“Activists also sent Collins 3,000 coat hangers, accusing her of sentencing women to back-alley abortions as a result of her support for Kavanaugh.

“That’s totally disrespectful … It’s been a bullying type of rhetoric out there,” Kouzounas said.

“She suggested that the attacks from the left were turning off more independent voters and even Democrats.

“They don’t seem to understand this crazy left-leaning rhetoric out there,” Kouzounas said.”

Susan Collins and her staff face a tough row to hoe in Maine. Susan Rice is vowing to run against Collins and Stephen King has vowed that he will personally see her out of office. Conservatives in Maine should fight like there’s no tomorrow for Collins and show these bullies that we don’t cave to leftists. Collins did research and stood on her principles. Isn’t that what voters in Maine elected her to do?


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McCain took advantage of the fact that she is traveling to Britain to accept the Magnitsky award on behalf of her father. Her charges against President Trump are unfounded. He has aggressively fought against both Russia and China while in office. The Daily Caller has more on McCain’s bitter vitriol:

Meghan McCain criticized President Donald Trump on Wednesday for failing to “fight against [Russian President Vladimir] Putin’s global expansion and murderous regime.”

“I will be gone from @TheView tomorrow and Friday. I am going to London to speak @HouseofCommons and then to accept the Magnitsky award on behalf of my father and all who continue the fight against Putin’s tyrannous KGB dictatorship,” the co-host of the ABC talk show tweeted ahead of accepting the award for the late Arizona Republican Sen. John McCain.

“While the Trump’s and their administration continue to be too ignorant or too unscrupulous to fight against Putin’s global expansion and murderous regime -I promise on behalf of my father to spend the rest of my life doing all that I can to help fight and speak out against it,” she added.

McCain’s father passed away in August following a year-long battle with brain cancer. During her father’s eulogy, she appeared to use the opportunity to call out Trump over his “Make America Great” slogan.

“The America of John McCain has no need to be made great again because America was always great,” McCain shared. “We gather here to mourn the passing of American greatness, the real thing, not cheap rhetoric from men who will never come near the sacrifice he gave so willingly, nor the opportunistic appropriation of those who lived lives of comfort and privilege while he suffered and served.”

Daniel Vajdich, senior fellow at the Atlantic Council, and others have shared their beliefs that Trump’s been tougher on Russia than his predecessors.

“When you actually look at the substance of what this administration has done, not the rhetoric but the substance, this administration has been much tougher on Russia than any in the post-Cold War era,” Vajdich explained.

Under Trump’s administration, “some of the toughest sanctions in years” have been brought against Russia’s elite, according to a CNBC report. The president also approved the sale of weapons to Ukraine, something former President Barack Obama declined to do. He has also openly targeted Russia’s allies and strategic operations by ordering missiles to be fired at Syrian military sites.

The London event titled, “The McCain Legacy and the Magnitsky Act” will involve discussions about McCain’s role in passing the 2012 human rights act named after Sergei Magnitsky, who exposed money laundering and corruption in Putin’s regime, according to Newsweek.

The legislation promises to impose sanctions against countries found to have committed human rights abuses.

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GOP Announced That They’re Confirming Trump’s Picks – Dems About To UNLOAD




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As the most reliable and balanced news aggregation service in the world, RWN offers the following information published by Washington Times:

Republican senators will work through New Year’s Eve to confirm all of President Trump’s pending judicial nominees before the end of the year if Democrats try to obstruct the confirmation votes, Republican Sen. Tom Cotton said Wednesday.

Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell, Kentucky Republican, has made remaking the federal bench with a conservative bent a priority, and has more than 40 judicial nominees awaiting floor votes.

Before leaving Capitol Hill prior to the midterms, Republicans vowed to get them all confirmed during the lame-duck session before the incoming Congress begins in January.

“I know that Sen. McConnell has made a commitment that we’re not going to leave any judges behind over these next two months,” the Arkansas Republican told conservative host Hugh Hewitt.

He said Democrats have shown unprecedented obstruction, demanding the maximum amount of floor time to debate the president’s judicial picks.

“So it’s really up to them whether they want to confirm those on Christmas Eve or New Year’s Eve, or whether they want to confirm them earlier in December by yielding back the time,” Mr. Cotton said.

It’s not clear how much is possible.

Republicans and Democrats have been striking deals this year to go on vacation but before leaving confirming as many nominees as would have been approved had the Senate remained in session.

For example, before leaving Washington a month ago before the midterm elections, GOP leaders struck a deal with Democrats to confirm 15 judicial nominees.

While the Senate was away, the Judiciary Committee held confirmation hearings for 10 more judicial nominees over objections from Democrats.

California Sen. Dianne Feinstein, the top Democrat on the committee, sent a letter to Chairman Chuck Grassley, Iowa Republican, Tuesday demanding a second hearing for them.

No Democrats and fewer than three GOP members of the committee appeared at the hearings where three circuit court picks were considered.

“Every other Senate committee that had previously scheduled hearings when the Senate went into recess postponed their hearings. And, as you know, holding nominations hearings during a recess had never been done before in this committee without the consent of the minority,” Ms. Feinstein said in her letter.

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