Man-Bun Wearing Protester Gets In Trump’s Face, Instantly Regrets It After What Trump Does To Him

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President Donald Trump had some big-time fun at his rally in Duluth Minnesota. He was up on stage in front of the microphone and some protester started shouting and waving a picture of Trump. The picture was ripped out of his hands by Trump supporters, but that wasn’t the best part that happened. The president noticed the shenanigans going on in the crowd and he addressed it in the funniest way possible. Trump trashed the protester for having a “man bun” haircut and then asked if the guy was a man or woman. Not only did Trump go after that hideous haircut, but he also questioned the gender of the protester. He had the protesting gnat-like fellow removed from the event, taunting him on the way out to go home to mommy.

“President Donald Trump ridiculed a leftist protester at his rally in Duluth, Minnesota who had his long hair done up in a man-bun.
The protester shouted and waved around a photo of Trump before supporters ripped the sign out of his hands.

“Go home to your mom, darling. Go home,” Trump said. “Get him out of here.”

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As he was escorted out of the arena, Trump continued.

“Was that a man or a woman? Because he needs a haircut more than I do,” Trump said. “I couldn’t tell! I couldn’t tell!”

After tossing the protester out like a piece of old flavorless gum, the president continued with his event. “The president then transitioned back into criticisms of Democrats and the media, blaming each for the country’s immigration problems.

Wednesday night’s rally came hours after Trump signed an executive order to detain families apprehended at the border together. The decision came as a stark reversal after the president and his administration spent days claiming they could not address the practice of separating families.

The rally took place in Duluth, Minn., where he rallied support for Peter Stauber, a county commissioner and a retired police officer, who is running to represent the congressional district that contains Duluth.

After bringing Stauber on stage for brief remarks, the president launched into his usual list of talking points. He touted the economy, blamed Democrats for having weak positions on immigration and touted the results of his summit last week with North Korean leader Kim Jong Un.”

Make no mistakes about it because this isn’t the first time President Trump has dealt with hecklers. He tosses them out of events with ease and turns their anger into a joke that people laugh at. This video is another time he sent “darling” packing and on their way.

Protesters don’t realize that the only people who listen to them are themselves. No one else pays attention to protesters or their message. That’s because protesters are usually annoying and causing more disturbances than they are making points. For example, when someone who hates Trump shows up at an event filled with Trump supporters and starts yelling, then what exactly do they think is going to happen? Do they think that everyone will be like “oh my gosh, you’re right, let’s all sit down and talk about it?” That doesn’t ever happen. When protesters block traffic, do they really think the people in cars care about their reasons and messages? They don’t. No one does.

President Trump doesn’t seem to care about protesters nor listen to them and that seems to be the norm when it comes to the general public and their feelings towards protesters as well. Seeing people protest is like walking into a room full of gnats and flies – no one cares why they’re there, they just want them gone. Protesters haven’t figured this out yet. They haven’t figured out that they are their only audience, because barely anyone else is listening.

Perhaps when the angry protesters find a more effective way to deliver their message, then perhaps people will listen. Until then, they should stop getting on people’s nerves because no one is listening when they do that.


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