Maxine In Full Panic After Damning Video Surfaces – ‘Not What America Is Supposed To Be’

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The face of the Democratic Party is a withering 79-year-old lady who recently called for disruption and possibly violence towards the Trump supporters from the deepest depths of the intolerant liberal peril. The water runs deeper than the Thailand cave that boys and a coach are trapped in as she spews her venom towards anyone who thinks differently and summons her heathens in the form of the gender confused liberals and anyone willing to act intolerantly towards others just for supporting the President of the United States.

It’s as if supporting your president is a bad thing. It’s not, but that’s what people like Maxine Waters want you to think and now she must be in full panic mode after this latest video of her was spotted on TMZ’s YouTube page. She claims things like this is not what America is supposed to be like, but she’s living in a mansion while the people of her 43rd district are sleeping on the sidewalks. She’s talking up a big anti-Trump storm while her people are living in more squalor than Frank Gallagher from ‘Shameless.’

Does Maxine Waters live in the same clueless “all about me” bubble that the Hollywood stars live in? Do people like her forget about the people like us who work 10+ hours a day trying to get by? Does she think everyone lives in a mansion? Has she ever stepped foot on the streets of her California district where the city is littered with human feces and literally a sh*thole?

Here’s one of Maxine Waters’ latest videos and it’s quite a doozy.

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Here’s Maxine Waters’ district. It sure doesn’t look like someplace I’d want to visit.

They’re driving through what looks like a completely impoverished area sprinkled generously with litter, homeless, drug users, and people who are likely spreading diseases while they squat on the pavement because there’s no where else to use the bathroom. It’s to the point where a once nice town is starting to look like a third world country destroyed by the inability to civilize.

At one point Maxine Waters was forced to cancel an event due to d***h threats, but many wonder if that was nothing more than a lie and a publicity stunt. As much time as I spend navigating Facebook groups and reading comments, I don’t usually see people advocating for violence. Most people just make jokes or debate her policies, but people on the GOP side aren’t the ones calling to hurt people or bother them in public. They might say some rude things here or there, but they’re not leaving the comfort of their keyboard or bothering people outside of the monitor. That’s where people like Maxine Waters calling for nasty behavior has messed up big time.

I am always confused about how she landed a job in politics. I always wonder about the mental capacity of the people who thought she was fit for politics. I suppose by a matter of statistics, that not everyone in politics will be a peachy keen bright apple and shining spot in the world. For every ten people working hard to help the American people, no matter what party they’re in, there will always be a dark cloud over the horizon that acts like Maxine Waters. The big mouthpiece of California and poverty pimp certainly doesn’t lead by example. At her age, she doesn’t care how ridiculous she sounds. One Maxine Waters video even shows Maxine Waters tell the truth about the Democrat Party and people just act like it didn’t happen.

Which brings us to another point – at what point does someone who calls for aggravated disruption and horrible behavior from her followers face some variant of a ethics compliance violation?

How much of her rash behavior will her fellow Democrats endure? Seems like no so much as the other two giblets of the Democrat party had enough of Maxine’s scratchy rash nonsense. People like Chucky Schumer and Nancy Pelosi might be parting ways with the bass mouth Waters.

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