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Melania Leaves People Stunned In New Pic Of Her Alongside Pres. Trump



President Donald Trump and First Lady Melania took the time to tour the neonatal intensive care unit local children’s hospital in Columbus, Ohio. Nationwide Children’s Hospital treats babies born affected by the opioid epidemic that is burning a destructive path across this nation.

Health and Human Services Secretary Alex Azar and Sen. Rob Portman (OH-R) along with Presidential counselor Kellyanne Conway accompanied the First Couple on the tour, in an effort to call attention to the plight of infants born addicted to drugs such as opioids. Naturally, Melania was the epitome of class – wearing a polka dot blouse underneath a white suit and looking stunning. In her usual inimitable style, Melania donned her suit jacket over her shoulders rather than wearing it.

Both President Trump and Melania have expressed a desire to remain focused on the epidemic of opioid addiction that is killing tens of thousands of people a year.

Melania looked lovely for the visit. She rocked a polka dot top underneath a white suit. Per usual, she had her suit jacket thrown over her shoulder rather than wearing it, as has become a rather signature look for Melania.

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The use of opioids during pregnancy can result in a drug withdrawal syndrome in newborns called neonatal abstinence syndrome (NAS). The National Institute on Drug Abuse said that more than 21,000 babies were born with the syndrome in 2012, the most recent data available. Experts believe that number to be significantly higher at this time due to the worsening opioid crisis.

A baby is born suffering from NAS every 25 minutes with the average NAS baby spending approximately 16.9 days in the hospital at birth.  This is compared to just  2.1 days for those babies born without NAS. NAS affected babies cost hospitals on average an estimated $1.5 billion extra per year. 81% of these charges were paid by state Medicaid programs funded by taxpayers. Newborns with NAS are also more likely to suffer from low birth weight and respiratory complications.

“The Trump administration will continue to take important actions to ensure fewer American families are devastated by this crisis next door,” the White House said.

After the tour, President Trump and Melania, along with other members of the group met with about a dozen children ranging in ages from about 4 years old to about 6 years old in a brightly colored playroom. Conway.

Leading the White House effort to combat opioid addiction is Kellyanne Conway. Conway stated to President Trump that one young girl wants to be the first female president.

“Is that right?” President Trump asked.

Conway quipped back – “I told her we kept open the job for the first female president,” in an apparent reference to President Trump’s epic electoral defeat against Hillary Clinton in 2016.

Meanwhile, rather than reporting on the intended purpose of the visit to raise awarness for infants born with NAS or what was accomplished to that end, the mainstream media chose to take issue with the fact that these adults chose to sit down and color pictures with the children of American flags and hearts with red, white and blue stripes.

As Slate reported, a photo posted on Twitter seems to show that the president colored in a blue stripe on the U.S. flag. Naturally, the mainstream media propagators went crazy claiming that President Trump does not even know how to color the flag of the country he is supposed to lead!

According to Slate, “a photo posted on Twitter seems to show that the president colored in a blue stripe on the U.S. flag.”

Meanwhile, the ravages of the opioid epidemic can be seen across the nation – killing tens of thousands of people a year. From the delivery room to the living room, to the schoolroom, and even beyond the effects can be felt. There is no denying this level of addiction is catastrophic to the nation as a whole. The use of opioids during pregnancy can result in a drug withdrawal syndrome in newborns called neonatal abstinence syndrome (NAS). The opioid crisis is killing tens of thousands of people a year.

A baby is born suffering from NAS every 25 minutes and on average spends 16.9 days in the hospital at birth, compared to just  2.1 days for those born without NAS. NAS affected babies cost hospitals on average an estimated $1.5 billion extra per year. 81% of these charges were paid by state Medicaid programs funded by taxpayers. Newborns with NAS are also more likely to suffer from low birth weight and respiratory complications.

Zero Hedge reports –

“According to the CDC’s Mortality and Morbidity Weekly Report, the number of overdose deaths involving fentanyl and fentanyl analogs doubled in the last several years.

The third wave of the opioid epidemic is here, as new synthetics [fentanyl analogs] that are 10,000 times as potent as morphine and used to tranquilize elephants are attributing to the latest surge in deaths.

The new report examined fatal overdoses that tested positive for fentanyl and compound variations of the drug from July 2016 to June 2017 in 10 states: Kentucky, Maine, Massachusetts, New Hampshire, New Mexico, Ohio, Oklahoma, Rhode Island, West Virginia and Wisconsin.

The findings suggest the opioid epidemic has taken a turn for the worse, as the nation is not prepared for the next parabolic rise in overdoses that could severely strain the economy and or government.

Researchers report that among 11,045 fentanyl overdose deaths examined in 10 states, 2,275 (20.6 percent) decedents tested positive for fentanyl analogs and 1,236 (11.2 percent) tested positive for carfentanil. Researchers also detected fourteen different compound variations of the drug.”


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Kurt Russel SHOWED Overpaid Celebs To Shut Up About Trump – Hits Them Where It Hurts!




* By

Since the second that Donald Trump was declared as our next president, liberals have not stopped complaining about the outcome, even after more than a year with him in the White House. The despicable display reached the height of annoyance during every ego-stroking awards ceremony since President Trump was elected. All have turned into a Trump-trashing session for pissed of celebrities to get far too much off their chest about our unapologetic leader.

However, not everyone in Hollywood shares the same opinion as the most outspoken offender, Meryl Streep, as Kurt Russell just showed her and all of Trump’s other famous foes that it’s time to shut up about our president.

If you haven’t heard much from Russell lately, it’s because he falls into the rare category of celebrities who isn’t crying over Hillary Clinton’s loss and doesn’t feel that he needs to make his political opinions known. He’s simply doing what he’s paid well to do and wishes others in the biz would too. Since they continue to throw tantrums and trash Trump on a public stage, Russell reached his breaking point and finally fired back hard.

“This is a business that’s heavily promulgated by people who have a politically liberal bent,” Russell began in his blistering beratement of these overpaid crybabies after what Streep said at the Golden Globes. “I don’t begrudge them that. I’m a libertarian; frankly, I think my liberalness goes far beyond theirs in a lot of ways,” he added, as reported by the American Lookout. “But yeah, we think differently, and maybe that’s cut me out of some things. I don’t care,” he said before dropping a brutal announcement on these Streep and her lemmings that left them burning.

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Explaining that they’re not empowered in this business by their disgraceful attitudes against our leaders, the badass actor said they better be prepared to put their money where their nasty mouths are since they could be out of work. “People know I get along great with all kinds of directors, all kinds of actors. And I tell you, you hire me, I will show up, 24/7, and I will give you 100%. I will help you fix whatever problems come up. You hire me, I’m your boy. It’s just, it’s all about the work. And when that’s done, I am done.”

Kurt has said recently that “the last thing I like to watch is entertainers or actors get political,” which he just proved by clearly pointing out that nobody cares what celebrities have to say about politics, and that their obnoxious behavior only shows how unemployable they are. They need to just stick to what they are overpaid to do and leave the rest to the adults in charge.

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Real American Tom Selleck Has Had Enough Of Rosie Trashing Trump, Hits Her Where It Hurts




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Rosie O’Donnell tends to stick her foot in her mouth every time she opens it. It’s as if her foot was metal, and her mouth is a magnet. I guess it’s better than having her head shove where the sun doesn’t shine. It’s no surprise that O’Donnell is as far left as they come. She has made many inflammatory remarks on subjects she really doesn’t have a clue about. You can only imagine what her morning routine must be like. Waking up, pissed off looking in the mirror and pointing at herself ” You can do it, Rosie, Republicans are the enemy, You’re a Goddess”. I’ve got news for Rosie, there isn’t a bone in my body that thinks you’re a Goddess.

Day after day, night after night Rosie takes to Twitter and attacks President Trump, as well as his 62 million supporters.

I think it’s time Rosie is locked up in a mental hospital for a very long time because this woman is beyond couch time. No therapist can handle the insanity this woman spews. Rosie, along with 99% of Hollywood are all on the same brain wave, and it’s scary. It’s no surprise Kanye West had a mental breakdown. If I lived in Hollywood I would probably do the same.

The now-canceled “Rosie O’Donnell Show” on NBC allowed Rosie to tell the world just how biased, and hateful she was as a person. It’s no surprise that Rosie’s show was canceled. The saying goes that if you live in Hollywood you can’t be a Conservative or a Gun owner. I think Tom Selleck found that out the hard way. Selleck appeared on the show once to talk about his new movie that was about to hit the big screen. Instead of talking about the show, Rosie decided to corner, and interrogate Mr. Selleck for appearing in an NRA commercial.

Via Capitalist Magazine:

In left-leaning Hollywood, one could more safely come out of the closet and admit to child molestation than a support of the Second Amendment. For Selleck’s colossal sin of being in Hollywood and conservative, the “Queen of Nice” jumped on Selleck the way Jeffrey Dahmer attacks a Chateaubriand.

O’Donnell: “But you can’t say that guns don’t bear responsibility. … Why would the NRA be against assault rifles? This is a gun that can shoot five bullets in a second. This is the gun that those boys brought into the school. Why the NRA doesn’t say as a matter of compromise: ‘We agree. Assault weapons are not good.’”

Selleck: “I can’t speak for the NRA –”

O’Donnell: “But you’re their spokesperson, Tom. You have to be responsible for what they say.”

Selleck: “I’m not a spokesperson –”

O’Donnell: “… But you can’t say that ‘I will not take responsibility for anything the NRA represents’ if you’re saying that you’re gonna do an ad for the NRA.”

Selleck: “… You’re carefully skirting the issue. It’s an act of moral vanity, Rosie, to assume that someone who disagrees with your political agenda to solve our problems cares any less or is any less –”

O’Donnell: “I never said you cared less. Tom, I don’t think you care less. Nor do I think the men in the NRA cared less. … I simply said, why can there not be a compromise?”

Selleck: “There is a compromise. There’s a compromise in enforcing laws, there’s a compromise in not allowing kids with guns in schools. The problem is, and what you don’t seem to realize. … Look, we all hang out with people we agree with, and you have a very one-sided view of the fact, but what you don’t understand –”

O’Donnell: “As does the NRA, and the people you hang out within the NRA have a one-sided view, as well.”

Had O’Donnell allowed him to speak, Selleck might have mentioned that people use guns perhaps as often as 1 million times per year for defensive purposes, undoubtedly preventing large numbers of murders.

Selleck might have said that Scotland and Ireland, countries with tough gun laws, have higher murder rates than the United States. Or that Switzerland, with a per-capita gun ownership higher than ours, has a lower murder rate.

Or that studies show that a woman who resists her attacker with a gun stands a better chance of avoiding injury or death. Or that convicted felons, when polled, say they are less likely to attack an armed person or enter a house where a gun is present. Or that Rosie O’Donnell does commercials for K-Mart, where one can purchase a rifle.

A piece of work, emotional liberals. – Capitalist Magazine

The NRA has been attacked for years for standing up to the Federal Government and making sure our Second Amendment rights are protected. There is no greater cause by the left than the one to take our Gun Rights away. The progressives know that as long as we keep in bare arms they can not control our lives like they want. Over the last four decades they have slowly started to disarm us, but with the election of Donald J. Trump, their efforts have failed. President Trump spoke at the National NRA Convention in Dallas, Texas this week. It’s nice to see someone in high office standing up for the rights given to us by God.

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