Everyone Missed Stunning Reason Melania Picked Mt Vernon for French Pres. Visit – She’s Brilliant!

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French President Emmanuel Macron and wife Brigitte were guests of President Donald Trump and wife Melania as they endured their first state visit and enjoy a glamorous state dinner on Tuesday. The dinner setup worked on by Melania is reported to be fantastic, but there was something else that was just as great and it almost went unnoticed. The Trump family took the Macrons from the White House to Mt. Vernon in Virginia, where there’s a little secret that some people aren’t fully aware of.

Melania picked Mt. Vernon for a very specific reason that proved to be very honorable and impressive. Day after day she continues to shine in her position as the first lady, proving herself even though she doesn’t need to.

The reason she took the French family to Mt. Vernon in Virginia is purely patriotic! It is the location preserved as George Washington’s home. It was a very historic moment to take the French President and his wife to the location of the home of the first American President.

The Daily Caller provided more insight: “Mrs. Trump’s selection of Mount Vernon reflects her desire to highlight our country’s history and traditions through her public events. As the home of our first, First Family, President George and Martha Washington, Mount Vernon is representative of America’s path to freedom as well as a not-so-well-known connection with France.

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George Washington was granted honorary French Citizenship by the National Assembly of France in 1792, illustrating the deep transatlantic connections between the American and French Revolutions. Even Jacques Cousteau, the famous French undersea explorer and environmentalist; celebrated his 75th birthday at Mount Vernon. Many artifacts of French origin can be found at Mount Vernon, including a 309-piece service, President Washington purchased from the departing French minister, Comte de Moustier. Other items from France, including gifts from Marquis de Lafayette (Following the Revolutionary War, George Washington, Marquis de Lafayette, and their families exchanged numerous gifts and tokens of affection), are located at Mount Vernon. Perhaps the most significant item is the key to France’s notorious prison, the Bastille, a gift from Marquis de Lafayette. Dozens of notable French visitors have made the pilgrimage to Mount Vernon starting in 1781.

The selection of Mount Vernon is also a nod to American Presidential history. President Reagan visited for the 250th Anniversary of the Birth of George Washington, and First Lady Laura Bush hosted a luncheon on the estate. Aside from past Presidents and First Ladies just going there to pay their respects, inspiration or curiosity there have been past state visits such as the State Dinner honoring President Mohammad Ayub Khan of Pakistan and his daughter, Naseem Akhtar Aurangzeb, July 11, 1961.”

It wasn’t just a cool place to visit for the Macrons, but Mt. Vernon has the underlying story about George Washington and his history with the French. Washington was an honorary citizen thanks to the National Assembly of France in 1792. There have been some great times during the transatlantic relationship with France and America and those times look to continue.

President Trump and Melania provided a very thoughtful trip for the Macron family, showing them respect and honor while treating them to good old fashioned America! It seemed like a very homely visit for the French family who traveled all the way here to spend time with the Trump family.

The Macron family posted a message from Emmanuel’s Twitter account.

Here are some other Tweets from Emmanuel Macron that caught people’s eyes and ears.

Facts don’t care about feelings, right?

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