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Melania’s Office Just Made Sudden Announcement About Special Mission She Going Solo On



Melania Trump’s striking independence and power will be highlighted as she makes a solo trip to Africa. The goal of her trip is to figure out what issues the children are facing and focus on humanitarian work. This is much more important that what Michelle Obama did when she tried to toy with the free school lunch program but ended up with kids throwing the food in the trash because it was barely edible.

Melania’s trip will cover several countries in an undisclosed schedule that they have not announced. They may not announce it to the public, but it will surely leak and she will probably have the press cover her on during the expedition to educate herself and learn about what’s going on there. She will likely face some sort of backlash from those who dislike her because they will possibly turn it into a spinned-out story that is just a far-fetched reach from the truth.

If Melania wears another funny jacket while boarding the plane, then that would certainly be hilarious, but also cause some in the media to have an absolute meltdown.

Breitbart stated: “First Lady Melania Trump’s office revealed Monday that she will be making her first trip to Africa in October to educate herself on issues facing children there and to highlight successful humanitarian work.

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“This will be my first time traveling to Africa and I am excited to educate myself on the issues facing children throughout the continent, while also learning about its rich culture and history,” Mrs. Trump said of the trip in a statement provided to Breitbart News and in an Associated Press report on the trip. “We are a global society and I believe it is through open dialogue and the exchanging of ideas that we have a real opportunity to learn from one another.”

“I look forward to highlighting the successful humanitarian work and development programs being done in many of the countries,” she concluded.

The trip will happen in October, according to AP. Mrs. Trump will visit several countries during her time on the continent, but which countries and exact dates have not yet been announced.

Grisham told AP the first lady learned about development programs, including U.S. investments in child health and education on the continent, and decided to make Africa her first major international trip without husband President Donald Trump.

Mrs. Trump has made the overall well being of children a focus of her BE BEST policy platform. She unveiled BE BEST in May with an additional emphasis on the role of adults in building up children to be successful in life.

Mrs. Trump has previously traveled extensively with the President to many countries in the Middle East, Europe, and Asia. This includes her recent trip with her husband to Brussels for the NATO summit, the United Kingdom for events with the Prime Minister and tea with the Queen, and to Helsinki, Finland, for the President’s meeting with the Russian President.”

Melania Trump is known to occassionally “troll” the media, so it will be interesting to watch what happens and see if she has another trick up her sleeve.

Many might also be wondering if Melania Trump will address the situation where white South African farmers are having their property siezed. White farmers are being targeted in South Africa. They have faced physical attacks and now they face land seizure, with over 100 farms on a list to be taken.

The leader of the EFF, Julius Malema, has issued a warning to President Trump to “stay out of South Africa’s domestic affairs.”

It was also reported that “Malema was responding to a tweet by Trump on Thursday in which he said he had asked his Secretary of State Mark Pompeo to “study South Africa’s land seizures and land expropriations and killings of white farmers”.

Trump’s tweets were met with criticism by many South Africans and the government.

Malema said the country had a deep history of oppression and inequality and the answer to this was land reform.
“We want to send a strong message to the USA authorities, just like we did to the Australian authorities, stay out of South Africa’s domestic affairs.

“South Africa is a post-colonial country ceased with deep racial inequalities that were long designed by apartheid and colonisation. Our land expropriation programme seeks to realise the ideal of equality and human dignity,” said Malema.

The EFF has been a strong supporter of land expropriation without compensation. The party had introduced a motion to amend the Constitution and allow for expropriation without compensation, which was supported by the majority of MPs in Parliament.

The party’s policy on land reform supports land expropriation without compensation and that land should be nationalised.

The ANC has been accused of kneeling to the EFF’s demands, following its recent announcement that it would support the amendment of the Constitution.
Malema labelled Trump a liar and said the party would not bow down to imperialism.

“Through land expropriation, we are forcing white people to share the land which was gained through a crime against the humanity of black and African people”

Will Melania Trump be in danger when she travels to Africa?


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