CNN Frantically Tries To Cut Off Kids Of Slain NYPD Cop As They Say Shocking Message To Trump!

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President Donald Trump honored a fallen police officer named Miosotis Familia during the National Peace Officers’ Memorial Service. Trump publicly thanked the officer, who lost her life as a result of crime while she was on duty, and what happened afterward sent another message that rippled like a tsunami going through the Democrat party. In particular, it looked really bad for former President Barack Obama.

After the service that honored Familia and other officers, it was Familia’s children who stepped up to the plate and knocked out a home run message for their fallen NYPD mother. Even better, the children delivered their message to CNN, which had no choice but to bear the truth and allow the young hearts to speak. It was what they said that sent chills down the spines of many, and it all centered back to President Trump.

The children thanked President Trump for what he did in his supportive gesture towards the police. This is something that many critics believe Obama may have lacked because so many people felt as though Obama caused a divide between the police force and citizens. Trump treats them a bit better and with a bit higher regard, at least that’s how it feels to many who look at things from both angles.

Here is the touching moment the children of Miosotis Familia talked to Alisyn Camerota of CNN and you can tell by her facial expressions that she’s not very happy about the kids being honest. She then tries to relate to them, but her facial expressions might speak more volumes. Watch the video.

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Trump honors fallen NYPD officer

The children of fallen NYPD Officer Miosotis Familia recall the "really unexpected, but really great" moment President Trump honored them on stage during the National Peace Officers' Memorial Service.

Posted by CNN Politics on Wednesday, May 16, 2018

The Daily Caller reported: “The children of slain NYPD officer Miosotis Familia who President Donald Trump honored on stage at the National Peace Officers’ Memorial Service thanked him for the gesture during a Wednesday morning interview on CNN.

“In his speech he was talking about some stories of the fallen officers that I guess really stood out and one of those stories happened to be my mom’s story and the tragedy surrounding her d***h and when he invited us up on stage, a moment like that was very — it was very important and for my mom’s heroism and her legacy to be acknowledged by the president of the United States was a very special moment for us,” her daughter told CNN.

Trump called Familia’s entire family on stage with him at the event. Trump held the hand of Familia’s elderly mother throughout the end of his speech and helped her off the stage.

Her son Peter recounted his feelings of having his family called on to the stage with Trump. “I was really happy that he called us up because I know that, you know, I’m honoring my mother and the fact that my mother’s name came out his mouth since he’s the president of the United States, I think that’s really huge, so, you know, I was delighted.”

It must be extremely difficult for children to lose their mother while she’s just doing her job. It’s hard for people to lose anyone they love. It may have been a warm gesture for President Trump to honor the lost hero and his kids, but the kids will have to still carry on without their loved one. They will need to be resilient and bounce back from a tragic loss that came at the hands of senseless crime.

The gesture from President Trump will help remind the young family members that people support them and are grateful for their mother’s service. This pushes the kids in the right direction, one of hope and gratitude, and towards working hard as individuals.

Hearing about this story might be eye-opening to who Trump really is as a genuine person. No amount of silly scandals brought upon him from those who oppose him winning the 2016 election can take away moments like this where he shows support for families of hard-working citizens who represent our country and provide their service.

Do you believe there is a big difference between the way President Trump treats military and law enforcement in comparison to how former President Obama was? What is your opinion on the differences and similarities between the two and their treatment of those who serve the country?

How do you feel about Miosotis Familia’s children giving their thanks to Trump on CNN? Do you think CNN felt awkward because they had to show someone being honest with how they felt towards Trump and it is in a positive manner? Will people who oppose Trump ever look at the positive things he’s done and ignore the constant scandals that others try to paint him in?

Write your thoughts below and share this with a friend who supports the police and the President.


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