Muslim In Full Burka Caught By Cop, Says She Can Do Whatever She Wants – Not Anymore!

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A woman was caught by police violating a law and what could have been a simple charge has turned into a much bigger situation. The police officer stopped the woman when he noticed her breaking the law and thinking that she can do whatever she wants. He then asked her a simple question and she refused to comply with the police officer’s direct orders. Anytime a criminal caught breaking the law defies the police, it often makes a small charge turn into something much bigger. In her case, she went to jail for a while.

It all started when the police officer in France saw the woman wearing a niqab that had her entire face covered. The law in France is that it’s illegal to wear the full-face veil and some members of the Muslim community are very unhappy about the law. However, there’s so much crime in France that originates from the refugees, so this is a way to help identify criminals by requiring that everyone shows their face. Most people don’t have a problem with this, but the woman who was sent to prison surely did.

When the police officer asked her to remove the cover from her face, she refused. That turned out to be a horrible action on her part as she was then arrested and placed in a police vehicle. It gets worse. After the police arrested her for breaking the law and refusing to comply with police orders, the cops were then surrounded by about 30 people and the officers were threatened. They had to use tear gas to disperse the irresponsible crowd who was trying to support the woman who was breaking the law. This particular arrest has allegedly lead to riots in which cars were torched.

The woman was jailed and fined for breaking the law and refusing to comply with police.

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RT reported more details: “A French court has handed a woman a six-month prison sentence for refusing a police officer’s request that she remove her niqab. The decision has sparked outrage in the French Muslim community.
The sentence follows the woman’s dramatic arrest in the southern city of Toulouse last month after she was stopped by police for wearing a full-face veil, which is illegal in France.

She allegedly showed a poor-quality photocopy of her identity card and refused to lift her veil to let the officers see her face. After numerous attempts to have her remove the veil, the woman began to scream for help.

The woman was placed under arrest and moved into a police vehicle. The police officers were then confronted by a group of approximately 30 people. Officers attempted to dispel the crowd using tear gas and by discharging their weapons. The incident is blamed for sparking furious riots in the city with more than a dozen cars burnt out over two nights of unrest.

The 37-year-old woman was handed the six-month sentence, with three months suspended, by the Toulouse Criminal Court on Thursday, FranceInfo reports. She was prosecuted for contempt, rebellion, and for making de-th threats against the police. She was also given a €100 fine and €1,000 in damages to be split between two police officers.”

How can you identify someone who is wearing this?

This story shows the courts following their laws and placing a violator in prison as well as fining her. On the contrary, in America, the story is quite different. The NYPD was once sued when they wanted Muslim women to remove their headscarves for an arrest picture. The arrest picture is about identifying someone, so any hats or headgear should always be removed so that police have an accurate display of identity on the photograph.

People were extremely upset when they learned that the NYPD was sued for doing their job and simply asking people to remove their clothing so the arrest picture would be accurate.

Religious or not, it doesn’t matter what hat or scarf someone is wearing on their head – they have to take it off for mugshots or arrest photos if they’re required to.

Some critics called the police ‘Islamophobes’ but they were simply following the rules and doing what they’re supposed to do. If a Yankees fan is arrested wearing a baseball hat, then they’re going to be asked to remove their hat for the mugshot. If someone is wearing a religious item on their head, then it doesn’t matter – they still have to remove it for the arrest photo.

What they should do is not get arrested in the first place.

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