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Nasty Mob Gets What They Deserve At Huge SCOTUS Protest Once Female Reporter Shows Up



Predictably the leftist progressives are losing their collective minds following President Donald Trump’s announcement of Brett Kavanaugh as his Supreme Court nominee to replace the retiring Justice Anthony Kennedy.

Following President Trump’s announcement that Kavanaugh would be President Trump’s choice to replace Kennedy, dozens of people began to gather at Trump Tower located in New York City’s Midtown area. The prevailing concern was that Kavanaugh would set the country back decades. Much of that fear is directed at the leftist fear-mongering campaign that took place upon the announcement of Kennedy’s retirement and the claims that President Trump’s newest Supreme Court pick would overturn the controversial Roe v. Wade decision from 1973 legalizing abortion.

What is shocking is the sheer vitriol behind the response including those in leadership in their response. Seven people, including a city council member, have been arrested for civil disobedience during protests that raged out of control on Monday night.

The protest began peacefully with people marching along the sidewalk chanting “Hey hey ho ho, Trump’s nominee has got to go!” Then things got ugly when a group of protesters chose to sit in the middle of Fifth Avenue near the intersection of 57th Street blocking heavy traffic. The NYPD was forced to begin arresting protesters and among them was City Councilman Jumaane Williams.

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The protests were not confined to New York City either. Protesters were present in cities across the country in opposition to all things Trump, including our nation’s capital – Washington D.C. – where many protesters gathered on the steps of the Supreme Court itself to express their displeasure at President Trump’s choice of Kavanaugh.

The anger of the mob forced Fox News reporter Shannon Bream to flee her live reporting station in front of the court for the safety of the nearby Fox studio. Bream originally planned to host a live show on the steps of the Supreme Court but was forced to move the broadcast for her own personal safety.

Bream tweeted of the volatile atmosphere – “Literally had to bail on our live show from #SCOTUS. Moving the show back to the safety of the studio. See y’all at 11p @FoxNews. Very few times I’ve felt threatened while out in the field. The mood here tonight is very volatile. Law enforcement appears to be closing down 1st Street in front of SCOTUS.”

Also among the protesters was Senator Bernie Sanders (VT-I), current senator of Vermont, former Presidential Candidate for the Democratic party, and self-professed socialist. Sanders was stirring up the crowd, inciting further discord regarding the Roe v. Wade decision, telling protesters they should be ready to challenge the nomination.

Sanders yelled at the crowd of protesters – “Are you ready for a fight? Are you ready to defend Roe vs. Wade? This is a tough fight but it is a fight that we can win. We have the American people on our side, now we have to go state by state by state to make sure senators do what their constituents want.”

Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer (NY-D) is another Democrat leading the charge in an effort to obstruct Kavanaugh’s appointment to the bench. Shortly after the announcement was made, Schumer tweeted – “I will oppose Judge Kavanaugh’s nomination with everything I have. Judge Kavanaugh got the nomination because he passed this litmus test, not because he’ll be an impartial judge on behalf of all Americans. If he were to be confirmed, women’s reproductive rights would be in the hands of five men on the Supreme Court.”

“Let’s be clear: a vote for Kavanaugh would be a vote to rip health care from American families and deny women their constitutional right to make their own health care decisions,” DNC Chair Tom Perez claimed.

53-year-old Kavanaugh is a currently a judge on the US Court of Appeals for the Washington DC circuit who has a background in politics. Prior to his nomination to the Washington DC circuit court back he was Bush’s White House staff secretary and worked for Bush during the 2000 Florida vote recount. He is a Yale Law School graduate.

Some have voiced objections to Kavanaugh as simply another Justice John Roberts. Others have complained he came straight out of the Ivy League and to Washington. He has never practiced law outside the beltway but took the direct route to the Bush White House. He served as staff secretary for former President George W. Bush, Jr. as well as working on the Florida recount during the contested Gore versus Bush election for the nation’s 43rd president.

In 1998, Kavanaugh co-wrote an impeachment report on Bill Clinton with special counsel Kenneth Starr. In the report, he argues for a broad definition of obstruction of justice – a crime for which special counsel Robert Mueller is reportedly investigating Trump.

Senator Richard Blumenthal (CT-D) is already demanding that Kavanaugh recuse himself on all matters regarding Mueller and the Russian collusion investigation. Sen. Justin Amash (MI-R) has also expressed his own reservations with Kavanaugh’s nomination citing considerable concern with regard to Kavanaugh’s previous ruling regarding the constitutionality of government surveillance of the American populace.

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Kavanaugh also played a role in the highly visible and contentious Elian Gonzales and Terri Schiavo cases. Last year, Kavanaugh ruled to prevent a teenager in immigrant detention from getting an abortion in Garza v. Hargan. When the ruling was later overturned by the full court, he claimed the decision would give immigrant minors a right to “immediate abortion on demand”. The judge has also frequently ruled against Obama-era environmental regulations and said he would like to strike down Washington DC’s ban on certain semi-automatic long guns.

Kavanaugh’s critics believe his actions in the teen-immigrant abortion case demonstrate an overt tendency to compromise that could signal an unwillingness to make waves on the Supreme Court. In a 2011 opinion, he wrote that the Affordable Care Act’s individual mandate could be made a “tax, not a fine,”  therefore providing a vehicle to allow a 2012 Supreme Court ruling that many Republicans believe saved the wildly unpopular 2010 healthcare law.

Kennedy was known as the swing vote on key issues, including abortion, same-sex marriage, and affirmative action. Leftists believe Kavanaugh could potentially signal the end of Roe v. Wade and their ability to escape consequences by murdering their offspring in the womb.

As pro-abortion folks flip their collective lids over the possibility of the overturn of Roe v. Wade with the replacement of Justice Kennedy and his swing vote….a couple of important factors to keep in mind —

  1. Roe v. Wade has a companion decision known as Doe v. Bolton. Both decided on the same day with Roe in Texas & Doe in Georgia. The decisions are always read together. Overturning Roe still leaves Doe intact.
  2. An overturning of Roe v. Wade does not outlaw abortion. It merely takes the federal government out of the equation allowing each state to decide whether they will allow abortion in their collective states or not.
  3. While I am vehemently & unapologetically pro-life & under NO circumstances do I find abortion an acceptable option, I also fully comprehend, & you should as well, that you cannot legislate morality.

This is an issue of the heart and mind. Abortions of various forms have been happening for centuries. While I very much want to see the overturn of this disgusting legal precedent brought forth by feminist attorneys that took advantage of a desperate woman, I also grasp that unless hearts and minds are changed and life is again viewed as the precious gift that it is – not much is going to change, at least with regards to the Roe v. Wade issue.


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WATCH: Alec Baldwin tells donors to ‘Overthrow’ Trump at Democrat Fundraiser




* By

These Hollywood lunatics don’t seem to get it. The more they make threats towards our President..The more they fire up the American people. So please..keep it up. That giant red tsunami is coming in November.

Baldwin’s career is so in the gutter that the only job he can get is being unfunny on SNL.

Oh..and by the way..‘The Alec Baldwin Show’ Premiere Totally Bombs. Breitbart has more on that story.

From Fox News:

MANCHESTER, N.H. – Less than 24 hours after reprising his Emmy Award-winning parody of President Trump on “Saturday Night Live,” Alec Baldwin took aim at the president again.

“In an orderly and formal way, and lawful way, we need to overthrow the government of the United States under Donald Trump,” Baldwin said Sunday night at a major fundraising dinner for New Hampshire’s Democratic Party.

“I flew here this morning after doing ‘Saturday Night Live’ last night,” the actor, comedian and longtime liberal political activist told a crowd of some 800 party office-holders, candidates, officials and activists, drawing loud applause.

Baldwin said his role as Trump on “SNL” wasn’t supposed to last as long as it has.

“‘Just three shows,’ he said,” Baldwin recalled “SNL” producer Lorne Michaels saying as he tried to convince the actor to portray then-candidate Trump. “‘Till the election,’ he said. ‘Then he’ll be gone,’ he said. ‘Three shows. It will be fun,’ he said.”

But Trump’s victory over Hillary Clinton in the 2016 presidential election resulted in an extension of Baldwin’s run on the late-night comedy show – including this weekend’s opening sketch about Trump’s recent meeting with rapper Kanye West.

Turning serious, Baldwin then rallied the crowd to vote in next month’s midterm elections, saying “this election and the one that follows in 2020 will be the most consequential elections since the election of FDR.”

He added: “It is time to overthrow the government of Donald Trump — not in a violent way or unlawful way — but it must be overthrown nonetheless.”

Baldwin ended his nearly 20-minute-long speech by putting his own spin on the president’s famous campaign slogan.

“Let’s make America great again by making Donald Trump a casino operator again,” he said.

“Let’s make America great again by making Donald Trump a casino operator again.” — Alec Baldwin

Some New Hampshire Republicans criticized the state’s Democrats for choosing Baldwin as their keynote speaker. They pointed to Baldwin’s past problematic behavior, including making abusive comments to and about women, and making homophobic remarks.

Taking questions from reporters after his speech, Baldwin didn’t directly answer.

“Most of the time people are trying to tar me with a brush about defending Woody Allen,” he said, referring to the filmmaker who has long faced allegations of sexual assault, which he has denied.

Baldwin also told reporters that he’s “always dreamed” of running for office himself, but explained it’s not in the cards for him at this time.

“My wife told me she’d divorce me if I ran for office,” he joked.

He also downplayed suggestions that his Democratic activism would limit the success of “The Alec Baldwin Show,” his new venture on ABC.

Baldwin has long been a backer of Democratic candidates and causes. He famously declared that he’d move to Canada if then-Texas Gov. George Bush won the 2000 presidential election. Though Bush did win, Baldwin didn’t move.

More recently, Baldwin campaigned last year for Democrat Ralph Northam in Virginia’s hotly contested gubernatorial election. And last November he headlined the Iowa Democrats’ major fall fundraising gala.

New Hampshire is the state that holds the first presidential primary every four years — and Sunday night’s dinner over the years has been a key stop for potential Democratic White House hopefuls.

Baldwin previously made headlines in June when he told radio host Howard Stern that if he made a 2020 presidential bid, he would beat Trump.

“If I ran, I would win,” Baldwin said. “I would absolutely win.”

Baldwin said Sunday that if he had decided to run, “I thought it would be such a pleasure to go around the country and try to remind people that, Let’s get back to a time of common sense.”

But Baldwin said he’s not very optimistic when he considers the potential field of Democrats vying for the party’s presidential nomination in 2020.

“I’m hoping that someone that isn’t necessarily on the horizon right now would materialize,” Baldwin said, “because I don’t think anybody that’s a frontrunner now of the top six, seven, eight names that I’ve seen, I don’t think any of them is going to have an easy time of it.”

He also took another shot at the president.

“Every day I wake up, I still am horrified,” he said. “I feel like I’m in some dream that Trump is president of the United States. I almost can’t even say it.”

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BREAKING: Federal Judge Dismisses Stormy Daniels’ Defamation Lawsuit Against Donald Trump




* By

This is breaking right now. A federal judge has dismissed Stormy Daniels’ defamation lawsuit against Trump, and said that Trump is entitled to legal fees from her.

Trump has emerged victorious!

The Washington Times is reporting:

“A judge has dismissed the defamation lawsuit brought against President Trump by a porn star who claims to have had an affair with him.

According to a Fox News report, the judge also ordered the porn actress, whose real name is Stephanie Clifford and who has been represented by attorney Michael Avenatti, to pay Mr. Trump’s legal fees — customarily, a rebuke of a lawsuit ever being brought.

“No amount of spin or commentary by Stormy Daniels or her lawyer Mr. Avenatti can truthfully characterize today’s ruling in any way other than total victory for President Trump and total defeat for Stormy Daniels,” said Trump attorney Charles Harder in a statement issued by the White House.”

Stormy’s lawyer, Michael Avenatti responded:

“Re Judge’s limited ruling: Daniels’ other claims against Trump and Cohen proceed unaffected. Trump’s contrary claims are as deceptive as his claims about the inauguration attendance.

We will appeal the dismissal of the defamation cause of action and are confident in a reversal.”

The Hollywood Reporter also reported:

“A judge sees Trump’s tweet about a “con job” as “rhetorical hyperbole” and orders the porn queen to pay his attorneys fees.

First Amendment.

Stormy Daniels was the plaintiff in this one.

She not only sued Trump to invalidate a hush agreement over an alleged affair, but in the midst of the controversy, her attorney Michael Avenatti sheparded a claim over one of Trump’s tweets.

Last April, Avenatti released a sketch of a man who allegedly threatened Daniels into remaining silent back in 2011. Trump tweeted, “A sketch years later about a nonexistent man. A total con job, playing the Fake News Media for Fools (but they know it)!”

In response, Trump moved to have the complaint stricken under Texas’ anti-SLAPP statute, which provides special protection against frivolous litigation usurping one’s free speech activity. Charles Harder, his attorney, argued that the statement at issue represented protected opinion and that Daniels hadn’t sufficiently alleged damages nor stated facts to show Trump acted with actual malice.

U.S. District Court Judge S. James Otero concludes that Daniels has failed to establish a prima facie case for defamation.

“The Court agrees with Mr. Trump’s argument because the tweet in question constitutes ‘rhetorical hyperbole’ normally associated with politics and public discourse in the United States,” states the opinion. “The First Amendment protects this type of rhetorical statement.”

The judge continues by defining “rhetorical hyperbole” as “extravagant exaggeration employed for rhetorical effect” and characterizes Trump’s tweet as displaying “an incredulous tone, suggesting that the content of his tweet was not meant to be understood as a literal statement about Plaintiff. Instead, Mr. Trump sought to use language to challenge Plaintiff’s account of her affair and the threat that she purportedly received in 2011. As the United States Supreme Court has held, a published statement that is ‘pointed, exaggerated, and heavily laden with emotional rhetoric and moral outrage’ cannot constitute a defamatory statement.”

Otero adds that Trump made a “one-off rhetorical comment, not a sustained attack on the veracity of Plaintiff’s claims” and that this distinguishes this suit from other cases where courts have seen enough to deem defamation from a public statement. The judge adds that Daniels’ assumption that Trump knew of the 2011 threat doesn’t establish facts adding up that he did, in fact, know about the threat. The judge ends up agreeing with Trump that Daniels hasn’t shown actual malice nor adequately pled damages.

Daniels won’t get the opportunity to amend her complaint to cure deficiencies, and what’s more under Texas’ anti-SLAPP statute, she now has to pay Trump’s legal costs — perhaps a rubbing of salt in the wound to those who contributed to Daniels’ legal defense fund. However, she does have a right to pursue an appeal.

UPDATE: In a tweet following publication of this story, Avenatti attempted to frame the ruling as “limited” and said it wouldn’t affect her other claims looking to invalidate the contract. (There, Trump offered her a covenant not to sue and is arguing a court no longer has jurisdiction to entertain that controversy.) Avenatti added, “We will appeal the dismissal of the defamation cause of action and are confident in a reversal.””

A little history on the lawsuit:

A U.S. federal judge in Los Angeles on Monday appeared poised to throw out adult film actress Stormy Daniel’s defamation lawsuit against President Donald Trump on free-speech grounds, Reuters reported.

Daniels, whose real name is Stephanie Clifford, sued the president in April over a tweet in which he denied her claims of being subtly threatened by a man in a Las Vegas parking lot in 2011.”

“Daniels said the man was threatening her for going public about an alleged sexual encounter with Trump in 2006. Trump has denied the affair took place, and cast doubt on her story of being threatened.

“A sketch years later about a nonexistent man. A total con job, playing the Fake News Media for Fools (but they know it)!” Trump tweeted.

Daniels’ attorney Michael Avenatti said the tweet damaged her credibility by portraying her as a liar. Trump’s attorneys have asked a federal judge in Los Angeles to dismiss the suit.

“The question is whether the tweet by the president is protected communication or political hyperbole and non-defamatory on its face,” U.S. District Judge James Otero said during Monday’s hearing.

“He’s a public official, he’s president of the United States, so it doesn’t get much higher than that,” Otero said. “It’s free speech by a public official on a matter of public concern.”

He continued, “(Allowing) the complaint to go forward and to have one consider this to be defamatory in the context it was made would have a chilling effect,” Otero said during the hearing.

Avenatti told reporters he expects a ruling within days and plans to appeal if the suit is dismissed.

Otero scheduled a hearing Dec. 3 to discuss Trump’s efforts to dismiss another lawsuit by Daniels over a hush-money agreement related to their alleged affair.

Daniels sued Trump and his former lawyer Michael Cohen, who negotiated the deal, so she could speak publicly about the alleged affair without fear of reprisal. Cohen had threatened to sue her for $20 million.”

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