NATIONWIDE MANHUNT Underway For 3 Illegal Aliens Who KIDNAPPED And RAPED 13 and 14 Yr-Old Sisters

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This is why we must keep ICE and expand them. Three illegal aliens with fake IDs are now the focus of a nationwide manhunt after allegedly kidnapping and raping 13 and 14-year-old sisters who were staying with their family at a Days Inn hotel in Bowling Green, Ohio. Two of the three men being sought were in the area on a drywall job. The other illegal alien works for Greenline Foods on Dixie Highway. There was one other illegal alien involved in this atrocity. He has already been taken into custody in Ohio. All four men are accused of s******y assaulting and holding the sisters against their will on June 28.

The girls escaped their captors at the Days Inn hotel where they were staying. The men were staying there as well. Their mother and stepfather rushed the girls to Wood County Hospital to be examined. Emergency room personnel contacted the Bowling Green Police Division shortly thereafter. Search warrants were served at the Days Inn hotel and based on evidence uncovered, they were able to identify four suspects in the alleged attack. Then a BOLO on the three men not in custody was issued. The man arrested was Simon Juan Thomas, 24, from Guatemala. He was busted and then charged with unlawful sexual conduct with a minor and is being held on $50,000 bond. 100 percent of the bond is required in this case because of the severity of the crime and due to him being a flight risk. Police believe the three other men may have fled the area.

Nationwide warrants have been issued for the arrest of David Ramos Contreras, Arnulfo Ramos and Juan Adiel. All have fake IDs and documentation and are obviously illegal aliens. Police are asking that people take a look at their pictures and report them if they are spotted. There is no doubt that their names are correct here, but they are probably now using aliases. Contreras, who is 27, is from Mexico. He was previously deported but came back. Police are saying that Adiel had a U.S. Permanent Resident ID card from Fellsmere, Florida, with a listed date of birth as Sept. 13, 1998, but the card was later determined to be falsified.

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One suspect, David Ramos Contreras, 27, of Mexico, was spotted this Saturday with two women in a lightly colored vehicle at a Walmart in Holland, Ohio, said police. Bowling Green police say that U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) agents are involved in the nationwide manhunt. All three men are classified as dangerous, police said. It’s not clear whether they’re traveling together. It’s a good thing that ICE is involved here because the police have stated they are only investigating the kidnapping and rapes, not the illegal immigration status of these men.

“You know, these are 13 and 14-year-old girls and they are your daughters so it’s very difficult and as officers we need to stay objective to investigate the case. However, a lot of us have children,” said BGPD Maj. Justin White. The girls are said to be doing fine, but something like this will no doubt scar them for the rest of their lives. They are fortunate the men didn’t k**l them or sell them.

If you have information on these men, including the whereabouts of the three suspects, please contact:

The Bowling Green Police Division – 419-352-1131

Wood County CrimeStoppers – 1-800-54-CRIME

Your local law enforcement agency

You can stay anonymous and you could receive a reward of up to $1,000 if your information results in the arrest and conviction of a suspect. I have a feeling that these three men may try to sneak back over the border after this. I hope they are caught before they get away.

Meanwhile, Democrats are screaming for open borders, the legalization of all illegal immigrants and the abolishment of ICE. This is definitely going to backfire on them in the upcoming elections, especially with high-profile cases such as this one. A former White House official told NBC News that Trump “has taken the abolish ICE thing, he’s wrapping it around the necks of the Democrats and he views it as his blunt instrument to defeat the Democrats in 2018 and whoever they put up in 2020.” Good, that’s the smart thing to do here and Americans see this for what it is.

The fact of the matter is this is just one case. Hundreds of these occur every year with illegal aliens. Many involve r**e and m****r. There’s also the human trafficking element. We must secure our borders and stop this. Teenagers should not have to go through something like this and parents shouldn’t have to worry every time they go out or travel with their kids whether they will be attacked. These men are even more dangerous now that they are on the run, so take note of their faces and stay alert. And thank President Trump that we still have the brave men and women of ICE to go after these guys.


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