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New ‘Democrat’ Ad Just Came Out & It’s The Best Thing Since Mayo In A Squeeze Tube



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Humor breaks through to a lot of people, even the most stodgy of us. That’s why it’s nice to see conservatives getting in on the act.

Liberals in Hollywood & elsewhere have had a monopoly on political humor for quite some time. Hopefully we see more coming from the right like this young lady.

The Daily Wire reported:

On Monday night, conservative Allie Stuckey released a pitch-perfect parody campaign ad for Democrats. From Democrats’ penchant for violence, demonization of their opponents, and necessity for victimhood, nothing was off limits for CRTV’s Stuckey.

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Posing as a spokesperson for the Democrat Party, Stuckey outlines why Americans need to vote blue this November.

“Democrats are the party of love and tolerance. We promote inclusion and acceptance, peace and goodwill,” she says.

While Stuckey delivers the lines, real life clips of a Democrat mob storming the Supreme Court, a leftist ripping up a conservative’s sign, and a male feminist kicking a pro-life woman in the face play in the corner of the screen.

“Republicans don’t want to talk about any of these things,” she continues. “They just want to talk about record unemployment, the economy, and keeping communities.”

“Fascists,” she quips.

Stuckey then spotlights Democrats’ “practical priorities,” such as calling for the abolition of the electoral college, eliminating due process, and banning so-called “hate speech.”

“These are the values of the American people — well, at least Americans that live in San Francisco and New York,” she says.

“Republicans often use fearmongering rhetoric, like “Constitution” and “liberty,” continues Stuckey. “Democrats condemn such language as a device, and instead focus on more unifying topics, like repealing the Second Amendment, or kneeling for the national anthem.”

Next Stuckey takes on abortion, and does not mince words.

“Republicans want to take away a woman’s sacred right to choose to have her child decapitated inside the womb and torn apart limb-by-limb with forceps. Democrats celebrate the right to violently murder your child, because, we’re compassionate.”

Continuing to expose Democrats’ view of women, Stuckey said, “Democrats believe that women are powerful and independent. They are also helpless victims of the patriarchy who require government intervention to succeed. Any woman who disagrees with us is a self-hating, stupid bimbo.”

Taking on Democrats’ stranglehold on minority voter blocs by selling them victimhood, Stuckey highlights the recent Kanye West pile-on by the collective Left for the superstar’s audacity to question black people’s implicit support for the Democrat Party. West was called a “token negro” and mocked as uneducated by leftists on a CNN panel, for instance.

“You’re a victim, and you’re useful to us,” Stuckey, the “Democrat Party spokesperson,” directs to minority groups.

The call for open borders by Democrats was likewise mocked.

Democrats “accept” gang violence, opioids, and sex trafficking as the “natural consequences of opening up the borders; which, of course, is the more loving thing to do.”

After touting how “well” socialism has worked “every time it’s been tried,” Stuckey declares Democrats as “the party of the common people, the poor and marginalized, the weak and defenseless. While Republicans promise freedom, we promise free stuff. That’s how we win over young people. Our goal is to make the government work for you, so you don’t have to work at all.”

“Republicans are always pushing religion in our faces. We reject their bigotry. Religious people are idiots. Democrats would much rather have you sacrifice yourself on the altar of progressivism,” smacks Stuckey, taking on the religious bigotry of the Left.

Stuckey concludes that Democrats “care about you; so much so, we are willing to wear you down until you fear getting silenced, doxxed, or fired because you don’t agree with our agenda.”

“That’s love.”




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Christian Bridal Magazine Forced Out of Business For Not Featuring Gay Couple



A Christian bridal magazine named White Magazine has been forced out of business in Australia for refusing to feature a gay couple. It has been published for twelve years. Because of the lawsuits and bad PR, Luke and Carla Burrell have released a statement saying that the magazine is “no longer economically viable.”

A brutal intimidation campaign was launched against the magazine by violent activists. It cost the Christian magazine advertisers, staff, and contributors who were threatened with physical violence. Breitbart has more on this vicious attack against Christian values:

A major Australian wedding magazine has been forced to close after a campaign by violence-threatening activists against the Christian-run publication over its failure to feature same-sex couples.

Luke and Carla Burrell, who have published White Magazine for 12 years, posted a statement Saturday announcing that the magazine was “no longer economically viable” following an intimidation campaign which saw advertisers, staff, and contributors targeted for abuse and threats of physical violence.

The couple said that, while the publication had always been secular, they were forced to “pick a side” earlier in the year when the Australian state broadcaster, ABC, published a piece in which former contributors to the publication “raised the alarm about White’s lack of LGBTQI diversity”.

Photographer Lara Hotz said she felt “extremely hurt” by the magazine’s rejection of same-sex wedding shoots following the introduction of same-sex marriage in Australia last year, adding: “It appears they are happy to take money, content and photographs from LGBTQI advertisers and contributors, but are yet to support and represent us in the same way as heterosexual couples are represented in the magazine.”

In their blog post, titled ‘Farewell’, the Burrells said they had “no agenda but love”, stressing: “We have no desire to create a social, political or legal war, which only divides people further and does more damage than good. To us, our faith is anchored in love without judgement.”

Reporting that they were “really saddened” by the campaign, during which “couples who have featured in our magazine have also been the subject of online abuse despite their individual beliefs”, the pair closed their post by stating: “We hope that one day soon our society can learn to accept people’s differences and different points of view and love each other no matter what. That’s where real positive change begins.”

The Burrells case is “only the tip of the iceberg” and represents “a quiet crisis of freedom that runs far deeper”, according to the Australian Christian Lobby (ACL), which warned the government’s failure so far to deliver religious protections it promised after the same-sex marriage referendum means “good people of faith are suffering”.

A report published in The Australian noted the case of Christian wedding photographer Jason Tey, who was hauled to a State Equal Opportunity Commission not for declining service to LGBT individuals but simply for stating his religious beliefs.

The professional from Western Australia got in trouble after “he agreed to photograph the children of a same-sex couple but disclosed a conflict of belief, in case they felt more comfortable hiring someone else”, reports the centre-right newspaper.

“At the conciliation hearing, it was demanded that Mr Tey provide an admission of discrimination as well as a written apology to be published publicly on the homepage of his website and all social media pages associated with his photography business for at least two months.”

The ACL “has been called in to provide help to more than 50 people who have faced legal trouble for living out their faith”, said the organisation’s managing director, Martyn Iles, describing as “a nightmare” the situations faced by Mr Tey and the Burrells.

“Few cases come to the public attention because people are afraid to speak. The intolerance they face is formidable,” he continued.

“Jason is being sued simply for stating his beliefs. Luke and Clara were harassed out of business for saying and doing nothing – for their silence.

“That is shocking. We are at the stage where anything less than total affirmation is worthy of vicious attack. We’re spiralling into an Orwellian nightmare.”

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Celebrity Pop Star Leaves Islam: ‘I Don’t Believe Any of It’



Islam is a very demanding religion and more and more people are leaving it because they do not agree with its mandated theology. One of those is former One Direction member and pop superstar Zayn Malik. He was brought up in a Muslim home and environment but now says he no longer believes in the teachings of Islamic theology.

Malik believes in God, but not in hell. He believes in being a good person but he does not believe in a certain language or praying in it five times a day. He also doesn’t believe in praying over halal meat. His family has accepted his beliefs. However, more stringent Islamists won’t. For many of them, the penalty for leaving Islam is death. You are branded as an apostate when you leave Islam. More on this from Breitbart:

Former One Direction member and pop superstar Zayn Malik revealed he is no longer a practicing Muslim, principally because he does not believe in the teachings of Islamic theology.

The pop superstar was raised in a Muslim family of both Pakistani and Irish descent in the British town of Bradford, and as a young boy studied the Qu’ran and attended mosque. However, the 25-year-old admitted he no longer follows the religion and instead prioritizes simply being a “good person.”

“I don’t believe you need to eat a certain meat that’s been prayed over a certain way,” Malik said in an interview with Vogue magazine. “I don’t believe you need to read a prayer in a certain language five times a day. I don’t believe any of it. I just believe if you’re a good person, everything is going to go right for you.”

“I believe whatever people’s religious beliefs are is between them and whoever or whatever they’re practicing,” he continued. “For me, I have a spiritual belief of there is a God. Do I believe there’s a hell? No.”

Malik claimed his family was accepting of his decision, and he was ultimately pleased to have “built his life around the tenets of Islam.”

“With my mum and dad, they were always there to educate us – I did go to mosque, I did study Islam – but they gave us the option so you could choose for yourself,” he explained. “There’s definitely beautiful parts to every religion.”

The news may come as a disappointment to some liberal Islamic campaigners, many of whom previously have held him up as a young Muslim role model. However, as pointed out by one Twitter user, the teen heartthrob’s lifestyle of drinking, partying, and dating was not particularly compatible with Islamic theology in the first place.

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