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NOT GOOD! The Left Just Laid Out Pathway For Treason Charges Against Sarah Sanders



The left is certainly treason-happy these days. Considering the political history and deeds of both Bill and Hillary Clinton, then Barack Obama, you would think they would steer clear of that topic. But since they seem to control various intel agencies even to this day, they appear to not fear that scenario. Since day one when Trump took office, and even before that, calls of treason and for impeachment have been a daily, if not hourly, occurrence on the left. The loudest tend to be politicos such as Maxine Waters and they have not only set their sights on Trump, but those surrounding him as well. Some on the right may laugh off the threat, but I wouldn’t. They have gotten away with a whole slew of corrupt moves and they will keep trying to push this as well.

The left is currently laying out a pathway to possibly charge White House Press Secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders with treason. I kid you not. Because her job is to represent the administration and defend the truth and not hyperbole, the left badly wants to take her down. She hasn’t been charged with treason yet and there has not been an announcement that she will be charged, but the left is kicking around a case to make for such a move. They fear Sanders a great deal because she is very good at what she does. Desperation is prompting them to lay a pathway towards accusing her of treason even though it is ridiculous on its face. This isn’t good and speaks of very bad things to come from the Democrats.

Palmer Report writer and legal expert Bruce C. Cohen have previously laid out the story of Axis Sally. She was convicted of treason simply for doing radio broadcasts that supported, defended and aided the Nazis during World War II. Somehow, in the left’s fevered imaginings, they are comparing Sarah to this traitor. That’s insane. The left is putting forth that President Trump could face treason charges for simply meeting with and doing a press conference with Russian President Vladimir Putin. I am no fan of Putin, but since when does meeting with a world leader to avoid war and come to some sort of shared understanding equivocate to treason? SMH. I don’t get it. Now, they are saying that Sanders defending the president could leave her open to charges of treason as well. Again, that’s Looney Tunes.

Trump is not providing aid and comfort to the enemy here. There is no treason in the mix. The left wants his head for simply meeting with Putin and then sharing a podium with him. I can’t even begin to wrap my head around this. The Dems are positing that if the Russian hacking can be legally defined as an act of cyberwar and if Donald Trump can be criminally tied to that hacking, then it’s very clear based on case law that Trump can be charged with treason. First off, that is a fallacy and is legally wrong. Second, how in the world can these people begin to tie Trump to any sort of hacking by the Russians? They can’t even produce the DNC server in question or the emails. This has been their rallying cry from the very beginning and it is based on sheer lies and propaganda. There is no basis for their accusations here.

Not only are they saying that Trump could be charged with treason, the left is now expanding on that to include others such as Sanders. The hatred and harassment are off the charts here and is really beginning to worry me. They are claiming that Trump is committing verbal treason by insisting during a press conference that Russia is no longer trying to attack U.S. elections. Even after the U.S. intel community has unanimously stated that Russia is still trying to attack the elections. First off, President Trump made a couple of verbal errors and I personally believe he sees things somewhat differently than the intel community. Other than his handpicked guys, he has no reason in the world to trust them after what they have done to him. We are playing word games here that certainly don’t rise to the level of treason.

The left claims that Sarah Huckabee Sanders then attempted to cover up Trump’s treason by insisting that he didn’t actually say it, even though she was in the room during his press conference, and she knew that he did say it. Again, all of this is he said, she said. Misspeaking or having a differing opinion from the left is not treason, although that is what the Democrats level every time someone does not agree with them.

Sarah’s words and defense of a sitting president do not rise anywhere near the level of treason. What President Trump has said doesn’t either. This is over-the-top hot rhetoric meant to incite unrest on the right and possibly stir up a war to blame on Trump. Sanders has not verbally obstructed justice either from the briefing room podium. That’s a moronic accusation and shows that they do not understand what the definition of ‘obstruction’ is. They are praying that Mueller will go after Sanders and Trump. There’s nothing there and this whole thing is out of control and needs to stop. Sarah Huckabee Sanders is not guilty of treason, neither is Trump. Although, the same cannot be said for many on the left, who actually fit the definition very nicely these days.

President Trump Announced How He Just Got Mexico To Pay For The Wall




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When President Trump said he would have Mexico pay for the wall on our southern border, he meant it. He just announced how they are going to do it too… through the USMCA (the revision of NAFTA). Which I suspect was the plan all along.

Very early this morning at about 4:38 am, Trump tweeted: “I often stated, “One way or the other, Mexico is going to pay for the Wall.” This has never changed. Our new deal with Mexico (and Canada), the USMCA, is so much better than the old, very costly & anti-USA NAFTA deal, that just by the money we save, MEXICO IS PAYING FOR THE WALL!”

For those doubters on Twitter (and you will see some of them below), I highly doubt the plan was ever to have Mexico pay for the wall up front. We would fund the wall and recoup the funding from Mexico. I don’t see what is so hard to understand about that. But it seems to be a financial move many can’t seem to grasp and that is beyond their comprehension.


I fully support that if Congress just won’t fund the wall, having the military build it through Pentagon funding and then reimbursing them for it. Why? Because it is a national security issue and always has been. That border is a clear and present danger.

Why shouldn’t Trump have Mexico pay through the USMCA? And why all the negativity from people who are obviously poorly informed and just politically biased? They let their hate for the president dictate all their thoughts and actions rather than looking at the mechanics of the move and the benefits from it. I just don’t get these people. They have not even given this a chance and already they are shooting it down. That’s a leftist for you.

Check out the moves on Twitter over this:

Most of these people don’t seem to get that a great deal of the funding for the wall was approved before Trump started all of this. I have never seen so many people so intent on leaving themselves open to attack. What a bunch of foolish, self-involved individuals. Just sad. Build the wall whatever it takes and do it fast before one of our many enemies gets a chance to severely cripple this nation once again.

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Three Clinton Foundation Whistleblowers Will Testify This Coming Week, “Explosive” Allegations to Come…




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“With regard to the investigation, which doesn’t get a lot of attention, into the Clinton foundation, the DOJ designated John Huber to look into this. They have 6,000 pages of evidence that they’ve gone through. The foundation raised $2.5 billion, and they’re looking into potential improprieties. What’s next on this investigation?” the Fox News host questioned Congressman Meadows.

“Well, I think for the American people, they want to bring some closure, not just a few sound bites, here or there, so we’re going to be having a hearing this week, not only covering over some of those 6,000 pages that you’re talking about, but hearing directly from three whistleblowers that have actually spent the majority of the last two years investigating this,” Meadows answered.

The Gateway Pundit reports:

Some of the allegations they make are quite explosive, Martha and as we just look at the contributions — now everybody’s focused on the contributions for the Clinton Foundation and what has happened just in the last year, but if you look at it, you know, it had a very strong rise, the minute she was selected as Secretary of State — then it dipped down when she was no longer there and then rose again, when she decided to run for president. So there’s all kinds of allegations of you know, pay-to-play and that kind of thing, “Meadows said.

Take a look:

In the three years following Hillary Clinton’s departure from her position in the State Department, the Clinton Foundation donations dropped by 90%.

The Gateway Pundit writes, “Hillary Clinton left the State Department in 2013 and it looks like nobody wants to pay since she can no longer play.”

Currently, the Clinton Foundation is being put under investigation by the Justice Department and the FBI for a whole plethora of reasons.

The Hill reports that the Clinton Foundation is also being investigated by the IRS in order to find out whether or not any “tax-exempt assets were converted for personal or political use.”

Numerous Clinton emails backing up the idea that the Clinton Foundation was involved in “pay-to-play” schemes during Clinton’s time serving as the head of the Department of State have been found by Conservative watchdog group Judicial Watch.

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