NRA Just Made Monumental Announcement That Will INFURIATE Dems – Hasn’t Happened in 15 YEARS!

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As some students march to give up their rights to the government, demanding that the rest of America follow suit signing up to live some sort of pseudo-1984 reality,  the other side of the g*n control debate enjoyed a banner month of its own.

According to the Miami Herald, the National Rifle Association’s Political Victory Fund raised $2.4 million from March 1 to March 31, the group’s first full month of political fundraising since the nation’s deadliest high school s******g on Valentine’s Day, according to filings submitted to the Federal Elections Commission. The total is $1.5 million more than the organization raised during the same time period in 2017, when it took in $884,000 in donations and $1.6 million more than it raised in February 2018.

The $2.4 million haul is the most money raised by the NRA’s political arm in one month since June 2003, the last month when electronic federal records were readily available. It surpasses the $1.1 million and $1.5 million raised in January and February 2013, the two months after the Sandy Hook school s******g in Newtown, Connecticut.

Most of the donations, $1.9 million of the $2.4 million total, came from small donors who gave less than $200. The NRA doles out money to political campaigns from the victory fund, but most of its spending is on activity that isn’t directly linked with a lawmakers’ campaign where the group is not bound by state and federal campaign finance limits. The filings show that a majority of the donations were just a few hundred dollars at a time.

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For example, Florida Republican Sen. Marco Rubio received only $9,900 in direct contributions from the NRA during his 2016 U.S. Senate campaign, but his campaign benefited from $3.3 million in outside spending from the NRA to help him defeat Democratic Rep. Patrick Murphy.

McClatchy reported that most of the donations were less than $200. The money from the fund is earmarked for political campaigns. The donations were made after the Feb. 14 school s******g in Parkland, Fla., which prompted a nationwide g*n debate.

G*n control groups have not been able to even come close to the NRA’s fundraising numbers. Everytown for G*n Safety’s Political Action Fund raised a measly $13,580 in March while former Rep. Gabrielle Giffords’ Political Action Committee raised $1.4 million in March. Two South Florida lawmakers have received donations from g*n control groups this election cycle. Miami Republican Rep. Carlos Curbelo, who introduced a bill to ban bump stocks after the Las Vegas s******g, received $1,000, while Democratic state Rep. David Richardson, who is running for Congress to replace retiring Rep. Ileana Ros-Lehtinen, received $14,108 from g*n control groups.

U.S. Rep. Ted Deutch (D-FL) tweeted out against the NRA after learning about the fundraising record. “The NRA is NOT a civil rights organization,” he wrote. “It’s a fundraiser for g*n manufacturers trying to protect their interests.”

Meanwhile, the NRA’s annual convention was recently held May 3-6 in Dallas where Vice President Mike Pence was listed among the event’s speakers. President Donald Trump spoke at the group’s convention last year in Atlanta.

Pence stated the right to keep and bear arms will not be infringed during the Trump administration and offered significant praise for the powerful g*n-rights group for defending liberty.

Given the massive push for g*n control since the Parkland s******g and the attempts to reenact the Clinton era’s so-called “assault weapons ban” many American g*n owners are putting their money where their mouth is and voting with their wallets, intent on preserving their rights to personal self-defense. The Miami Herald reported –

“Marion Hammer, the NRA’s powerful lobbyist in Florida, recently circulated a letter to members titled ‘It’s Time to Name the Betrayers Who Voted For G*n Control,’ an attack on Republican members of the Florida Legislature who helped to pass a g*n bill that raised the age to legally purchase a firearm from 18 to 21, instituted a three-day waiting period for purchasing rifles and shotguns, and banned devices called bump stocks that allow semi-automatic rifles to fire at a higher rate.

‘We did NOT support the gratuitous g*n control provisions added to the bill by REPUBLICANS,’ the letter reads. ‘Republican legislators are responsible for passage of the ‘g*n control bill.’ They lacked the courage to uphold their oath of office and keep their word to constituents who voted for them. They were in total control. They no longer deserve your trust.'”

Newsweek reports “G*n control has become a major political issue as students like David Hogg and Emma Gonzalez from Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School who survived the February m******e that k****d 17 have grabbed the national spotlight. The two were among many who helped organize the national March for Our Lives event in which students across the country marched in favor of g*n control.

The student leaders have not gone directly after the NRA, but have advocated for g*n control reform in general. This has made them a lightning rod for some talking heads, politicians and others who have traditionally supported the NRA.”


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